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Nicole Young

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  • Female, 22, Luv 7
  • from United States
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 594
  • Last active: 5/3/08
  • www.bebo.com/N_F_Y
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey wassup peoples? My names Nicole and i'm probably the most all around person you will ever meet. I have brown hair, brown eyes and i am 5'6". I get along with almost anyone and i'm fun to hang with. I have 2 brothers and a sister, a dog, and cat. I'm usually hangin with my really awesome friends...Kari A., Chelsi S.,and Dustin. I play softball and i am involved in band and choir. I love to fish, swim, and go camping during the summertime. Oh, better not forget i'm playing my guitar again. I also like to go to demo derbys.
The Other Half Of Me
Dustin Hartley
harry potter soundtracks, greenday, avril lavigne, kelly clarkson, nickelback, 50 cent, black eyed pease, usher, ying-yang twins, bowling for soup, shakira, Hinder, Evenesence, Eminem RULES!! Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Nelly, blue october, my chemical romance, the fray, ferge, fall out boy, nelly fertado, hellogoodbye, boston, slipknot, lincoln park, and a ton more...
Phantom of the opera, Step-Up, 8 mile, resident evil, siren, and many others lol
swimming, bowling, rollerblading, scootering, i tried skateboarding but that didn't work out to well LOL!!i love riding on 4-wheelers, fishing, ice skating(just for fun), and Jackpot football. I am also in Softball!! WOOT!!
margaritas, dr.pepper, MD, smoot
 hies, shakes
Happiest When
I am with my friends or listening to music
I play the trumpet and it RULES!
Single right now....I like someone though

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  • a big shock

    I wasn't ready for this. the doctors give him 3 months to live. I dont know what to do..what to think anymore...

    0 Comments 316 weeks

  • how do you know?

    How do you know if someone likes you or is angry with you if you dont find out for yourself from that person.(that's if they even talk to you)
    How do you know if the whole world is against you?(you will never know)
    when you have a feeling something bad is going to happen..how do you know when it will come?
    how do you know if something bad is going to happen? if you dont realize it..it will smack you in the face... and if you do have a feeling something bad will happen..it creeps up on you slowly.
    How would you know what to do exactly when you need to...(it's imppossible.)
    How do you know when your right or wrong? do people tell you(NO!)
    How do you know if this is what your life was ment to be? (wont know until your life is over)
    How do you know if you can change things? (wont know until you try)
    How do you know if you as an individual make a difference?
    How do you know EXACTLY what you want? (to many things will pass through your mind)
    How do you know when to stop?(never..we just use our instincts)

    We will never know anything when we need to know it...that's the way life is.I wish we could know whats coming ahead,know what path to take and when to take it. once we were old enough to walk and talk we have had to think for ourselves...we were born into this world to where we cant have anything exactly the way we want it. everything around us (the people,environment) effects our lives and there is nothing we can do about it. Most the time we sit and watch as our lives run past us..most of us dont even realize its happening. I guess we were only ment to live and learn..we cant change what we are..but we can try to make better judgments and we will be trying for the rest of our lives.

    0 Comments 321 weeks

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  • Corey Archer
    Corey Archer

    Bebo sucks! I barely use it anymore! you should hit me up on xxxmatch, its the best place for hooking up ever! check it out at http://goo.gl/13BcK

  • Sophie Garcia
    Sophie Garcia

    call me Im at home 4334434

  • Kellie Ann
    luv Kellie Ann

    Hey! im doin good.. ya im still datin Neal and yep its a very strong relationship!! we have been datin for bout 5 months now

  • Dustin Hartley
    luv Dustin Hartley

    I'm your bestest best friend ever? You're a great friend as well. :D

  • Kellie Ann
    Kellie Ann

    no johns not livin with dad yet we gotta go to court soon... but yea....i have to buy a cord for my cam cuz i lost it!! that makes me soo mad! but yea

  • Dustin Hartley
    Dustin Hartley

    Well, isn't your profile schfancy? You're right, mine is bare.

  • Kellie Ann
    Kellie Ann

    thanks! but im not blonde any more im a brunette! with blonde highlights....i would have pics on here that are recent but i cant find the cord for my digital cam.... but ya, howz life? mines ok.... well ill ttul b4 i get yelled at to go to bed by my dad but ill ttul byez

  • Anthony Pritchard
    Anthony Pritchard

    ummmmmmmmmmmm idk.

  • Anthony Pritchard
    Anthony Pritchard

    hey i havent talked 2 u in forever! its ok, i dont no a female yet that doesnt want my body. JP!but seriously. uhh.... ehm... welp good talkin 2 ya buh BYE!

  • Em Stan
    Em Stan

    Hey Nicole!:D I haven't talked to you for SO long! How ya been doin'? Whatcha been up to?

  • Shelby Smith
    Shelby Smith

    Hey ill have to sometime.. is it a long ways away?? Luv ya

  • luv Steph Niewohner

    hey srry i didn't get ta c ya while u were here..yea onawa is a kinda borrrrrring town... not much 2 do...so how are ya??..i'm..getting along..i'm still looking 4 a job...i saw ur NY pix....so totally awesome!!!...it makes me miss chicago... :( so does ur skool also have sr trips?? i was thinking colorade for my sr trip..idk...well i'll ttyl byz luv ya!!

  • Kellie Ann
    Kellie Ann

    hey i thought i would write a comment, im talkin to u on msn so yea well ttul buh byez Kellie

  • Dan

    cuz he is on the internet

  • Corey Archer
    Corey Archer

    kk got it

  • Corey Archer
    Corey Archer

    yeah, me 2, du u have MSN?

  • Corey Archer
    Corey Archer

    hey, nm, just bein bored...u?

  • Allie

    hey kool i'm number three on your friend list lol :D