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bebo is shocking (N)

5/18/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

married since 24th.november.2007
to the beautiful michelle morris

The Other Half Of Me


i love her (: long time!

she loves;
her best friends, the wife & the boyfriend. My horses and and my family especially harry-new nephew.
she hates;
not alot reaaaly (: apart from backstabbers and liars.
she wants;
too get drunk on life (y)
facebook me babey,
Cathryn Smith

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  • summer2009#'

    buy a new horse.
    sell some of my horses.
    visit my brothers new house.
    baby nephew or neice is born.
    mine and mummy's birthday.
    moderated for P.E.
    after partyyy.
    finish school.

    go camping when it's actually warm.
    tractor license. =/
    get a job.

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  • ↑ my top friends____(: x

    my top friends are legendary (:
    they all most of them know how much they mean to me!

    i just wish some would realise that its more than they think.

    loveyou all; #

    anyone who's not in there, and you know me. i love you too (:

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  • 60 things. x3

    1) Are You in a Relationship?
    nope single now

    2) Do You Hate More Than 3 People?
    not proper hate. just dislike some

    3) How Many Houses Have You Lived in?
    not many just two

    4) Favourite Chocolate Bar?
    ripple :D

    6) Have You Ever Tripped Someone Up?

    7) Least Favourite School Subject..
    MATHS! teacher needs to get a life!

    8) How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You Own?
    lots And lots!

    9) Do You Own a Britney Spears CD?

    10) Have You Ever Thrown Up in Public?
    yeahh rock on the rocks last year me & Hannah hammered! :L

    11) Name One Thing Which is Always On Your Mind..
    loadsa stuff

    12) Favourite Genre of Music..
    R&B, grime & indie (:

    13) What is Your Zodiac Sign?

    15) Do You Like Beer?
    i do indeed, unless its bitter :(

    16) Have You Ever Made a Prank Phone Call?
    ofcourse :L

    17) The Most Embarrassing CD You Own?
    dont own many tbh.

    18) Are You Sarcastic?
    most of the time (Y)

    19) Favourite Colour?
    pink & green

    20) How Many Watches Do You Own?
    dunno never wear them (:

    21) Summer or Winter?
    summer fo' sho'

    22) Is Anyone in Love With You?
    ofcourse they are :D

    23) Favourite Colour To Wear..
    black, red & green

    24) Pepsi or Sprite?
    Sprite (:

    25) Are You Tired?

    26) Where is Your Second Home?

    27) Ever Slapped Someone?

    28) Shoe Size?
    5 or 6

    29) How Many Lamps Are in Your Bedroom?
    just the one

    30) How Many Video Games Do You Own?
    none haha. :L

    31) What Was Your First Pet?
    i really dont know, always had pets

    33) Do Looks Matter?
    yeahh i spose they do. no matter what ppl say.

    34) Do You Use Chapstick?
    yeah the cherry or original

    35) Favourite Subject in School..
    art only cos' of the ppl ;)

    36) Brother or Sister?
    both, three brothers & one sister :D

    37) Are You Too Forgiving?
    not too forgiving but i do forgive ocassionally

    38) How Many Children Do You Want?
    if i do, then one girl :D

    39) Do You Own Something From River island?

    40) Favourite Breakfast Meal?
    dont eat breakfast normally but. bacon & egg (Y)

    41) Do You Own a Gun?
    suprisingly no :L

    42) When Was The Last Time You Saw Your Mum?
    shes sat infront of me :D

    43) When Was The Last Time You Fell Over?

    44) What Did You Do 3 Nites Ago?
    went marks and got slightly drunk (:

    45) Been To London Before?

    46) Have You Ever Called Your Teacher 'Mum'?
    :L yeahh

    47)Have You Ever Been in a Castle?

    48) Do You Have Any Nicknames?
    not really well 'farmer Cathryn' :L

    49) Do You Know Anyone Named Henry?
    yeah, laura's brother

    50) Ever Been To Manchester?

    51) Do You Own Something From Adidas?
    yeahh. jumper & trainers

    52) Are You Thinking Bout Anybody Rite Now?
    yep & i miss them :(

    53) Ever Call Somebody 'Boo'?

    54)Favourite Acoholic Drink?
    apple sours or magners :D

    55) Do You Own a Diamond Ring?

    56) Are You Happy With Your Life Rite Now?
    yeahh but somethings could be improved

    57) Do You Like Your Hair?
    yeah, but having it done on tomorrow (:

    58) Do You Own a Westlife CD?

    59) McDonalds or Burger King..
    mcdonalds, burger king is rank!

    60) Do You Like Yourself?
    most of the time


    1 Comment 274 weeks

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    Jordan Bromley

    i cnt text back babe cuz i have no texts left and no credit :( and i just wanted to talk to you :) ring us tomoro... night night love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Lilly.

    'onnnnnnn itttttt', well we will see about that! (: lol loveyou, x