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god damn rise of the foot soldier is a good film!

8/20/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • percentages.

    [ ] you thought Mt. Everest was a building
    [*] you thought a ton of bricks weighed more than a ton of feathers
    [*] you walk into doors
    [*] you have called your teacher -mum-
    [*] you thought social studies is where you learn to become social
    [*] you think these surveys are fun
    [ ] you have reposted those gay bulletins because you didn`t want to die
    [ ] people call you blondie
    [*] you have someone keeping track of all the times you walk into doors
    [*] you lost a spelling bee in 6th grade because you couldn`t spell flat
    [ *] you took your math book to social studies and flipped it open to the page you were supposed to be on in social studies
    [*] you took a pen apart and it`s still apart because you don`t know how to fix it
    [*] you have to buy new mechainical pencils everytime it runs out because you don`t know how to get the lead back in
    [*] you should be studying for a huge test right now
    [ ] you think kangaroos have feathers
    [ ] you saw the Mona Lisa and said she needs a makeover
    [ *] you can`t read
    [*] you don`t understand the whole chicken of the sea thing
    [*] you wonder why buffalo wings aren`t made of buffalo
    [*] you think this survey is confusing
    [*] you went to the wrong car before your parents because you thought that it was your car
    [*] you have grabbed a book and started reading it but it was upside down
    [] you convinced your gym teacher to put 1/2 for your pull up score
    [*] you think stupider is a word
    [* ] you had some of your friends make your myspace for you
    [*] you have gotten tangled up in the phone cord
    [* ] you think Washington abolished slavery
    [*] you thought Mt. Everest was in the United States
    [*] you thought Rome was in Greece
    [* you bring a calculator to the stores
    [ ] your hair is dyed blonde to match your personality
    [* ] you look up to Paris Hilton
    [ *] people tell you you`re like Karen from Mean Girls
    [*] you thought that people can transport stuff through phones
    [*] you have no idea which way is clockwise or counter-clockwise
    [*] you are not going to be able to add up your score right
    [* ] you have checked your birth certificate to see an expiration date
    [*] it took you 3 tries and 5 people to finish your math homework
    [*] you always play the stupid people in plays
    [*] you think ESPN is a disease
    [*] you think Canadians speak canadanese
    [*] your friends have given up trying to explain jokes to you
    [*] you have called someone and meant to say "Hi, is -so and so- there?" but instead, you said "Hi, is -your own name- there?"
    [*] you think cheerleading is a sport -

    now add up your score and times by 2!!

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  • hehehehehehhheheheheheheh

    homer haa

    0 Comments 354 weeks

  • things about life. im da capricorn. woo woo

    Great Kisser. Very high sex appeal.
    GREAT in bed. Most horny.

    Caring. Smart. Center of attention. Too Sexy, DAMN IT.
    Very high sex appeal. Has the last word. Amazing kissers. Extremely weird but in a good way. Super good in bed.

    Very gentle. Nice. Love is one of a kind. Silly and fun!
    Have own unique sexiness. Most caring person you will ever meet!
    GREAT in Bed.

    Sassy. Intelligent. Sexy. Predict future.
    Irrestible, awesome kisser. Great talker.
    Always gets what he or she wants. BY FAR

    Trustworthy. Sexy. Rare to find. Loves being
    in long relationships. Extremly energetic.
    Amazing in bed, the BEST lovers.

    Outgoing. Spontanious. Not one to fuck with.
    Have own unique sexiness. Unpredictable. Erotic.
    Funny. Addictive. Take you on trips to the moon in bed.

    Aggressive. freak in bed. rare to find. loves being in long relationships. Great listeners. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Trusting. Extremly outgoing. Outstanding kisser.
    Sexual as fuck.**HATES ORANGE**

    Great talker. Sexy. Always Horny.
    Laid back. Knows how to have fun.
    Is really good at fucking. Great kisser.

    Dominant in relationships.Sexy.Always Horny.Freak in bed.
    Always wants the last word.Loud.Caring.Smart.Loves being in long relationships!!!!!Addictive.Attrac
    tive. Loud.

    EXTREMELY sexy. Talkative.
    Energetic. Predict future.
    Most erotic.Freak in bed.GREAT kisser.
    not one to mess with. always get what they want.

    Spontanious. Horny.High sex appeal.
    Rare to find. Good when found. Very good in bed.
    Loves being in long relationships. Amazing kisser.

    Nice. Love is one of a kind. Great listeners. Good in bed. Lover not a Fighter But
    Still Punch Your Lights Out .Trustworthy

    4 Comments 354 weeks

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  • Evaan

    how come you didnt add me on twitter? http://goo.gl/noidq I thought we were gonna hook up?

  • Ryan

    Got a new facebook account..... add my profile http://goo.gl/fO5vI

  • Chris Huffer
    Chris Huffer

    OMG... this girl is showing everything on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on MerissaRentfroiidqn@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Chris Huffer
    Chris Huffer

    I just pulled $836 in five days at home in my spare time! Made it from - http://bit.ly/cwoF0X Your going to be so happy!

  • LG.
    luv LG.

    how doo did you come to kims cuz i cant remeber lol and you can have my bike for £2000 cheres mon get the money sharp mate

  • Bazooka Mid Wales
    Bazooka Mid Wales

    BAZOOKA - THIS SATURDAY @ KNIGHTON COMMUNITY CENTRE Over 16s - 9pm-2am Drum & Bass / Hardcore / Hard Dance Hardstyle / Electro & Fidget House / Breaks 16 DJs & MCs - 1 banging night out!!! Check out the Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?ei...

  • Rhysus
    luv Rhysus

    Hi darling Howz You!! :) Are you going to Newtown College?! :) I'm going to newtown!! :D I'm doing an IT course thing!! :P Love Love Love. x x x x x x

  • Merrhh

    Its already blond you dikk ha xxxx

    8/25/09 via Mobile
  • Merrhh
    luv Merrhh

    Lmao, why? Its already blond haha x Not alot boredd tbf xxxx

    8/22/09 via Mobile
  • Merrhh

    Lol :-D x x Wuu2? X x

    8/20/09 via Mobile
  • Merrhh

    Good haha, And you know ya tool, we went to rhyl haha xxx

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Merrhh

    heyyy im fine ta chick, yuu ? nott alot been on hol, widd bf haa u ? xxx

  • 8/18/09
  • LG.
    luv LG.

    if you beat me at a race at hopton i will hand over the deads to my vesil (bike) good laaad

  • Teri Lou
    luv Teri Lou

    ummm jst doin bits an bobs really i dnt really knw wht to do wiv all my time lol wbu? Yes so it does :L xxxxxxxxx

  • George Pritchard
    luv George Pritchard

    nm bbe wb wht u up2 at the weekend xxxxxxxx loveyou

  • George Pritchard
    luv George Pritchard

    im gd ty wht u up2 wb xxxxxxxxxxxxx lv u

  • Teri Lou
    luv Teri Lou

    Lol! heyy... yeah i knw its weird nt bein at skewl. im gd thanx u? x x x x x

    8/5/09 via Mobile
  • George Pritchard
    luv George Pritchard

    hiya bbe u ok wb xxxxxxxxxxxxxx love woooooo

  • luv Sir Maximillian Sidell

    u looked fucked saturday night ha yeah much beta lookin and rides much beta :D xxxxxxxx