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Deanage With His Beanage

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  • Male, 22, Luv 20
  • from Cockermouth
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,273
  • Last active: 3/29/12
  • www.bebo.com/stupidirriot01
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About Me

he must be gay, he has a quiff!!!!
Me, Myself, and I
Ello, tis me Dean!

Im 17, and a bit of a short ass altho not as small as beckie :P

I can't think of any better time of year than SOLFEST!!! Bring on 2009 cos 08 was awsum!
Fire startin and tent asemblin are second nature now woo!

I just bought a car, a black 1996 renault megane 1.6 petrol engine,
I also play for keswick west cumbria and cockermouth mens 2nds hockey team (yes it is a long name) My main position is left back where I enjoy chants of DEANO!!!! whenever i make some form of awesome tackle.
The Other Half Of Me


side burns!

Red Hot Chili's
Green Day
Foo Fighter's
Led Zepplin
Sometime next tuesday
n nyfin els decent!

► Play. ▌▌ Pause. ■ Stop.
Two smoking barrels,
team america,
south park,
monty python,

ones that are made to be 'scary', bore the shit out of me, altho i like laffin at how bad they are!
Hockey, played for under 15's cumbria county hockey,

I also play for keswick west cumbria and cockermouth mens 2nds hockey team who are UNBEATEN!!!!! so far after half a season, we'r second in the league and hoping for promotion! We've just played Bury and i got man of the match wooooo!

mountain bikin, altho me jus had ma bike nicked so wont be doin that for a wile :(
I also go shootin quite alot wid ma AK n ingram etc, (i hav had quite few different guns) tis jus awesome, painful, n funny!
Scared Of
hmmmmmmmmm tuffy!
Happiest When
probs playin hockey or hangin out wid my mates, altho when i make an absolute killing on ebay is fun as well!

My Blind cat,
mountain bikin (most kinds)
avid mirriam,
BB-gunnin ( got an awesome AK47, n a gas ingram!)
ma motorbike

my msn is: stupidirriot@hotmail.co.uk if ya wana add me!
Aim in Life
Skit leggett as much as poss, wile also becomin a millionaire!!
Get an awesome 600cc motrcross bike :D :D :D
Also the possibility of sky diving, base jumping or something else related to acting like a spoon while falling a great height!

o ye n more partyin at solfest until it kills me :P

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    whats got 4 legs and an arsehole in the middle of its back

    a police horse

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    three kids are walking across a bridge and they here a scream they look over there a bridge and they see president Bush drowning in the river so they rescue him bush says he will give them any thing they want the first kid says he wants 10 grand so bush gives it to him the second wants a mercedes so he give it to him the third kid says that he want a wheelchair bush asked him why he wants a wheel chair the kid says that his dad will break his legs when he finds out who i saved

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  • Shake N Bake
    Shake N Bake

    haha nice wot bike u got? i maybe wud lyk some more lol hw much u got? IM AWSUM THANKS urself?

  • Shake N Bake
    Shake N Bake

    oryt! haha i bought stuff of u at solfest :) haha hows it goin

  • luv Mel Blank Foster

    SOLFESSSSST 2009 solfest will be even more awesomeness:) Did ya hav fun at that campout sat nite? xx

  • Rachel

    Hey! Haha last night was good :D :D :D Thanks for inviting me, well Rob sorta did n then I just cum wid his invit, but ya no :P (hope u didnt mind) You got ur house tidied up?? I aint really been up to much just at work n stuff yesterday and just doing my homework now :( but finding better things to do with my time :) . You been up to much?

  • Con Cons
    Con Cons

    hey hey dean. hows u lng time no speak!!!!!!! what u bin up 2 lately marakesh?? wb con cons xx

  • Rachel

    Hya. I thought I would write you a comment after you added me :D and I said I would on Friday. How r u? You been up to much?? Love Rachel

  • Owen Ritchie
    Owen Ritchie

    DEAN!! whats going on this friday?

  • Con Cons
    Con Cons

    yeah shud b out. lmao. c ya there mate.