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The Model With A TragicAir

bebos dead. think im gonna stop using it now

10/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from kinglassie/dundee
  • I am In a Relationship
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wearing rags to make you pretty by design
Me, Myself, and I

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Half - Cocked Boy

Half - Cocked Boy

he turns my frown upside down

The weekend, Claire, Singing dead loud in my car, My old car, blusher, flowers in my hair, my irregular choice shoes, Jager bombs, the fact im more hardcore than you, DCV, messy wednesday, fucked up friday, and the potential sambuca saturday, the fact my friends are boys, that i can wear anything and get away with it, the good old days, gig banter, burns and harris, my obsession with clothes, michael balls existance, when craig bullies me, the friday feeling, the acorn, kitties with claire, my wallace smile.
when the cd player in my car cuts out for a split second and i hear my self sing, being in the house alone, no money, waking up, LIES, rain although i love the smell, Eggs, Being bored, work the next day, the ginger lass who comes in to my work at 5 to 5 and takes half an hour to buy nothing, being late, expensive clothes, badly dressed people- theres no need, Rainy summers, Orange chocolate, ginger people, Jeans, Onions, Scary Dreams, The Kooks, Any thing winnie hte poo related. poeple who use loads of......only 3 is needed, Closing time
Taking over the world one weekend at a time.

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  • Jay.

    except me

  • Wee Dani
    luv Wee Dani


  • Jay.
    luv Jay.

    FOUND YOUR PHONE IT WAS IN MY HOUSE COAT! and lil wayne is not gash he is rather beautiful:) x

  • Jay.
    luv Jay.

    your not the best driver and you have road rage!:L aye k, no where do u think it is and awl look?xxxx

  • DylzLaadchapbudsquiregajsaan
    luv DylzLaadchapbudsquiregajsaan

    Dyke :P is bebo fuck dead!!!! its the tits! wat bn dain? wat hapend tae dcv btw? :L went doon the pan like!! x

  • Wee Dani
    Wee Dani

    hiya!! hope your sound girl!!! xxxx

  • DylzLaadchapbudsquiregajsaan

    took ur time! :L nah nah, bebo loyal laad! aye a ken, u at college or that? xx

  • DylzLaadchapbudsquiregajsaan

    ur lettin the team doon bud!!!! :P :L wat u been uptae? no seen u in a wee while!!!! uptae this wknd??!!! xx

  • Babe

    How's your New Flat Babes!? xx

  • Mark
    luv Mark

    had no dosh for it so a went ti the ray summers instead probs wasnt as good but less money soooo.....

  • luv Midnight Fantasy

    just poppin by 2 say hopes ya ok n me misses ya. hope u behavin hehe. loadsa love from me n bump x

    11/11/09 via Mobile
  • Chloe Lorimer
    Chloe Lorimer

    It was good to see you the other night..shouldnt let me dance though :L xx

  • luv Lauren

    still miss you :( x x x x x x

  • Dance Fucker Dance 11/1/09
  • luv Michelle Manson

    Right butthead, you better be ok was worried when I couldn't get you on the phone xx

  • Midnight Fantasy

    oi where wiz u 2nite lol x hope ya ok

    10/17/09 via Mobile
  • Galloway.

    Facebooks much better than bebo :) xxx

  • Gem Of A Bird.
    luv Gem Of A Bird.

    Its Been Far Too Long:(

  • Midnight Fantasy

    did ya get ma txt hehe

    10/9/09 via Mobile
  • Craaig Himself
    luv Craaig Himself

    hey what ye up to this weekend then geez a txt please fat xxx