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1/16/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 79
  • from Sevastopol
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,977
  • Last active: 5/4/12
  • www.bebo.com/uHdOrAbLe
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About Me

RAWR!! did i scare u? =]
Me, Myself, and I
""*•.¸ (*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*""
♥..Çãll më..*♥ Svetlana ♥*..

♥..ƒèll ƒ®°m hèãvëñ..♥..14th August..♥..

♥..ßl¤wñ Øùt..♥.16 Candles..♥..

..♥..$tå® §¦gñ..♥..Leo..♥..

♥..Lùƒƒ$..♥..Everyone who loves meh..♥..

♥..Hèã®t Bèl¤ngs TØ..♥..Mahself.....♥..

♥..Éðûçªtéd Ät..♥..Chanel College..♥..


♥..Løøk§ th®ù..♥..Bluish eyez..♥..

♥..B®ù§hè$ th®ù..♥..Purple/blackish hair..♥..


♥..Lùçkÿ ñùmߪ..♥..7..♥..

♥..Fåvè ÇØlØùr..♥..Purple/black..♥..

The Other Half Of Me
I prefer Russian music.. Absolutely dislike screamo and anythin along those lines =]
Comedy.. Dramah... Horrow... ohh ohh Twilight <3 haha
Not exactly the sporty kind.. buh Tennis doesnt sound daht bad
Hmm.. if u wannah knw more.. leave a comment =]. dnt be shyy

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  • Cute =] <33

    1. Getting kissed in the pouring rain
    2. Have that one hott kiss where your pressed against the wall
    3. Have a guy that thinks you're the world
    4. Have a guy that holds on as long as possible when giving hugs
    5. A guy that whispers he loves you in your ear
    6. Have that moment where you just gaze into eachother's eyes
    7. When you cry, he kisses your tears away.
    8. When you're not with your guy he's all that you can think about
    9. Wearing his jacket and everytime you breath in, his scent surrounds you
    10. A guy who will watch any movie with you, no matter how teary eyed you may get.
    11. A guy who squeezes your hand
    12. A guy that says he loves you and means it
    13. A guy that will play her favorite song outside her window
    14. A guy who is loyal
    15. A guy that will sing to you no matter how bad he is at it.
    16. A guy that will kiss you on the forehead.
    17. A guy that will call you beautiful or adorable...not hot, fine, or sexy
    18. A guy that will never judge you for how you look.
    19. A guy that says cheezy stuff to you just to make u smile
    20. A guy that is the same when he is with you and when with friends
    21. A guy that tells you everything honestly
    22. A guy that is good with your family and introduces you to his family
    23. A guy that will always let you win
    24. A guy who stands up for you no matter who he is against
    25. A guy who calls you at night just to say 'hi' and see how your day has been
    26. A guy who tells you that your smile makes everything better
    27. A guy who will sit on the phone with you when you\'re sad, even if you're quiet
    28. A guy who you can hangout and have fun with
    29. A guy that will just randonmly call you for no reason at all, just because he missed you
    30. A guy who will hold your hand through the roughest parts of life.
    31. A guy who would love you forever no matter the circumstance.
    32. A guy who wouldn't mind you wanting to get all dressed up and do your make up for him. Even if he says he likes you better without make up.
    33. A guy who you can be yourself with and he will never give a fuuck and would still tell you that you are amazing to him.
    34. A guy who runs his fingers through your hair, like he's washing your worries/troubles away.
    35. A guy who tells you. you make his day better, just for being you

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  • Memories ..pwease??

    Leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Don't send a message, leave a comment on here.

    Next, re-post this in your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty cool (and funny) to see the responses. Repost as "memories".

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  • have i ever..

    (x) Smoked a cigarette
    ( ) Smoked a cigar
    ( ) Made out with a member of the same sex
    (x) Been in love
    ( ) Been dumped
    ( ) Shoplifted
    ( ) Been fired
    ( ) Been in a fist fight
    ( ) Snuck out of my parent's house
    (x) Had feelings for some1 who didn’t have them back
    ( ) Been arrested
    ( ) Made out with a stranger
    ( ) Gone on a blind date
    (x) Lied to a friend
    ( ) Had a crush on a teacher
    ( ) Skipped school
    ( ) Slept with a co-worker
    ( ) Seen someone die
    ( ) Had a crush on one of your MySpace friends
    ( ) Been to Canada
    ( ) Been to Australia
    (x) Been on a plane
    ( ) Thrown up in a bar
    (x) Set a part of myself on fire
    ( ) Eaten sushi
    ( ) Been moshing / crowd surfing at a show
    (x) Love someone or miss someone right now
    (x) Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
    (x) Made a snow angel
    (x) Had a tea party
    (x) Flown a kite
    (x) Built a sand castle
    ( ) Ridden through puddles on a bike
    (x) Gone puddle jumping
    (x) Played dress up (I love dressing up!!)
    (x) Jumped into a pile of leaves
    (x) Gone sledding
    (x) Cheated while playing a game
    (x) Been bored
    (x) Fallen asleep at work/school
    (x) Used a fake id
    (x) Watched the sun set
    ( ) Felt an earthquake
    ( ) Touched a snake
    (x) Been tickled
    (x) Been robbed
    (x) Been misunderstood
    (x) Pet a reindeer/goat
    (x) Won a contest
    ( ) Ran a red light
    ( ) Been suspended from school
    (x) Been in a car accident
    ( ) Had braces
    (x) Felt like an outcast
    ( ) Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
    ( ) Had deja vu
    (x) Danced in the moonlight
    (x) Hated the way you look
    ( ) Witnessed a crime
    (x) Questioned your heart
    ( ) Been obsessed with post-it notes
    (x) Squished barefoot through the mud
    (x) Been lost
    (x) Been to the opposite side of the country
    (x) Swam in the ocean
    (x) Felt like dying....my hair
    (x) Cried yourself to sleep
    (x) Played cops and robbers
    (x) Recently coloured with crayons/coloured pencils/markers
    (x) Sung karaoke
    (x) Paid for a meal with only coins
    (x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
    (x) Made prank phone calls
    ( ) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
    (x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
    (x) Danced in the rain
    (x) Written a (hate) letter to Santa Claus
    ( ) Been kissed under a mistletoe
    ( ) Watched the sun set with someone you care about
    (x) Blown bubbles
    (x) Made a bonfire on the beach
    ( ) Crashed a party
    (x) Gone rollerskating
    ( ) Had a wish come true
    (x) Worn pearls
    (x) Jumped off a bridge
    ( ) Ate dog/cat food
    (x) Told a complete stranger you loved them
    (x) Kissed a mirror
    (x) Sang in the shower
    (x) Have a black dress
    ( ) Had a dream that you married someone
    (x) Glued your hand to something
    ( ) Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole
    ( ) Kissed a fish
    (x) Worn the opposite sexes clothes
    ( ) Been a cheerleader
    (x) Sat on a roof top
    (x) Screamed at the top of your lungs
    ( ) Attempted a one-handed cartwheel
    (x) Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours
    (x) Stayed up all night
    ( ) Didn't take a shower for a week
    (x) Pick and ate an apple right off the tree
    (x) Climbed a tree
    ( ) Had a tree house
    (x) Are scared to watch scary movies alone
    (x) Believe in ghosts
    ( ) Have more then 30 pairs of shoes
    (x) Worn a really ugly outfit to school
    ( ) Gone streaking
    (x) Played chicken
    (x) Been pushed into a pool with all of your clothes on
    ( ) Caught a fish then ate it
    (x) Caught a butterfly
    (x) Laughed so hard you cried
    ( ) Cried so hard you laughed
    ( ) Mooned/flashed someone
    ( ) Had someone moon/flash you
    ( x) Cheated on a test
    ( ) Have a Britney Spears CD
    (x) Forgotten someones name

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Are you Pon or Zi?

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You're madly in love with Zi and would do just about anything for them. If your heart had a face it would be smiling. You don't like snails, care a lot about others and you tend cry a lot. you cry mostly for someone you love. Although when you're not crying you're extremely happy!
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Relationship Prefrence
Would you rather have a fun fling or a lasting relationship? :
Lasting Relationship
What was your longest relationship? :
Uh a month maybb?
What is your favorite personality trait? :
What is the most romantic thing a significant other could do? :
Cutest would be huggin around the waist =]
When you are dating someone, what is the most important thing to you? :
The person
Do you like pet names (ex: baby, sweetheart...)? :
Uh depends
What is your ideal night out with a significant other? :
Dinner at the beach
What is your ideal night in with a significant other? :
Romantic candlelit dinner
Would you be able to tell someone you love them, even if you didn't feel it? :
Do you like relationships that invovle serious commitments? :
I suppose so
If you ever got engaged, how would you want it to happen? :
Havent thought about it
If you were engaged, would you want a wedding as soon as possible? :
Do you like to talk about the future when in a serious relationship? :
No. it seems too pushy
Do you prefer a sensitive open relationship or a strong silent type? :
A little bit of both
When in a relationship do you have to have contact with your partner on a daily basis? :
Evening maybe?
Do you like public displays of affection? :
Depends on what kind
Is there anything you won't tolerate while in a relationship? :
What is one thing that you value most in a relationship? :
The way i get treated
Would you ever be able to handle a long-distance situation? :
If i feel that the person is commited yes
Do you believe in moving in together before engagement or marriage? :
I suppose so.. nothin wrong wiff it
Relationship Prefence.....

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63 Annoying Questions Survey

Song that always makes you sad: Never let you go
Last thing you bought: i cnt membah
Last person you argued with: mum
Do you put butter before putting the jelly on: Nuhp.. dun lyk both
One of your nicknames as a kid: Svetka
Did you ever own at one time a Nsync Cd: O.o a wha?
Favorite day of the week: Friday =]
Favorite Sundae topping: Caramel
Did you take Piano lessons: Keyboard yes
Most frequent song played: 7 Days
TV show you secretly enjoy: Uhm none?
Would you rather play basketball or hockey: Basketball
Date someone older or younger: Nuhp
One place you could travel right now: Europe
Do you use umbrellas: Nuhp
Do you know all the words to your national anthem: Sortah
Favorite Cheese: Bri
Disturbed or My Chemical Romance: ewh none
Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes?
Best job you ever had: Flight Centre =] Work experience
Did you go to your high school prom: didnt have one
Perfect time to wake up: 10am
Perfect time to go to bed: midnite or past it =]
Do you use your queen right away in chess: nuhp?
Ever been in a car accident: No
Closer to mom or dad...or neither: Yeshh
What do you call your sweetheart lovingly: huh
What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager: dunnoo
Favorite shoes you have EVER owned: These flip flops

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