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I like you :)

1/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 134
  • from Warwickshire!
  • I am Engaged
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  • Member since: April 2005
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close About Me

Your a freak, but i love you for it :)
Me, Myself, and I
I'm Sepi

You’ve probably figured

That’s about as predictable as i'm gonna get.

I'm me, I’m not trying to be that someone like most people, just myself, nothing more - nothin less!

Going to 6th form at Myton, should be a good laugh with all the lads....

Race National 4X

Shout Pooskin alot.

Play with bikes in exchange for money on Saturdays at the 'Broadribbs Massiff' in town.

A few Basics!

I'm 16

Dark Hair/Eyes

5 10'

Living in the Warwick Gates Massif!

Basically a fun loving lad who just enjoys having a luagh waay to much!

Layed back most of the time and i try not to get to wound up about the shit things in life and see the good things instead! Bikes, Mates and getting fucked!

Always up for meeting new people or having pretty random chats so
Add/Luv me

or hit me
Drum and Bass keeps me tickin!
Andy C/Dilinja/Nicky Blackmarkt/TC/Ned ryder/Pilgrim/Subfocus/Fricti
 on and the High Contrast
mixes! Hilltop hoods, Pendulum, Prodigy, Sweat shop Union, Jedi Mind Tricks, Kanye West, Bitta Dizzy Rascal dont go a miss, Aim etc etc
I race National 4X across the UK and am currently ranked 5th in UK Youth

I also ride DH/Dirtjump/BMX and Streeeeeeeeet so pretty much just love being on two wheels!

Dont mind the odd kick about either or a game of Rugby but i aint no Jonny Beckham or David Wilkinson!
Scared Of
A little dedication
To the people that mean alot in my life
Yes lads i'm looking at you!
Adam, Rob, Nic, Vaj, Tom
And you girls!
Hayley, Hannah, Jo, Abbey, Louise, Kimbo, Laura, Aimehh and my sis' elsi :)
The Other Half Of Me


He has aidz

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London Elektricity - Just One Second

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  • Random Rhyming MSN Chats. Ft. Vajda

    Sepi - says:
    yeh fair enough
    i'll be like 30 mins to get ready an then i'll come a knockin on ur doooor
    because i'm poor
    and have to walk on the floor
    its quite a chore
    but its ok cus i get to see a whore
    when you open the door
    she'll tell me she wants more
    and that adam is just a bore
    i'll tell her i dont think i've got enough money, i've only got four
    an she'll say its ok, come in, the rains about to pour
    . J a m e s. says:
    sepi. That rap was hardcore

    0 Comments 268 weeks

  • May as well..

    May as well..
    Have you ever done anything illegal?

    Would you rather spend a whole day with your mum, or your dad?
    Mum. No thought about it.

    What are you going to do tomorrow?
    Maths exam at 9:15.

    Who do you wish you were with right now?
    My friends, anywhere away from here

    Does anyone hate you for no reason?
    Fuck knows, probably have there reasons. eg they are a dick.

    Can you make yourself cry?
    I don't need to right now.

    How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

    Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
    Never look back!

    When was the last time you lied?
    Last nite.

    What's the second text on your inbox say?
    Thats for me to know and you not to.

    Do you know anyone who lives in Wyoming?
    Do you?

    Have you ever kissed someone who's name starts with the letter C?

    Have you ever snuck people into your house?
    Yeh, its more fun that way.

    Are you easily confused?
    By other people.

    Do you think you'd make a good parent?
    Hah, i dont make a good kid, let alone a parent! But yeh, there is alot of things i've learnt to do differently, so yeh i think i would :)

    Do you like your school?
    Its not bad, the people make it :)

    Are you taller than 5 foot 7 inches?

    Have you ever liked someone who treated you like crap?
    Story of my life?

    What colour are your socks?
    I'm not wearing socks right now..white this morning.

    Has anyone ever borrowed something from you and never given it back?
    Yeh, louise give me my ruler back!

    When and what was behind the last reason you cried?
    The guy who 'claims' to be my dad.

    Do you like anyone on your myspace?
    Uhuh, love my top friends !

    What are you listening to right now?
    The tv in the background...shipwrecked..

    How has the week been?
    Not bad, exams, revision and feeling shit.

    So is there something you wish you could tell someone but you cant?
    I've told the stuff i've needed to in teh last few weeks, it hasnt helped much.

    What time did you wake up today?

    When was the last time you ate ice cream?
    Last nite

    What level can you play on drums for Rock Band?
    I dont do instruments.

    GibletS? Lol, one annoying brother.

    Who is your favourite neighbor?
    my neighbours are gay.

    Do you wish at 11:11?
    No, i'm normally on XBOX.

    Ever gotten a detention?

    Do you still watch disney channel?

    Your last meal?

    What song bests describes your love life right now?
    Sewn - The feeling, makes me cry every single time.

    Something you'll never do?
    eat a cambodian

    Are you currently in a relationship?

    Have you ever been given a rose?

    If you're being extremely quiet what's it mean?
    That i need to eat a few more kg's of sugar. Or that i'm actually thinking....somethings on my mind.

    Have you ever kissed someone and never saw them again?
    Little miss 'm'

    Are you drifting away from someone you were close with?
    Drifted is the word.

    Has anyone told you they missed you lately?
    Yeh, i miss them too :)

    Are you wearing any clothes that don't belong to you?

    Have you ever received sexy pics from someone?
    Haha, sexy time!

    Do you regret anything in the past?
    Regret is kind of stupid.

    If you could seek revenge on someone would you?
    Yes, knife through the heart.

    How do you react when people cry around you?

    No i try and comfort.

    Last argument?
    This morning.

    Last beverage?
    Diet Coke

    Last nap?
    I dont do naps.

    Do you own a planner?
    School diary, ahh i miss getting x's

    Favourite month?
    August or April.. august = summer and no school! april = birthday!

    Would your parents be mad if you got pregnant?

    0 Comments 270 weeks

  • Things to do in Tesco...

    Things to do in Tesco =]

    01. Get 24 boxes of condoms & randomly put them in people's trolleys when they aren't looking.

    02. Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5 minute intervals

    03. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the ladies toilet.

    04. Move a 'CAUTION -WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

    05. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and shout:
    "Why can't you people just leave me alone!?"

    06. While handling large knives in the Kitchen Dept, ask the clerk if he knows where the anti-depressants are located.

    07. Dart around the store suspiciously, while loudly humming the theme from Mission Impossible.

    08. Hide in a clothing rack . . . and when people browse through, say:
    "PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!"

    09. When an announcement comes over the loudspeaker, hit the floor and assume the foetal position and scream:
    "NO!......It's those voices again!!!"

    And last but not least:

    10. Go into a fitting room, shut the door and wait a while... then yell:
    "........there's no toilet paper in here!"

    What a cracking shop

    0 Comments 275 weeks

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  • Darryl Meneses

    How can the do this for free? http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • luv Sam Bullock

    Hi mate do you wanna come epic in like a couple of weeks, were all goin x

    3/3/09 via Mobile
  • Niriana.Murray.

    thank youu :) hope you had a good wee holiday and a good week at 6th form ie school ha :D :L im just in from the "pub" hehee nick got id was so funny becoz hes like 19 now byee xxxxxx

  • Niriana.Murray.
    luv Niriana.Murray.

    :) iloveyousoomuch xxxxxxx

  • Niriana.Murray.
    luv Niriana.Murray.

    Home :) iloveyou xxxxxxxxx

  • Niriana.Murray.
    luv Niriana.Murray.

    iloveyou xxxxxxx

  • Niriana.Murray.
    luv Niriana.Murray.

    heyy :) sorry darling... i was so tired so i just went straight to bed... plus you get like no signle in your room :P iloveyouu xxxxxxx

  • Niriana.Murray.

    heyy darling thats me just in... so tired :( need my bed miss you so much already darling glad i got to see you for 15 mins today though :) hope your okay! have fun at school baby! hehee, Jokes! iloveyou xxxxxxxxx

  • Niriana.Murray.
    luv Niriana.Murray.

    want to but i cant help it, i love the way youu feel. and i know this much is true, babyy youu has become my addiction i love you xxxxxx

  • Niriana.Murray. 1/19/09
  • Niriana.Murray. 1/19/09
  • Niriana.Murray. 1/19/09
  • Eliot K
    luv Eliot K

    i am sepi how are u mate naa iv just got som e new bars, laceys xx

  • Niriana.Murray.

    heyy darlinggg how are you? not talked to you in ages... missed you! ly xxxxx

  • Niriana.Murray.

    maybe i have found him xxx

  • luv Sam Bullock

    alwite mate wott u been up 2 lately? xxx

    11/26/08 via Mobile