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OMG! My platonic soul mate is leaving me for a canoe trip...NIGHTWING YOU BASTARD! :L

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      And Sam, this doesn't mean I don't love you,
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"I don't fear them, but keeping this up is dangerous. I don't resent them, but the only strategy is one of avoidance. I don't hate them, but-five billion of them. Ten thousand of us. One of me."

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He flies without wings~

I roleplay MALE characters only. DC more often then not but I can do Marvel and TV characters. Some sadly may end up AU/Non-canon because I don't know the character very well but at least I'm trying so that's saying something, eh?
If someone adds me, chat. CHAT! Or at least say 'hi' once in a while before I decide to delete you. I'm only going to keep a number of friends since I tire of accepting an add and that's about it.
A female I may be but I'm more gender neutral then anything else. I blame my brothers Aside from that, I respond more to being called a 'he' more often because of my male characters. Even in OOC I refer to myself as a 'he'. Calling me a her, she, female does - for some reason - make me uncomfortable so refrain from doing that.
If you want me to roleplay someone else other than my main, just ask or I'll ask you~

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  • The A r c h e r

    "Your not supposed to be here, Wonder." Match whispered, cold air giving his breath visibility as he kept his super-hearing ear out in case the scientists or guards popped up all of a sudden. Realizing how wrong his words were, Match amended it, "We're not supposed to be here."

    Here was the cryogenic area where pods were lined up and things were frozen in. Alive but frozen. In one of these pods held Wonder's attention.

    "Whose he?" Wonder asked, blue eyes remained fixated on the frozen person before him. It was a teenager, with red hair and in nothing but his shorts. The real, only thing that held Wonder's attention - besides who this stranger was - was the fact that the teenager was missing one arm. For a brief moment, Wonder felt pity for the stranger before he squashed that feeling down. There was no reason for him to feel anything. He was a weapon, not a person.

    Match stood behind Wonder, one hand placed on his younger brother's shoulder as blue eyes followed Wonder's line of sight. Once his gaze laid upon the iced teen, Match let out a sigh before moving his gaze elsewhere, looking away from the frozen teen. He was reluctant to answer but answer he did. "He's...Roy Harper. Speedy. Green Arrow's partner."

    Wonder blinked, momentarily confused. Wasn't Speedy out there? In the real world? The genomorphs had implanted images of an aged Speedy, he was pretty sure. Positive of it because that Speedy looked exactly the same as the frozen one, just aged. What was going on? "Speedy? So what, is this a failed clone then? Why wasn't I informed?" The young clone asked, feeling betrayal from Match because keeping this a secret from him hurt! Weren't they supposed to trust each other?! "Why did you hide this from me?" Even Wonder couldn't keep the hurt out of his tone.

    The Kyrptonian clone squeezed Wonder's shoulder before loosening up his grip and answered those questions. "No. This is the real Speedy. The one out there, outside in the world, is the clone. Our older brother." For a moment, Match briefly smiled before frowning as he took a moment to answer Wonder's other question. "I kept this from you because...I wanted to just keep you to myself. Archer...Archer has no idea he's a clone and despite that fact, I have no desire to share you with him. Your mine." That last sentence was growled out, possessiveness evident in Match's tone.

    Heart beating a little faster, Wonder blushed a light pink and leaned back into Match's chest, his head against his older brother's heart as he listened to that heart beat. Wonder had no idea why his heart warmed at those words, why the blood rushed to his face or why there was a fluttering feeling in his stomach. All the young clone cared about was that Match only kept that information to himself so he could have Wonder to himself. It made the young clone happy that Match felt the same way. He didn't want to share Match either. "Your mine too," he whispered.

    Smiling briefly, Match removed his hand from Wonder's shoulder and gently wrapped it around Wonder's waist. The two remained silent, just enjoying each other's closeness and momentarily forgot about the frozen teen. About everything else.

    "What do we do about Speedy?" Wonder asked, breaking the silence.

    "Leave him. Cadmus left him here for a reason. We shouldn't have even been in here," Match said.

    "I was curious."

    "I know but still. You know how Cadmus is strict about us."

    "It's not fair..."

    "What's not?" Match tighten his hold around Wonder, giving his brother the comfort he needed and reminding Wonder that Match was here for him. Always will be.

    "Speedy shouldn't be here," Wonder said, sounding pain. "He should be out there, in the real world, saving lives. Kicking criminal asses. Living his life like he's meant to be!"

    Match didn't say anything at first, not sure what he should say. That sounded...odd coming out from Wonder's mouth. His younger brother never really cared about anyone but him. Why the

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  • Match & Wonder

    "You've been at that hologram for an hour, don't you think you should take a break?" Match asked, unearthly blue eyes watching his fellow clone battle Wonder Woman in a fierce fight. It seemed Wonder had improved from just one week and it was showing. Match though was worried, Cadmus was pushing his little brother too hard. Trying to make Wonder into a perfect weapon.

    Like him.

    A few minutes had passed since Match's question and the Kryptonian clone can see Wonder faltering now, slowing down. No matter how great a clone they were, they weren't exactly invincible like their 'parents'. Both clones were just cheap imitations of the real things.

    Letting out a sigh, Match said, "That's enough Wonder. Your good for the day. Stop." Though his words were said in concern, they were also a demand.

    Ducking under from a kick, Wonder retaliated with a sweeping kick that the hologram dodged by backing away and the clone yelled out loud, "Computer: Freeze!" The young clone stood back up, wiping the sweat away from his forehead as he let out a tired laugh. That was a real workout. Too bad he wasn't facing off against the real thing though Wonder knew if he did face off against his 'mother' that he wouldn't last long. That's what the training was for.

    "Computer: Off!" Turning blue eyes away from the disintegrating pixels, Wonder made his way over to Match and swiped off the water bottle in his brother's hand and took a nice, long sip of the cold drink.

    "You need to stop pushing yourself, brother," Match said once the bottle was back in his hand.

    Raising a brow, Wonder said in a deadpan tone, "How else will I know my limits? Besides, Cadmus requires us to be perfect. At our best. We're weapons and we need to be damn good ones for them." Otherwise they'll end up being disposed was left unsaid.

    It was true Cadmus 'asked' them to be perfect and the two clones had no choice but to agree. Not only were they threaten of being killed off, they were threaten with each other. If Match ever rebelled then Cadmus would terminate Wonder and the same was said to the young clone.

    Neither clones wanted that. They may not have the right to live their own lives or think but they did have the right to each other. That's all they got in this forsaken place. This hell of theirs.

    "Your neglecting your sword training for hand-to-hand combat," was all Match could retort with. It's not like he could suggest that Wonder could take a break, Cadmus wouldn't allow it. What Match wouldn't give to melt those damn scientists heads off with his heat vision. Especially that of Dr. Desmond.

    Letting out a snort, Wonder waved a nonchalant hand. "Please, I'm good at that. No need to be the best. Besides, most of the heroes use their powers or hand-to-hand combat. Wonder Woman is the best, if I can manage to beat her then I can beat the others. I won't be a disgrace."

    Match didn't say anything anymore but he did glare at Wonder.

    We were the best. The most perfect weapons Cadmus had created and trained. Together we were powerful, a 'dynamic duo' but on our own, that was debatable.

    What Cadmus had forced us through was tough, dangerous and life threatening but we were determined to live. Not for ourselves but for each other. It was an obsession, a goal for us to remain together because honestly, no one really cares about just Match and Wonder.

    Cadmus only cared for the projects, the beings they created.

    In their eyes, we're nothing but a tool.

    To the both of us, we were more then that.

    One day, we'll escape from this place.

    Live our own lives.

    Whether our 'parents' accept us or not doesn't really matter. We don't need them. Don't need anybody else.

    Wonder and Match. Match and Wonder.

    That's how it'll always be...

    At least, it was supposed to be.



    "GET OUT!!!"


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  • Wonder & Match

    Before there was Project Kr, there was the first Kryptonian clone. He was different from his successor. Where Kr was half Kryptonian, Project Match - the first clone - was full Kryptonian. Match had the full capabilities as Superman and for a while, Cadmus rejoiced.

    Then they decided to work on another project once they were satisfied that Project Match had met their expectations. This second clone was cloned from Wonder Woman. It was dubbed Project Wonder. What they failed to recreate was a woman, instead they ended up with a male version of Wonder Woman.

    Though a failure, Project Wonder was also a success. He possessed the same capabilities as Wonder Woman and that was enough for Cadmus to keep the clone alive.

    Satisfied that their clones were stable, sane and up to their capabilities like their 'parents', Cadmus decided that it was high time for the two clones to meet.

    They were hopeful that they'll be able to recreate all the Big 7. First, they prayed that the two clones wouldn't kill each other.

    "Well, aren't you a runt," stated Match. Unearthly blue eyes took in the frail, feminine form of the kid in front of him. Project Wonder he was called. "You don't look like much."

    Wonder smirked, left hand on his hip as he looked at the Superman clone with his own blue eyes. "Your one to talk. I'm not the one in a solar suit."

    "...Cute," Match said as he made his way over to Wonder until he was in front of the kid, practically towering over him. "You looking for a fight?"

    "We're both equally matched in strength. I have my 'mother's' hand to hand combat down to a T, you only have the laser eyes. Tell me, which one of us is gonna win?" Wonder continued to smirk despite the fact that he had to look up at the taller clone. It irked Wonder that he was short but for now, he'll just blame his 'mother's' genes for that. Even though he knew for a fact that Wonder Woman was made out of clay.

    Growling lowly, Match picked up Wonder by the back of his suit - not solar sadly - and looked at him at eye level. "It's like you want a fight," Match said as his eyes turned a glowed red but he didn't fire off his 'laser' eyes. It was merely a warning. Cadmus wouldn't be happy if he killed this little guy. Not like Wonder was anything special, all the kid had was a big mouth.

    Wonder used his ability to fly and floated on the spot so he wasn't choking from being held up. Then he used this chance to knee Match in the gut and stupidly forgot that the older clone was holding him up.

    "Son of a--" Match gasped, releasing the kid before Wonder decided to knee him somewhere else. "There is such a thing called 'please'!"

    Rubbing his neck, Wonder turned his back to Match and slowly tried to catch his breath. That hurt... "I don't have that in my vocabulary," he hoarsely retorted. Remembering that he was still afloat, Wonder lowered himself back down until his feet touched the ground. "Sorry," came the unexpected apology.

    Eyeing the kid, Match gave Wonder a rueful grin even though the kid couldn't see it. "Was I that intimidating to you?"

    "No," came the immediate response as Wonder turned to face Match and he gave him a adorable glare.

    It looked adorable in Match's eyes anyways.

    Still glaring at Match, Wonder continued with what he was going to say, "You called me a runt. A runt," he repeated. "That's not the first thing I needed to hear coming out of my older brother's mouth."

    Match blinked slowly, whispering to himself, "Brother?" Was that what Cadmus had told Wonder? Or did the kid come up with that all on his own? "You think I'm your brother?" he asked.

    "Well..." Losing his glare, Wonder shrugged. "What else am I supposed to call you? Your the first clone, a human-like clone, to be created. I just came after you. Doesn't that make you my older brother?" Wonder thought, maybe the genomorphs had taught him something wrong. Isn't that what older brother meant?

    "Huh," Match mumbled as a grin formed

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close My Best Friends

My bestesh buddy there is in this world xD
The listener and the pepper-upper.
You are the key to the land of dreams, DeVour-kun.
May the gods tremble from our might !


There is no other like you in existence xD because there is only one of you and your a treasure.
The innocent, the bubbly and the carrier of bad news.
Even if fire is your passion, I hope that we are your water <3
After all, your the child of this group, ne?


We've been bestesh friends since kids.
Even when things are out of whack and say things we don't mean, that doesn't mean I still don't think of you as an older sister.
You inform me of things I yet don't understand and we may not have time for eachother but we still have our beautiful friendship.
The gods can't seperate us except for Death himself even then I'm with you in spirit.

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  • Grim
    luv Grim

    Holy crap this is like, an extremely late reply. I was about to reply to a comment you sent me from February but you'd have nooo idea what the fuck I'm talking about. XD
    We were talking about getting hurt in sport and crap. Yeah haha. You probably don't even remember me but what ever, new conversation!

    I see you like DC and all its awesome characters. Seriously Red X is just.
    Awesome. Gambit's so badass. So much badass it hurts my heart. It's a good hurt though. But now I sound masochistic.

    4 days ago
  • Amélie Sophie Belmont
    Amélie Sophie Belmont

    nooooo xD its horrible - i'm terrible at this balancing accounts thing right now

    5 days ago
  • Amélie Sophie Belmont
    Amélie Sophie Belmont

    I'm sorry for not being onlineeee

    5 days ago
  • 'Erica.

    WEREWOLF STILES!:O totally werewolf Stiles. that just sounds so awesome :3

    5 days ago
  • ºmccall.

    going great :DD yourself? :')

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  • Șίɴɴεર
    luv Șίɴɴεર

    Meh, wasn't the type I thought in mind. xD

    6 days ago
  • Amélie Sophie Belmont
    luv Amélie Sophie Belmont

    <3 I'm soooo horrible GAHHHH sorry Sorry!!!!

    6 days ago
  • Amélie Sophie Belmont 6 days ago
  • 'Erica.

    no problem! thanks for accepting darling :3

    Jul 19
  • Wild - Child
    Wild - Child

    It is my pleasure :D

    Jul 19
  • Șίɴɴεર
    luv Șίɴɴεર

    I see a lot of people using the Damon Salvatore actor as Dick Grayson, who would be your ideal actor to play as Damian Wayne?

    Jul 19
  • 'ɢʀᴀʏsᴏɴ Jul 19
  • ºmccall.

    Hi :') & you're welcome cx

    Jul 18 via Mobile
  • Abomination.
    luv Abomination.


    I apologise for the late, very late, next month reply.

    Jul 16
  • Loriat

    id delete that fucking sinner cunt hes a lying useless douche who uses girls

    Jul 16
  • Amélie Sophie Belmont Jul 14
  • Șίɴɴεર

    Me either but it was highly arousing for some reason.

    No, it is not sad, it's a good thing, so every character is loved in some way.

    Jul 14
  • -Tala Wayne
    -Tala Wayne



    Jul 14
  • Șίɴɴεર

    You may like to move on but I have noticed you also like to go back to certain characters depending on those who are around you, so you don't need to worry, the interest is always there, lurking.

    Jul 14
  • -Tala Wayne
    -Tala Wayne

    We could of been the Damian twins xD

    Jul 14