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think im getting immune to the effects of mr jack daniels!!!

6/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Brockaladden Wot time is is?? Its TILLIE TIME
Me, Myself, and I
das ist das sehr schmutzige Geschlecht
No Schadenfreude please

Helgo= My Kimbrely
Legend= She held my hand
Juju= Part Girlfriend
Kirz= My wife

I dont want another pretty face, I dont want just anyone to hold, I dont want my love to go to waste I want you and your beautiful soul, your the on i want to chase, your the one I want to hold, I wont let another minute go to waste, I want you and your beautiful soul

She don't think straight
She's got such a dirty mind, and it never ever stops
And you don't taste like her, and you never ever will

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.
Isaac Newton

When we first met, I never felt something so strong
You were like my lover and my best friend
All wrapped into one with a ribbon on it
Damn, ain't it crazy when you're loveswept
You'd do anything for the one you love
Cause anytime that you needed me, I'd be there
Its like you were my favorite drug
The Other Half Of Me


My Kimberly

Every songs OUR song (Mine and Judes)
Dnt even try and take them!!!!! . . . .Joint ownership of womanizer with my wife ofc!!
Pirtes of the Carribean and the 2nd 1, Both Kill Bills. Mean Girls. She's the man, Finding Nemo, Borat, The Grudge, The Ring, The Shining, All the Saws, Black Hawk Down. Big Nothing . . .There's too many.
Hem hem!!!! Red paw till I die!!!!
Does the dancemat count??. . . .Extreme pool!!
Scared Of
Fire and Heights. The Coffin (AKA Killer) Seagulls at my window, having a baby thats not made of Jelly!!! But mostly Im scared of 10ft hairy Helgo monsters that eat quiches!!
Happiest When
Awake (rarely) Footy, singstar, dancemat, drumming!!
My Hero
The Legend stands up . . . . . . .Bi-Man
TV Shows Worth Watching
South Park, Scrubs, Spongebob squarepants, Two and a half men, Family Guy, the simpsons, Friends, Criminal Minds, CSI, Greys Anatomy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 ca's Next Top Model, King of Queens, 8 Simple Rules, gossip girl, home movies, scooby doo, everybody loves Raymond, king of queens

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  • Imfamous Helgo Quotes that have made my year so far . . .and the 311st

    On the topic of borrowing shoes . . "Well I did borrow my dad's sandals on holiday one year."

    At the pool table . . ."Whenever I bend down everyone can see my arse, I'm so jealous . . ."

    On her slippers . . "There should be a www.slippersandsocksnowwithaface.org . . .BUT NOT .COM"

    On Karen Dunbar Almost ANgelic tunes . . ."I've got 99 problems but the bitch ain't one"

    Whilst watching QI . . ."ITS NITROGEN"

    On discovering the inexistence of double cheeseburgers at Mcdonalds . . . ."I just want a bun, a burger, a slice of cheese, another burger with a slice of cheese on top and TOPPED WITH A BUN. Your Mcdonalds, I just want a burger."

    On discovering red paws could sign any player . . "So the red paws could sign Kaka??" . . .Kelly responds with, "Yes."

    Helgo replies . . . ."The best midfield would be Cherry on the right, Lorna and Kaka centre and Natskii on the left."

    After her first and last German-Russian lanuage class . . ."Did Natsken get her hatsken from our flatsken?"

    On describing something she fears . . "I was mortified." . . .don't u mean terrified Hannah??

    On destroying Jo on Fifa . . ."The difference between me and you is that I put the ball in the net."

    On Man City signing . . ."12 million!! Even I'm not worth 12 million!!"

    On completing a "What super hero power do you have?" quiz . . ."Heeling power?? Thats not even a real power, it can only be used in the aftermath, you have no purpose in stopping evil at alll. . . . .Even bloody invisbility is better than heeling powers in a fight!!"

    Whilst playing scrabble. . . ."Squar, what the hell is squar?" . . .Juju, "Its Square." .. . . .Helgo, "I thought you meant squirrel and forgot to put down the L!!"

    On Nat eating Pickled Onions . . . "Oh My God, NAT!! You are sooo spontaneous!!"

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  • Top 16


    Write down the people in the order they appear on you top 16 friends list next to the numbers below and answer the following questions...

    3.Red Paws
    5.Krista with a K
    6. Amzy
    7.Clairey pies

    Q. Have you ever kissed 6?
    A. Erm no thats my cousin

    Q. Whats your least favourite thing about 13?
    A. She eats all the galaxy bars

    Q. Whats the best memory you have of 9?
    A. Her telling Connor to do something managerial and pass her her crisps haha

    Q. Whens the next time your gonna see 4?
    A. I live with him

    Q. Is number 8 pretty?
    A. Taztastic

    Q. What was your first impression of number 7?
    A. Mum, why's she running around naked????

    Q. What do you like most about 14?
    A. My Foundys buddy

    Q. How did you meet 3?
    A. In heaven

    Q. Do you think 12 would kill someone?
    A. YES

    Q. Is 11 your best friend?
    A. She's my lover lover

    Q. How long have you known 1?
    A. Oh the memories . . .far tooo long

    Q. Have you seen 2 naked?
    A. YES . . showers ofc

    Q. Do you think 5 has a crush on you?
    A. If she was a guy she would chat me up

    Q. Whats the last thing you did with 6?
    A. Visited gwann

    Q. If you could give anything to 15 what would it be?
    A. A new ankle

    Q. Would 2 and 16 make a good couple?
    A. NO . . .Judith does not love the finest

    Q. If 1 was a crayon what colour would s/he be?
    A. Pink, then I'd eat her like a child eating a crayon

    Q. Have you ever been to 3's house?
    A. Erm . . .changing rooms is as far as they let me in

    Q. Whens the next time you will see 5?
    A. Hopefully soooon . . .I want my ipod back haha ;-)

    Q. Are you real close to 7?
    A. Blood relative close

    Q. Have you ever been to the movies with 8?
    A. No . . . .but theres still time oioi

    Q. Whats 13's house like?
    A. never been

    Q. Have you ever been angry with 12?
    A. No, I love her tooooo much lol

    Q. Would you ever make a move on 10?
    A. oioi

    Q. What do you and 4 talk about the most?
    A. His love of Jonny Depp. Sorry wait thats mine

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