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the world's best crystal swing tribute band.

3/12/10 | me too! | Reply

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Self Published
Tarbert/Tralee Ireland
Alkaline Trio, Anti-Flag, Arctic Monkeys, blink-182, Bomb The Music Industry!, The Clash, Descendents, Dropkick Murphys, The Flatliners, Homegrown, The King Blues, Leftover Crack, Mr. Lightweight, MxPx, NoFX, Operation Ivy, Pennywise, The Pogues, Pour Habit, Rancid, Stiff Little Fingers, Sublime, Sum 41, Tim Armstrong, Transplants, The Unseen, +44.
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Free download of our album! www.short.ie/goodtouchbadtouch
Me, Myself, and I
For gigs or any other information, contact Chris on www.facebook.com/blankguitarist

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  • Good Touch Bad Touch Stuff

    1. Dead End (lyrics by Chris Finucane)
    2. No Rest (lyrics by Niall O'Sullivan)
    3. Drink Up and Move On (lyrics by Chris Finucane)
    4. Blunt (lyrics by Niall O'Sullivan)
    5. Cobwebs (lyrics by Niall O'Sullivan)
    6. Mistake (lyrics by Chris Finucane and Niall O'Sullivan)
    7. Lay it on the Line (lyrics by Niall O'Sullivan)
    8. Hug the Government
    9. No. 1 (lyrics by Niall O'Sullivan)

    Niall O'Sullivan - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica and grunting
    Chris Finucane - Guitar, Vocals, Ukulele, taping everything to the carpet
    Alan Foran - Bass, Vocals, Mixing, Finger Clicking and being Spud's apprentice
    Will Prendergast - Drums and poking Niall with a stick
    Spud Murphy - Recording, Mixing, Keyboards and Clapping

    Critical Reception
    "Arguably our best album." - Chris Finucane, blank.
    "It's pretence in its rawest form." - Noel Daly, respected local musician.
    "Raw to the point of drawing blood... Awkward, disturbing, but gripping - [Cobwebs] is controlled and haunting... Blank have a lot of potential." - Darren Byrne, culch.ie
    ( Full review on http://www.culch.ie/2009/08/05/iamab... )
    "At the end of the day, the bass makes it for me." - Alan Foran, illicit

    To download Good Touch Bad Touch free, visit us on www.listentoblank.com

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  • Plans for August

    It's all looking a bit quiet on the gigs front for the rest of the month, so we came up with an idea.
    Since our YouTube page is looking pretty bare at the moment, we're gonna record an acoustic set and stick it up.
    It might be better if we have a small number of people there to set an atmosphere, so I just wana find out if anybody would be interested in coming to see us record it. It would probably be someone's house in the Tarbert or Listowel area.
    Leave comments :D


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  • Good Touch, Bad Touch Studio Diary

    Day One
    Monday, June 8th
    Late enough start today. Spent three hours setting up equipment, then Spud and Alan arrived and we found out there was a pretty serious problem with the mixing desk. But after about an hour or so we decided to just run the drums on one channel. So, Will and Spud got working on the drum sound being perfect, and Me, Niall and Alan went to town for food.
    Two hours later, and we had two drum tracks down.

    Day Two
    Tuesday, June 9th
    Bit of a disaster today.. Got one drum track and one bass track down.

    Day Three
    Wednesday, June 10th
    Back on track! No Niall today, but we got loads done. Lay it on the Line is 90% finished. Got two more drum tracks down, and wrote a bitching ska-style bass line for Punch the Government. Coulda done with another hour or so, but it's all good. Also, got Need For Speed Undercover 14% completed 8)
    Bring on day four.

    Day Four
    Thursday, June 11th
    Lay it on the Line is now instrumentally finished. Drum track down for No Rest, finally. Bass tracks down for Number 1, Blunt and Punch the Government. Two drum tracks left to do, and then we're getting very close :D Need for Speed Undercover: 36% completed.

    Day Five
    Friday, June 12th
    Drum tracks finished! Thank dear sweet fuck! One guitar track down for Punch the Government, bass finished on Mistake. Hopefully we'll be done recording by Sunday evening!
    Need for Speed Undercover: 52% completed. :P

    Day Six
    Saturday, June 13th
    Bass tracks finished, drum tracks finished, four guitar tracks left for Niall to do, and seven guitar tracks left for Chris to do. Vocals need to be done too, but thats mainly it!

    Day Seven
    Sunday, June 14th
    Niall's guitar tracks finished, drums still finished, bass still finished :P Chris has three guitar tracks left to do, and then it's on to vocals. Everything is sounding great :D Really looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions on it, because we are very proud of it at the moment!

    Day Eight
    Monday, June 15th
    Nearly there. So close to being there. Chris' guitar tracks all finished today, ukulele track down, new song written and guitar tracks down! Dead End is nearly mixed, so is Punch the Government. Going to Tralee tomorrow to do vocals, and then we are done!

    Day Nine
    Tuesday, June 16th
    Early start this morning, but it paid off. STILL not finished, but we have loads of vocals down, and a fair bit of mixing too. Niall's vocals are sounding AMAZING, but Chris' still need a bit of work. I know we've said this before, but we should be finished tomorrow :P Actually, we NEED to be finished by three o clock tomorrow.

    Day Ten
    Wendesday, June 17th
    Done! Fucking done! At last! Tracks being uploaded onto Bebo Saturday :D

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  • Ray

    U guys are Good

  • Funky Fish Youth Cafe
    Funky Fish Youth Cafe

    Hey guys, just wondering if you are looking for gigs these days? We've been taking a break from gigs, but are planning to restart with a gig on August 20th. If that goes well we would hope to have a about 1 gig per month. Interested??

  • Adam Maughan
    Adam Maughan

    did u find out wat the scéal was ha ha ?? ... did ya change ur no.???

  • Joost Bos
    Joost Bos

    Hey Blank! Joost here, ye may remember me from the radio show across the estuary. I'm making a compilation album featuring Irish punk and hardcore bands, and I was wondering would ye like to be featured on it? It's non-profit, so the hard-copy album will only cost about a fiver, bands will get one free copy each. Free downloadable versions will be put up all over the web, and I'm hoping to distribute to venues and promoters if possible. It wont have any copyright. So nobody gets paid, but its a great chance to promote your band and let Irish punk and hardcore acquire a new voice! Cheers!

  • Adam Maughan
    Adam Maughan

    ok sound

  • Adam Maughan
    luv Adam Maughan

    hey guys .... we will be relesing ur album hopefully in late july early august and would love to have ye up ... we will give ye a place to sleep and some food if ye come up for the nite :)

  • luv Fiachra Walsh

    Sup guys :) Check out our videos on the page. you might like the stuff. Anyways maybe now ye'll be able nto see what we're actaully like and consider gigin with us :) - Fiachra, Guitarist + Singer of Forced Under.

  • S'late tonight
    S'late tonight

    Hey, Got a list of dates here for that gig, if ye are interested. Sat 1st May Fri 7th May Sat 8th of May Fri 14th May Sat 15th May Basically just pick one and get back to us ASAP

  • Adam Maughan
    luv Adam Maughan

    awe :) awsome ... defo get a gig .. we will try and get ye a set :) ... the scene here is amazing .... 1 of the best in ireland for definate :)) ...... adam (drummer)

  • Forced Under
    luv Forced Under

    hey guys :D ... i was looking around and found u guys :D ... yer music box wont play so typed ye into youtube and found yer songs ... ye are awsome :)) .... would love to play with ye sumtime .. we are also a young punk band :) check us out .. no music up tey though :( ... thanxs adam - drummer :)

  • Eoin Columbo Murphy

    He Drinks Tequila While She Talks Dirty in Spanish! Dacent choon.

  • Rock For Experience
    Rock For Experience

    Will we be having you at RFE this year?

  • Con Dillons Bar
    luv Con Dillons Bar

    Hey lads, unreal set last night!! Listen i lookin for a band to play a two hour set in February either the fifth of twelfth. If ye are interested ye can get another band or do the full seet yerselves. There will be drink involved this time:L Ye can do it whichever night ye want. Let me no asap.

  • n-p promotions
    n-p promotions

    Dates avaliable for this new year contact evan at mink_54321@hotmail.com with a contact number and band name if your interested. All acts and ages are welcome.

  • DearbhlaWhelehan-Ryan.

    hey ye're really good :o :D

  • The Judges Daughter
    The Judges Daughter

    now ur fuckin talkin kerplunk and 39 smooth are by far there best stuff....i love all der stuff bein a fan nd all:L :L but yeah der old stuff is waaaay better:D No prob:D ....Rancid feckin rock!!!!.....:D :L x

  • The Judges Daughter
    The Judges Daughter

    also ye kinda sound like Rancid and they fuckin rock whooop rock on!!!:D

  • The Judges Daughter
    The Judges Daughter

    come 2 Thomastown next boys:L yup yup Green Day are the best also hittin slane in august 2010 shud be fun:D .....old school Green Day is the best;)

  • The Judges Daughter
    The Judges Daughter

    deadly:O cum ta kilkenny:L

  • Michael Shofer
    Michael Shofer

    Hey guys gigs off tonight,sorry thanks anyway.