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Me, Myself, and I
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Raquel Quinones
Your such a barbie!


I can say I don't give a fudge what people say, who cares right??

I'm an entertainer....love it!!

Love God, Love yourself
I'm In Love!!
With Shoes, music, my phone, makeup, Jewelery, food. I love my family! David, Sarah, Brittany, Ma, Vinne, Natalie, Lonnie!!lol Miss ya! <3 Ya!!
I am Hip hop, but I also like Country, rock, 80's, 70's, the oldies, Emo music, ya know!
I am Crazy!
Crazy enough to think that I can be someone great. But the crazy thing is that the people who are crazy enough to think that, are the ones that do become something great. What's my excuse?? Just the fact that I don't want to settle for less than I deserve? I am not like others, I believe. That seperates the woman from the girls.
The Other Half Of Me


I <3 You!!

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  • SUP?

    Hey ya'll!! So the haps right now, I am currently seeing someone. His name is Josh, he's from Tulsa Tennessee, I mean Oklahoma, and he's a Virgo.lol yeah I already met the parents, so I guess you can say it's getting pretty serious...aw!!lol yeah for Thanksgiving we're going to his parents and for Christmas we are coming home, to the rez yes! I'll show him the thug life, how we live, we live RAW!! It aint Tulsa, that's for damn sho! So yeah that's kinda the most going on. For Halloween I'm going to be Lady Gaga, even though that's what Brittany's gonna be, but we're in different states, so doesnt count. Finally getting my pell grant!! wooh! I be rich motha fucka! Then I'm getting scholarship money from the tribe once my lazy ass sends my midterm grades to the tribal office. I got an I Touch, kinda old news, lol...saw that movie Paranormal Activity. Moral of the story, DON'T FUCK WITH THE DEVIL BECAUSE HE WILL FUCK YOU UP!! Bottom line. Well that's all for now. Oh yea, I'm going to the OU vs. KU football game this weekend, so yeah that should be interesting....yeah...ok.....gonna go now...duce!!

    3 Comments 196 weeks

  • Update TRICK!!

    Sup sup?? How ya'll doin? It's the she, Raquel!! hehe yeah, so the haps right now.....at Haskell right now, fun. Start of the second week. Finally got my schedule and books to my classes. Had to wait in a bunch of long lines, oh hell naw!! hehe. So finally going good, got my shizz togetha. Lil Wayne was in Kansas City last night, didn't go, cuz no Weezy fans here!! If only I could take my other half to a concert like that.(Cody bear!) Weezy's biggest fan!! But that's all what's up right now. Welcome back pow wow this weekend. I might dance.....and snag, naw jus messin. There are some hotties here. My classes are pretty cool. Don't last any longer than 30 minutes. Easy, most of them have to do with history, that's why. Killin' time cuz my next class won't start til 11, and prolly last 15 minutes. Lots of time on my hands, which I spend on studying and eating and watching the LIFETIME channel. Well I spose, that's all, I shall go, ttyl. Duce!

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  • Update on my Life!!

    Hey ya'll!!How ya'll doin??Well......I'm writing just to catch up if ya'll are wondering what's the delio with this stars life, hehe just kidding.Well the latest news.I got sent home from Upward Bound because of test grades.It was really emotional, and you know me, I'm very sentimental, you can say!!lol.What else is going on........I'm heading to Kansas for sure on the 4th of July.I got accepted to their summer program and I'll be there for two weeks.It's kinda like my tour of the school since I'm going to college there.SMART RIGHT??So right now I'm home for a couple weeks getting my shizz together.Gotta down size since I'm moving out and on my own....TEAR.I'M GROWING UP!!!OMG!! hehe I'm a loser.But anyways. SINGLE AT THE MOMENT AND LOVING IT!!! There are a couple people on my dating list right now, nothing serious but THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!! Wink wink!!hehe. Ummm.....My summer is going really good so far, except getting kicked out of UB, but failure is one step closer to success.So all I can do now is learn from my mistakes and enjoy my summer!! Shout outs to my UB friends:D Dave, Nida, Larissa, Dre Dre,GINA,Ryan, Steff, Jewel. Stevie, Jess Pacheco, Dylan and Josh, Morgan,MY BRIDGE FAMILY, Darius, Danielle, Mike, Arnell, Ben, Ashleigh, Jodell, and the INSIDE peeps: Tyler, Jake and Trey.HOTTIES hehe just kidding.....kinda. Sorry if I forgot anyone, your all cool!! Well that's all for now. Hit me up, I don't bite.......hard.hehe Lame I know. Love ya'll!! Stay true, Be real


    Raquel Samantha Quinones

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  • Susie Kiss

    They are giving away mac book air's http://alturl.com/gse5h

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • CodyMitch
    luv CodyMitch

    you love my Lakers kell.. .dont deny it(;

  • BeeRidget-

    Kelly..Put Those Pics On Here From That Night :D

  • luv Miss Brittany

    You totally took my Fan page idea... uhh dont worry it looks way better on me. :D lol

  • CodyMitch
    luv CodyMitch

    kelly lOve

  • ADrew M.B
    ADrew M.B

    hey soul sistah what u been uptoo damn this bebo things old im surpized u have one still well ttyl wanna a heart?

    7/2/10 via Mobile
  • CodyMitch

    ya hey kelly, i love ya too..but uhh.. ahhhh fucc tht! LAKERS ARE PUTTING THEM FUCCN CELTICS DOWWWWN! ...so ya, thts tht. LMAO bye bye now :DD

    6/8/10 via Mobile
  • Khalid Masoud
    Khalid Masoud

    hey wats up lady?

  • Bridget Baker

    OMG Kelly! What have u been up too? In reply to: "Dido!!!" by Raquel

  • DelJazzy

    Hey yuh should get at me sumtyme.. 3500550 kk later

    3/18/10 via Mobile
  • Shanz-Jax'N
    luv Shanz-Jax'N

    heyy whud up with u now dayz well idk if u memba be but here sum luv fo ya page ighty ladez!!

    2/6/10 via Mobile
  • DelJazzy

    Your beautiful

    2/1/10 via Mobile
  • DelJazzy
    luv DelJazzy

    Rappin aint my game but then again it aint my weakness i feel asif i was made to make musik because i do it so easily so that is a strong point keepin me outta trouble n a far as the assistant thing goes i would glady take it i mean it perty much means i look at your fine ass all day right lol nah jm but imma do what i do an u never know my music might take off n ill give you a shout too lmao n yea the muscles there all natural baby u better recognize kay ttyl raquel ily

    1/31/10 via Mobile
  • 1/31/10 via Mobile
  • CodyMitch
    luv CodyMitch

    myy love of the day! :P

    1/31/10 via Mobile
  • DelJazzy
    luv DelJazzy

    Im makin ends babygirl i do what i gotta do im runnin this shit n im at the head of the pack you got a celly ill send you a pic of my first payday right off the first batch an i aint talkin bout chicken eggs but i got 8000 in the pocket n with the feds being nosey n shit im stuntin but fer real i used to have a major crush on you so dont forget to holla my name when your at the top.... Got nothin but respect for what you doin n it makes me proud to know someone doin it big the right way im still fly n just cos im makin benjamins dont mean imma forget bout you i hope i get the same love in return holla at me when you dunlapse i still got these niggas jockin me from heartland care to michigan later sisteph

    1/30/10 via Mobile
  • DelJazzy
    luv DelJazzy

    Nice lol if ur gna be a model dont forget bout me bro and me im independently employed. With my music keepin me busy and the other thing keepin me full im doin good

    1/30/10 via Mobile
  • DelJazzy

    Whats up yuu chubby chaser... How yuu been brotha get at me

    1/29/10 via Mobile
  • Aaron Jo
    Aaron Jo

    Happy New yrz gurl

  • Rafael Aka RAff

    4rael cold as hell here 2..but other than that i'm juss chillen at home checkin tha bebo..so howz college goin