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Millis Self Published
Dun Geanainn agus an Oil�an UK
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Me, Myself, and I
The Flamebird, or 'The Death of Chief Flamebird' to give their full name, burst onto the scene in the winter of 2004/2005. Fuelled by what the band modestly described as their 'sun-eclipsingly brilliant talent that would make God himself weep with inadequacy', the band came up with thier first classic song, 'Colly, where's the love?'. An epic ballad of friendship betrayed, 'Colly, where's the love?' often left audiences often as large as 3 people speechless. The Flamebird followed their first smash hit with the song that would come to define them, the timeless 'Stevie's got a knife', a tribute to world class knife fighter, Steven McIlvanna. A slew of instant classics followed, each more instant and classic than the last. The band are currently on a brief hiatus to pursue solo projects, with Bernard 'Death' Mallon rumoured to be deeply involved with drugs, Daniel 'Chief' Fahy pursuing a masters degree in Hobo studies and Brendan 'Flamebird' Foy being taken abroad for legal reasons

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  • Rock The Lough Lurgan
    Rock The Lough Lurgan

    Hi Guys just puttin it out there about the Rock the Lough gig in the Fort Dungannon Tuesday 22nd December.. Any new bands welcome to join RTL just drop by on Bebo or My Space and express an interest. We love to get to set up some big gigs with you all.....

  • Breandán Ó Fiaich
    Breandán Ó Fiaich

    Sin e i Doire

  • Maeve Savage
    Maeve Savage

    Will the Flamebird be stopping by Randalstown? Love u!!!!!

  • Paul McC
    Paul McC

    Well, you know what they say about flamebird, not previously a member, always a member! I suggest a coastal route, taking in venues such as warrenpoint, greenore, clogherhead, lurganboy and of course, termonfeckin

  • Emma Louise McGrath
    luv Emma Louise McGrath


  • Breandán Ó Fiaich
    luv Breandán Ó Fiaich

    Def wheres the love? Or dont cross the line ... ??

  • JL

    Have u fuckers not died yet!

  • BJ Mallon
    luv BJ Mallon

    Are we using the flamebird page again? We need a drunken flamebird comeback single? Any idea?

  • Breandán Ó Fiaich
    Breandán Ó Fiaich

    Yes chief ... its been that long. The rumour isnt true ... mally has not left the band. But conor mcgrath is in a LIDL ad even though that is off the point.

  • Breandán Ó Fiaich
    Breandán Ó Fiaich

    Flamebird play their first annual tour of Chester once the band has sobered up. Tour title ... "the moral depravity of a broken down society" is in the running for early April 2007. Mally will pack the sandwiches, Chief the beer and McCormo the medicine for disaster.

  • Paul McC
    Paul McC

    Seeing as I, Pretty Boy McC, have been promised membership of the flamebird once I acquire adequate harmonica and/or spoons playing ability, I propose the changing of the bandname to "Flamebird MD". Also, I would like a restraining order on a certain member of the sandymount population, which I propose the chester jester gets to work on immediately so it can be ready for the release of the sandhurst motion picture "man about savdog" in summer 07. This is because the 15 minutes of fame apportioned to the restrainee could be all that is required for them to attain access to my celebrity safe haven, potentially causing irreparable damage.

  • Maeve Savage
    Maeve Savage

    Hi, my name is maeve savage and I am a big fan of the Flamebird. My cousins friends sisters boyfriends aunt went to one of ur concerts a while back and she told me all about you. I like how ur songs really put life into perspective. My favourite track is Stevie's Got a Knife, it really captures the raw emotion of a traumatic period. I am just wondering where I can get more information on upcoming releases/live dates? My email address is savdog@thebot.com

  • Breandán Ó Fiaich
    Breandán Ó Fiaich

    Merry Christmas from Flamebird.

  • BJ Mallon
    BJ Mallon

    Something special is happening, I can feel it.

  • Breandán Ó Fiaich
    Breandán Ó Fiaich

    The Flamebird Rock!

  • Paul McC
    Paul McC

    Eagerly anticipated is the flamebirds next release.. dedicated to someone perhaps more legendary than any other. They say he won two FIFA cups in one night, dethrowning an eager challenger in the most ruthless of fashions. They do indeed say a lot of other things which mightn't be as positive, but for those you'll have to wait for the lyrics..