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Flea Livingdeadgirl

Little help to get me to 300 luvs? I'm so close xD

8/10/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 309
  • from Carrigaline
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  • Member since: December 2005
  • www.bebo.com/fleeea
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About Me

Porcelain Heart...
Me, Myself, and I
The flashbox is a bit of a guilty pleasure.........

I'm sure you already know who I am if you're on here, and even if you don't, feel free to leave a comment about whatever and I'll get back to ya!
The Other Half Of Me
Curly Ste

Curly Ste


White Zombie, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, The Doors, The Prodigy, Placebo, Thin Lizzy, Therapy?, Breed 77, Metallica, American Head Charge, Marilyn Manson, Kula Shaker, Pantera, Megadeth, Johnny Cash, Skinny Puppy, Rob Zombie, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Dinosaur Jr, Silverchair, Korn, Pitchshifter, Babylon Zoo, Electric Six, Kyuss, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Cannibal Corpse, Mortician, Temple Of The Dog, Witchery, Skunk Anansie, Marcy Playground, Queens Of The Stone Age, Everclear, Rui Da Silva, Chris Cornell, The Ga*Ga*s, Immortal, Anathema, Jerry Cantrell, (early)Black Label Society, Emperor, Carcass, Kreator, Testament, The Spin Doctors, Samael, (early)Sepultura, Amon Amarth, Decapitated, Skin, Mad Season, Goldfrapp, Damageplan, Apocalyptica, Ozzy Osbourne, Yehudi Menuhin, Mozart, Bolt Thrower, No Doubt, Necrophagist, Cynic, Porcupine Tree, Pissing Razors, Skindred, Death, Katatonia, Ultraviolet, Slaves To Gravity, Combichrist, Aesthetic Perfection, Daft Punk.
Interview With A Vampire, Alice In Wonderland, Requiem For A Dream, Bedknobs And Broomsticks, Velvet Goldmine, Michael Collins, Poitin, Father's Day, Pulp Fiction, Fightclub, LOTR, Angela's Ashes, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, Walk The Line, Patch Adams, Beavis and Butthead do America, Silence Of The Lambs, Red Dragon, Joe's Apartment, Dead Poet's Society, Rain Man, Crush Proof, Slumdog Millionaire, Naked, A Headbanger's Journey, The Notebook, In America, Underworld, American History X, Trainspotting, X Men trilogy & Wolverine etc
More Music
Yeah, if you've discovered some great band or musician, feel free to send me some of their stuff, gotta keep up with what the young ones are listening to XD
Friends, lie ins, rings, scarves, drawings that turn out well, good albums, Nespresso, long chats, candles, alternative make up, warm socks, interesting books, Starbucks vanilla latte, playing piano(soooo relaxing), doc martens, laughing, good hair days, gigs, carmex, sleep, lemongrass, piercings, cuddles, my cat Belle, metal, free texts, Faber Castell, No 17 black nail polish, daisy chains, NYX
Being late, losing things, assholes, stress, missing people, scales, exams, Bus Eireann, fighting, hypocrits, breaking stuff, being broke, shopping, liars, hospitals, idiots, early mornings, narrow minded people, headaches, fat spoons, mood swings, badly behaved children, coldness, being sick, people acting weird, hairdressers who cut off half your hair when givng you a 'trim', txt spk, being in 6th year!
Bands I've seen live
The Prodigy, The Killers(it was free :P ), Dismember, Overkill, Arch Enemy, Opeth(x2), Lamb Of God(nearly forgot that!), Megadeth, Decapitated, Metallica, My Ruin, Cynic, Running Wild, Heaven & Hell, Amon Amarth, Testament

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  • Non Gay Bebo Family

    My Older Blood Brother.....
    My Younger Blood Brother.....
    My Fellow Anti-Christ.....
    My Nymphetamine(girl/boy im addicted too).....Ste
    My Ancient(advisor).....
    My Servitor(slave).....
    My Significant Other.....
    My Drinkin Buddie.....Eva obviously!!
    My Local(publican).....Cillian Fleming
    My Plague(whatever you think).....
    My Fellow Heretic.....
    My Skin Ticket(?????).....
    My Virus.....
    My Next of Kin.....
    My Misfit.....
    My Lord Moor.....Lol Eva
    My Deamon Prince.....Robin, well Princely he is
    My Anarchist.....Conal
    My Sex Demon.....Ste
    My Personnal Entertainer.....
    My Useless Bastard of a Friend.....Kieran haha
    My Stoner Buddie.....
    My Buddhist Friend.....
    My IRA Buddie.....
    My Apostle....
    My lil' Neice.....Robin
    My Iago.....
    My Sex Master.....Ste!! ;)
    My Webcam Buddie.....
    My Hospital Nurse.....
    My Jestor.....Bryan!!
    My Personnal DJ.....
    My Screaming Partner.....

    Leave a comment saying what ya wanna be!

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  • 101 Rules Of Death Metal

    101 Death metal Rules!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Follow the rules of Death Metal
    2. Death Metallers need to have really long hair (maybe down to their ankles) or no hair at all but a long beard
    3. Always add a couple of blood stains in your band logo
    4. Don't you ever write satanic lyrics unless you are Glen Benton
    5. Be Glen Benton
    6. Use the word "Skull" instead of "School" to be brutal
    7. Hate subgenres, there's nothing more than "Old School Death Metal" period
    8. Always claim to be Old School, even if you don't know who Xecutioner were
    9. You hate the fact that people say "Death" created the genre
    10. If you have an Arch Enemy record always say the following: "They suck, but Angela Gossow is sooo hot"
    11. You already sold your "In Flames" albums along with everything that it's not "Old School"
    12. Try to look really pissed in photos
    13. Always look at the camera, but your face must be pointing upwards or downwards
    15. Use the word Growl a lot
    16. Tell people you lived to see the "Tape Trading" days even when you're only 15 years old
    17. Use a lot…and I mean a freaking lot of Breakdowns in your music
    18. Always copy the riffs of someone else
    19. Jump whenever you hear the main riff of "Hammer Smashed Face"
    20. Hide your Cannibal Corpse albums from your mom
    21. Always end the name of your band with the postfix "Ation" (Suffocation, Immolation, Incantation, Tribulation, etc.)
    22. If you can't think of any name with "Ation" replace it with "Ment" (Enthrallment, Dismemberment, Abolishment, Cadaverment, etc.)
    23. Ok, let's say you still can't think of any name…there's still "Ence" for you (Abhorrence, Vehemence, Benevolence, Decadence, etc.)
    24. Chances are you'll end up naming your band Disgorge anyway…
    25. Fart a lot
    26. Burp a lot
    27. Don't have a girlfriend
    28. If you have a girlfriend Burp and Fart on her nose…
    29. You were a member of Death
    30. People say you are(were) a member of Brujeria
    31. Make sure to bring your meathook for a sodomy night
    32. Be extremely GROOOOOOWL
    33. End a phrase with GROOOOOOOWL
    34. Don't you ever…EVER…listen to Melodeath
    35. Hate Melodeath by any means
    36. Melodeath is totally gay
    37. You have "Heartwork" in you CD collection
    38. "Heartwork" was the first Melodeath album ever released
    39. Therefore you're gay
    40. Then you seriously hate Swedish Death Metal…
    41. Swedish Metal is totally gay
    42. You have the entire Unleashed collection
    43. Unleashed is a Swedish Death Band
    44. Therefore you're gay
    45. You still hate bands like Dark Tranquility and In Flames
    46. That doesn't mean you're not gay
    47. You have the amazing capability of contradicting yourself
    48. Always go to concerts and leave with blood in your face
    49. The blood must be of someone else's nose
    50. Mosh till your arms fall out from your body
    51. Mosh until your legs break in half
    52. TorsoMOSH!!!
    53. Erik Rutan mastered your record
    54. In Death Metal orgasms always come with pain instead of pleasure
    55. Hate everything that is not Death Metal
    56. Hate everything that is not GROWL
    57. You were never a kid
    58. You were born an adult
    59. Have no sense of humor
    60. Pee outside the can
    61. Eat nothing but read meat and things that make your body fat
    62. Be fat
    63. Try to be extremely fat
    64. If you're not fat you are Trey Azagthoth
    65. Tell a cartoonist to draw your album cover
    66. Tell him you want a lot of blood and sex in it
    67. Always use a lot of naked chicks in your covers
    68. Those naked chicks are obviously cadavers
    69. Sodomize the cadavers found in your artwork
    70. Dismember the cadavers in your artwork that you already sodomized
    71. Have sex with the remaining parts
    72. You have to be seriously sick in the head to be a Death Metaller
    73. If you don't have naked chicks available, use anything that looks like pulp for your album cover
    74. The good trick comes when you use pulpified fruits that look kind of Gore
    75. Name your songs af

    0 Comments 301 weeks

  • Cork Slang

    1) C'mere = Excuse me
    2) I will yeah! = no!
    3) What's the story fella? = how are you?
    4) hows the form? = hows it hanging?:
    5) You would yeah! = You wouldn't dare!
    6) Here la = here you are
    7) There la = it's over there / look over there
    8) State a him la = He looks bad
    9) (Ah / Awe) now sham = that's good
    10) I claim ya = I would really like to engage in a fight with you.
    11) Pure = very
    12) Two fucks = care
    13) Couldn't give two fucks = I don't care
    14) Like = this word is used at least once in every Cork sentence.
    E.g. Ah know like you understand don't ya?
    15) Like eh = Used as a hesitation at the start of a sentence.
    16) Nawful (he's a nawful langer) = terrible
    17) Bate = beat up, used with da fuck. E.g. I'll bate da fuck outa ya
    18) Have a lash off = have a go
    19) Lash into hash = Smoke cannabis
    20) Be wide = be careful
    21) Scetch = There's someone coming (be wide)
    22) Be doggy wide = be extra careful
    23) How bad bhoy = good
    24) Bhoy (pronounced-by biya) = man / person. Not necessarily a Celt.
    25) A trip in the white van = A trip in an ambulance
    26) Brasser / stella / tramp / trollup / whore bag prostitute
    27) Stella = Girl who wears her hair up in bob, chews on gum, has
    earings the size of hulla hoops, and are mostly norries (see no.71)
    28) Jammy Rag = a tampon
    29) Steamer / bender / queer / ass-bandit / faggot / puff / gaylord =homosexual
    29 b) Hairy = Child molester / peodaphile or old person /experienced person
    30) Blouse = Steamer ( ya fuckin' blouse)
    31) Wan / bure = female
    32) Young wan = female child
    33) Fella / fein / feeno / your man = male
    34) Small fella = Male child
    35) Mam / dad / ole man / ole laid / oul fella / oul wan = mother/father
    36) Lulla / subla / din-din / a suck / cream crackers = knackers
    37) Apache = joyrider
    38) Salk = stolen car
    39) Sham = young male / hard man or knacker
    40) Sham-feen = macho / hard-man
    41) Snout / gonker / snoz = nose
    42) Gib / gap / gant / gearbox / pussy / bush / muff vagina
    43) Pussy = chicken shit or faggot (see no.29)
    44) Langer / langerdan: prick
    45) Gowl (Ghoul) = Stupid person
    46) Gimp = Feckin eejit
    47) Gimpy walk = person with the mousy walk (wabbling from side to side)
    48) Fifty = Stood up
    49) Poppies / tatties = Potatoes
    50) Yolkes = ecstasy
    51) Duby / chatnospoof = hash
    52) a nodge = small bit of hash
    53) a knock = a lump of hash of any size
    54) A deal = 10 pounds worth of hash
    55) A score = 20 pounds worth of hash
    56) Shades / law / blue bottles / pigs / = Gardai
    57) Two-bulb / shade mo-beal (awe now feen pull a leggar) = squad car
    58) Pig stie = Garda station
    59) Speedy = Garda motorbike
    60) Gatch = walk
    61) Snobby cunt / faggot = well-off person
    62) Gammy = deformed
    63) Jag / doing a line / jaggin / meetin a wan /with / scoring = going out with
    64) Gatt / lush / drink = alcholic beverages
    65) Gattin / on the piss / gettin langers / pintin / on the tear = going drinkin(in a pub)
    66) Bushin = going drinkin on the street
    67) Reef / reefin / mangle = beat up / beating up
    68) Lamp / skanse / la = look
    69) Droppin / Wizz = need to piss
    70) Hangin = Need a fag
    71) Wah / Whacker: scumbag
    72) Norrie = Person from Northside of the City.
    73) Frame / kit = woman's body
    74) Flaa = good lookin' girl
    75) Feak = see no.73
    76) Is she feakin' = is she fuckable
    77) Drain the weasel / go for a slash / take a piss urinate somewhere
    78) Grawn: Gurranabraher
    79) Knocka: Knocknaheeney
    80) Mahn: Mahon
    81) da Han: Ballyphehane
    82) Tokor: Togher
    83) da Glen: The Glen
    84) Pana: St. Patrick Street
    85) Flying bottle: The HolyHill Inn
    86) da Peace Park: Bishop Lucey Park
    87) Clon: Clonakilty
    88) Crosser = Crosshaven
    89) da Cross = Turners Cross
    90) Golden Wheely bin land = Douglas
    91) Fanny city = Grange (the women r unbelievable up there)
    92) The smell = The halting site
    93) Gaff = house
    94) Free Gaff = hou

    4 Comments 316 weeks

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  • :)

    The reason yer so big is 'cause you're having our 6 babiez, we already have 4 others that look exactly the same, bar the third one, he looks a bit slow. Oh and I gave you a red dress to spice things up a little :) Our house is small 'cause its way off in the distance !

    Curly Ste 0 Replies
  • Daycent.

    Its Steve with an actual rocket pack of sorts.

    Steve Kielty 0 Replies

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  • Sazzie.
    luv Sazzie.

    Actually skitting being on here...its been AGGGGES....heres some love :P

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    Marcel Massacre

    I earned $142 in a month browsing the internet! Heres how - http://x.co/KT9Q You will thank me for this!

  • Sean

    OMG... this girl is topless on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on ArdathBurganeewzx@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Sean

    I scored $414 in my spare time being online! I went to - http://bit.ly/bn7Xfv Dont say I never help anyone!

  • Sazzie.
    luv Sazzie.

    loving that pic :D

  • Lan
    luv Lan

    ah you should. its like the 16th&15th of december, u should try like its gonna be unreal, prodigy thens playin on the 18th. yeah i am, cant wait!

  • Lan

    ja remember me ja?:L you seeing placebo?

  • Joey Ryan
    Joey Ryan

    Haha I sure am!! lamb of god, Down, Superjoint ritual, Pantera and AIC are some of my fave bands! Seen LOG twice and AIC! Get the new AIC album, its... Just astounding.

  • Sazzie.

    i did NOT realise how cute that pic is :D :D :D

  • Sazzie.
    luv Sazzie.

    you need to get your ass home woman..i wanna see all the new purchases!i am SUPER jealous like >:( and we need to go for coffees before UCC :D xxxx

  • Curly Ste
    luv Curly Ste

    Well then yer not looking hard enough ! Hope you're having a good time ! xx

  • Darragh Smyth
    Darragh Smyth

    I should bloody well hope so. :L

  • Darragh Smyth
    Darragh Smyth

    Saw your profile on Rock / Metal section of Boards. Alice in Chains FTW. :D

  • luv Paul O' Callaghan

    Being honest, I haven't been in Fredz very much over the last few months either. The place has been dying a slow death recently. Usually just go drinkin' in my place or apartments in town. Well, I can't be sure I'm gonna see you out in the near future either so you better give me your MSN so as I can keep tabs on you ;) Message me if you don't want stalkers seeing.

  • luv Paul O' Callaghan

    New York?? Class, now you can go tell Will Rahmer how good we were to him in person. Aw it's gonna be such a good night though, not often do you get such a big metal event in Ireland. I'll get you out of your house one of these days anyway.

  • Paul O' Callaghan

    Tut tut tut Fiona... Napalm Death, Onslaught, Primordial, Mourning Beloveth, Overoth, Sirocco and a whole mess of other bands playing a festival in Waterford this weekend. There's even a bus up to the gig and back on the same night this Saturday. It's gonna be a night to remember! http://www.myspace.com/lowendfestival

  • Paul O' Callaghan

    Deal. After all, I'm sure your just as big a fan of songs about the torture and mutilation of women as I am ;) I should hope you'll be attending Low End this weekend.