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Smalex Nicholas


4/30/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 71
  • from my trolly
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: April 2005
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  • www.bebo.com/i_will_RISE_AGAINST
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Me, Myself, and I
Male/ Brown hair
in love with Rose Macdonald <3

i have msn and like to meet new people so add me :)
Happiest When
with Rose :D
The Other Half Of Me


Im in love with this beautiful fool :D

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  • cult

    hi.. i was bored and randomly made a cult and want to see who would like to join my cult :)

    in this cult there are a few rules you must obay, luckly they are not hard so you should be ok

    1) If you are still at a skool you can only do one peice of homework a week.

    2) When you are in a room you must sit on the left side of the room.

    3) You can not sit next to a person of the oposite sex unless that person is your boy/girl friend

    4) when you have been in the cult for 16 years you must cut of your left little finger so that you can pruv you are still werthy of being in the cult and will show you are still a strong balever.

    5) you must buy a bow tie and wear it every saterday

    those are the main rules of being able 2 join the cult

    our cult belev that if you do what our leader comands when the time comes we will be taken to a new planit and live for ever and hav no illness,poverty or hunger.

    if you would like to join this cult plz leave a comment and i will tell you want you must do to become an oficial member.

    26 Comments 358 weeks

  • my gr8 old blog ...

    hi this is MY blog...its goin 2 b a bit of a fw but i just want 2 see who gets so scared they really do reply to this...anyway

    if you dont add your name to a reply you will get SAM COOK suck on ur tiny penis/tits but if you do post a comment of your name your penis will grow 3 more inches and ur cup size will go up 2 sizes

    well thats my blog...best do what it says

    3 Comments 371 weeks

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You'll only have one kid.
You'll die at forty because of alcohol.
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' Which Hogwarts House Are You ? '

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Founded by Salazar Slytherin
Your House Mascot is the Snake
Signature Colours are Green and Silver

' You represent being cunning, ambitious, pure blood heritage and resourcefullness. People bow down to your presence, you are greedy and crave for power. Your chosen element in life is water and this shows that you would create a deception to get what you want in life. Your main goal in life is to become the best at everything you do. '
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wat will ur next boyfriends nmae start with
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Which Pok�mon Are You?


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What Sexual Fantasy Are You?

My result is: Sexy schoolgirl

Sometimes being bad is oh so good! It may seem like you’re paying attention, but your mind’s really on something else. While the other girls are studying for the final, you’re showing teacher what you know about sex education. And we both know you’re going to pass.
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    4/11/12 via Mobile
  • Rosana Sluder

    They are giving away mac book air's http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • ILoveyuee

    :( thats not nice is it penis face?!

  • ILoveyuee

    i disagree :P

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  • Rose
    luv Rose

    because this thing is just too uncool. lol i love you <3

  • Rose
    luv Rose

    STRANNNNGE ily <3

  • Rose
    luv Rose

    arrrww...arn't you cute! hehe can't wait ;) i love you xxx

  • Rose
    luv Rose

    :) i'm not old! your older :P as were being this un cool...i missed you today :( love you x

  • Rose
    luv Rose


  • GiNger

    hello alex lol still havin nightmares bout me ?? jokes xx

  • luv N-A-R-A

    Thanks for the add! :)

  • Ivy E
    luv Ivy E

    hey how r u how was the pub the other day :) xxx

  • Tanya H
    Tanya H

    u cnt c me doin it but im shruggin my shoulders xox :D

  • Tanya H
    luv Tanya H

    hiiiiyaaa! ows u??i luv ur look btw! xox