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Me, Myself, and I
Hey guys! Big thanks for last night and making it amazing (13/3/07)! I tried to get around most of the peoples bebo's I could remember that was there, but i realised that it would take me ages, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported us last night!!!!!

There is 5 of us, 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 singer and 1 drummer.

Neil Dunning + William Bernard are guitarists.

Robert Stirling is the bassist.

James Pratt is the singer.

Kerry Thomson is the drummer.

We are a gr8 band, we are good on our own and better together, we put up an energetic, powerful and exciting performance.
Our aim is to entertain you, and give you all a great time, you wanna hear a song u tell us and we will play it for you.
You are the people that keep us going and we love your support.
So add yourself as our groupie.
We do gigs for our school, for charity and mainly you guys.
We are a great bunch who are dedicated to what they are doing.
You are our main priority.

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  • A thank you note from James

    Hey I'd just like to thank everyone who ever came to see us play, whether they liked it or not!...yous made the crowd bigger!
    I'd also like to thank the rest of the band Kerry, William, Neil and Rob.
    I joined the band late 2006 because they needed a singer, and they thought I'd be daft enough to do it...they were right.
    So I went to practice without having sang properly before in my life, nervous about singing with these brilliant muscians, I went and it felt good even though I cudnt hit any note or sing to any key, but I tried.
    I thought it was just goin to be a good laugh, which it was, but these guys worked so hard in getting things done for the band which made me work harder in everything I done.
    I'd just like to thank the guys for giving me all the confidence I needed. They are all great individual musicians and together they had a great band...which in my opinion was lucky for me to be a part of!


    Now enough of this soppy shit...go fuck off and rock out somewhere!

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  • one last performance

    hey guys and girls
    tonight is the night of our last performance.
    we are playin at the prizegivin, on the 28th June,
    hope u enjoy our performance, anyone wantin to see more of us
    go to FALIRAKI for more next summer, we there.
    see u there
    keep on rockin

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  • Thnks

    A huge shout out to all those who came along and supported us last nite
    thanks to you all we won Battle Of The Bands.
    Thanks very much

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  • Good Vibrations Stirling
    Good Vibrations Stirling

    Special Offer! 1st Timers Half Price Introductory Offer - First 3 hrs rehearsal for only £15 for new customers until end of June!

  • JohnnyBoy

    last performance n sombody forgot to record it Must b guttd lyks! Well jst keep doin wat ye do best!

  • luv E'Dunning.

    Ya'll Smell..! Oj..! lol x

  • luv KC

    hey whats happenin. how you guys gettin on with the whole band shit. havent seen yous in ages. love the drawings. there fucked up like a lovely mother

  • Corinne McFearless

    i never got a thank you. gutted

  • E'Dunning.

    very good :P even though i gt malled in the "mosh pit" i knew you's would win :P my food luck eh? lmao x

  • Laura L

    hey hey well done.. u's were amazin. cya x

  • Faz McPlamf
    Faz McPlamf

    Guys - Get some choonz up :) Also, I'm still working on getting us, you, JCWP and One Day Remains a gig in the Easter hols, if you're still interested? Also also, if'n when I work it out, I'll let you all know. Shouldn't cost too much and you're all welcome to crash at mine after it :) ~Faz Fatal Flaw http://fatalflawhardcore.bebo.com

  • Sophie MacLeod
    Sophie MacLeod

    Hey kerry is this the band that u play in ?? luff yoo loadz x.x.[[ sophii ]].x.x

  • Laura L

    you need more photos......and songs....

  • E'Dunning.

    you finally gt a good flash box but there is a better one :D :D :D

  • Laura L

    Whens ur next gig? Laura x

  • Corinne McFearless

    I'm well the main groupie here lol xXxXx

  • Ben MacMillan
    Ben MacMillan

    i am now the bands official artist. i will keep producing art work for you for the price of 37 pence per pixel. which is a good deal and you would be a fool to turn it down. all of you. consider it.

  • Ross Dornan

    james cannae sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    can u add me as a groupie,im one of kerrys cousins best m8s lol sum connection lol

  • E'Dunning.

    corse hes a gd driver... and so am i! (better than u anyway):D

  • Rob

    of course he is a good driver............................  ..................................  ................ish lol im jokin he is good ate drivin

  • E'Dunning.

    :D i dont think neil's ever gonna pass his test:D