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2/13/10 | me too! | Reply

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Dorothea Burns
Me, Myself, and I
my body is in belfast, but my heart is in New York City :DD

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Shona K

Shona K

She's Theeeeeee Best!

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  • 21weeks later

    Totally different questions. Think you can handle this?

    How many people have you kissed in 2010?
    hhmm, i dont keep count lol

    Whose hotter: Beyonce or Cheryl Cole?
    be fucking yonce!

    Do you straighten your hair daily?

    Hows the weather where you live at?
    surpisingly dry

    Have you been called a whore?
    hell no!

    Are you currently interested in anyone?
    aye suppose i am.

    Ever had someone steal a boyfriend/girlfriend from you?
    no not really.

    Can you go a whole day without swearing?
    sometimes.. i swear quite alot which is disgusting for a girl!

    Do you have any photos in your room?
    oh i have an entire collage!

    Would you ever switch genders for a day?
    its always been my dream...

    Do you know both of your biological parents?
    i fucking hope so

    What is the first word that comes to mind that starts with the letter Z?
    always zebra.. i dont know many words beginning with Z

    Would you kiss a member of the same gender for 5$?
    no, im not fond of lesbians.

    Who was the last person to see you cry? Is this person special?
    i cried at girls of the playboy manson... i was by myself, it was so sad!

    Have you ever been considered the 'smartest person in school?'
    let me tatoo dickhead across my forehead first.

    Do you like glasses?
    my news one are cute :)

    Is there anyone that can pull them off really well?
    deridre from corrie wins it hands down!!

    Have you failed at trying not to think about a certain someone?
    story of my flipping life.

    Are you a mentally strong person, or do you cave in easily?
    hmm well i like to think im a strong minded person :S

    Did you know that if the first tear is from the left eye, it means pain?
    well there u go, u really do learn something new every day.

    What do you notice first in a person of interest?
    smile probs.

    And what are your plans for tomorrow?
    sleep and sleep then off to dylans for his first birthday party :)

    Would you say most of your friends are older/younger than you?
    lets get in chorolongical order here..

    If you have a significant other, do you get jealous of people a lot?
    are asking am i a twin?

    Ever liked someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend?
    not my style.

    Are you someone who normally eats a full breakfast every single morning?
    i can barely handle toast.

    Don't you just love to cuddle?

    Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a K?
    probs have.

    Name eight people you care about more than anything:
    why give such a taskful question?

    Have you ever owned an iPod?
    i own a range of them lol

    Is shopping fun for you?
    what do u think?

    Do you care if your friends act embarrassing?
    acting embarrassing is my daily routine.

    Are you more of an idealist or a realist?
    really dont know what u mean .

    How long is your hair? Do you like it?
    hate my hair, need new extentions.

    Does your family annoy you?
    not particularly,must say,theyre all pretty awesome atm lol

    Do you think boys look good in skinny jeans?
    if u exclude the fat ones then aye some of them. sorry fatties.

    Would you befriend a loner? Why or why not?
    yes id say hello then sing.."you got a friend in mee..."

    What's your favorite song by Taylor Swift? Why is that your favorite?
    defo gotta be picture to burn.

    What are you looking forward to in the next few months?
    summer and everything that goes along with it

    Did you have a good day today?
    aye suppose.

    Do you prefer Blondes or Brunettes?
    im blonde in the summer and brunette for xmas so i like both

    Do you wish you went to a different school?
    not even abit.

    Have you given anyone a fake name or phone number?
    no but i think im going to the next time and call myself agnes.

    0 Comments 171 weeks

  • Blogging Bimbo!

    [ZERO] Your ex texted you and wanted you back, would you take them back?
    em, id consider it.

    [ONE] Has anyone told you "Forever and ever" then left?
    nope.im not one for cheesyness.

    [TWO] Your relationship status?
    scroll up + look to the left and you'll read all about it :)

    [THREE] Where did you meet your crush(s)?
    LMAO. why u all up in my business?

    [FOUR] Have you ever lost a close friend?
    kind of.

    [FIVE] Do you smoke weed regular?
    aye + take a few E's nw and again.cos im hard as fuck. NO!

    [SIX] Think back to the begginning of 2009, are you still dating the same person?
    Nooooooo that boy was a BIG mistake!

    [SEVEN] Would your parents be mad if you were in a relationship?
    Not at all.

    [EIGHT] When was the last time you really laughed?
    about 2 days ago. my sister has the ability to make me laugh + angry all in the space of a few hours.

    [NINE] Something's wrong first boy you turn too?
    Our gerard! :DD

    [TEN] First girl you'd go to?
    prob samantha?. she only lives around the corner :DD

    [ELEVEN] Is there anyone who doesn't like you because of something you did?
    there probably is. but im not really 1 to hurt people so id say there isnt?

    [TWELVE] Angry at anyone?
    yes because my sister is probably the most irratating persssson EVER. i swear, live with her 4 a week + u'll wanna strangle her!

    [THIRTEEN] What's stopping you from getting to know the boy you wouldn't mind trying with?
    cause his name is robert pattinson and i DOUBT! he would look at me twice,not with K-stew about anyways :L :L

    [FOURTEEN] When was the last time you cried really hard?
    saturday night

    [FIFTEEN] Is there anyone you would do anything for?
    a few people.

    [SEVENTEEN] Who was the last person you talked to for more than 10 mins on the phone?

    [EIGHTEEN] What is your favorite song?
    dont act like you dont already no!. Jackson 5-Blame it on the Boooogieeee!

    [NINETEEN] Do you like Red Bull?
    not really no

    [TWENTY] How many people can you tell just about everything to?
    a few people.

    [TWENTY-ONE] Have you ever wished on a shooting star?
    probably years ago in ballycastle. used to see a few of them during the good old days lol

    [TWENTY-TWO] Does the last person you held hands with mean something to you?
    i actually cant remember who i last held hands with lol

    [TWENTY-FOUR] Describe yourself in one word?
    Oh im "Colourful" alright!

    [TWENTY-FIVE] Do you have anything that belongs to your ex?

    [TWENTY SIX] Can you honestly say you've had a sleepover with the opposite gender?

    [TWENTY-SEVEN] Do you rebound?
    em kinda depends actually lol

    [TWENTY-EIGHT] Ever cheated on someone?
    nope, not my style.

    [TWENTY-NINE] What would you do if you found out the person you like was in a relationship? probably be a tad bit jelous? haha

    [THIRTY] Do you act differently around the person you like?
    not really

    [THIRTY-ONE] Honestly, what girls and boys number do you have memorized?
    thats what ur cell phone is for u dipstick :)

    [THIRTY-TWO] Is it hard to make you laugh?
    so easy!

    [THIRTY-THREE] Who was the last person to make you mad?
    alecs this morning.

    [THIRTY-FOUR] Do you think your last ex will eventually want to be with you again?
    probably not haha

    [THIRTY-FIVE] Have you ever fallen asleep in someone's arms?
    i think i have?

    [THIRTY-SIX] Has anyone ever called you "scrumptious" before?
    come to think of it. maybe dominque?

    [THIRTY-SEVEN] Would you like to put a night on repeat, and live it forever?
    yes of course

    [THIRTY-EIGHT] Do you have a best friend that knows you inside and out?
    i actually have about 3 or 4? lol

    [THIRTY-NINE] Is your best friend a slut?
    no no no lol

    [FORTY] Is hard drugs a turn off?

    [FORTY-ONE] Are you happy with life right now?
    its going well :)

    [FORTY-THREE] Are you still in love with your ex?
    dont think so.

    [FORTY-FOUR] Have you ever been the "other person" in a relationship?
    what like the 3rd

    1 Comment 193 weeks



    sleeping:DD . when the room is cold + my bed is nice & cosy:) . gadgets. funny movies that hardly no one else like, im a sucker for "the mask" :DD . comedy shows like the friends+inbetweeners, they're SO funny!. ice cream; Jellyice's 2 be particular :) yum yum!. KFC + their gravy, absolute heaven!. funky shoes. big hair do's :) john+edward ; they're funny bastards!. cute doggies :) Edward Cullen/Jacob Black they're Absolute Babes!. good nights out. when its sunny :DD everyone loves good weather rite? but its good when its cold, cause you get 2wear winter gear :DD . good books,yes im not afraid 2admit it. i 2read, twilight saga is epic! . i think Alan Carr & Jim Carrey are probably THE most funniest men ever on this earth! Dance movies/shows . the stupid jokes at the back of penguin biscuit bars! . musicals hairspray,annie,grease... the whole lot! :DD music ; bits of everything :) . when i take a big cleaning fit + my room is spotless :DD i dont settle for messiness!. the deli meals from mc donalds ;) school banter, oh the laughs. i tend to do this thing where i say something + its not 1 bit funny or doesnt make any sense ; it happens alot but im getting used to it .


    when its raining:( being skint :( the fact i dont drive :( cheeky customers in work, cheeky bratty kids in work, customers in work who come in 5mins before closing + expect2 make a bear ; seriously fuck off :B people who think they can beat the worldd!, not a good quality to have mate :/ when drunk people become cheeky ; bad times. being hungover ; worst thing ever in this world! :( when u sleep in. getting up on winter mornings + its dark & cold.
    boys who are mean :( bitchy girls.

    0 Comments 193 weeks

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FIRST SCHOOL: holy child

FIRST CELL PHONE: Nokia 3310 - funky or wot?

FIRST FUNERAL: eeek,my granny maggies

FIRST PET: either a fish or a dog i think it was

FIRST BIG TRIP: to the Zoo

FIRST FIGHT: oh i cannot remember

FIRST CELEBRITY CRUSH: shane fucking filan


FIRST JOB: disney shop!... bastards

FIRST BEBO FRIEND: i really dont know


LAST PERSON I HUGGED: oh god,probably some1 last nite at the school show?

LAST CAR RIDE: well a bus ride?

LAST TIME I CRIED?: the other night


LAST FOOD I ATE: well im about 2eat some pizza atm

LAST ITEM BOUGHT: juice from the shop

LAST SHIRT WORN: jamie top now?

LAST PHONE CALL: mummy, the melter


LAST THING I TOUCHED: the keypad obv

LAST FUNERAL: uncle franks

LAST TIME AT THE MALL: saturday, i work in one.


LAST PERSON I SAW: mummy there now.

LAST THING I DRANK: some water surprisinly

LAST PERSON THAT BROKE MY HEART: oh that\'d be telling!


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  • Shona K
    luv Shona K

    heyyy chik!!:)) guess wat im on since lik foreva.. haha :L hope works goin kk lv :( im n hus nekard bu got so much 2 do fs! ttyl love yaa :* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Karla Mc Kee
    Karla Mc Kee

    hiyaaaaaaa xxx

  • Aimée BaBa
    luv Aimée BaBa

    its DOTTTT

  • X-Carrie-X

    Happy Birthday Chick Have A Good One xxxx

  • Catherinesavage
    luv Catherinesavage

    Heres the love cus ur 18 tomorrow woooopp;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx loveyou

  • Fionnuala

    got your text & ive ran out of credit chick, but OMG! cant wait to get all the bizz :D :D have fun, take care & love you :)

  • Jess Wilford

    `HIII!!!! :D

  • Fionnuala

    ps. i flicked through your comments there, & lold! god we where gay dot :L

  • Fionnuala

    New york, concrete jungle where dreams are made of ;) i love you & ill ring you later :)

  • Marguerite

    love seein all the celebs r dot has meet through the years! so chick any weekend plans or build a bear ADW?

  • SarahDiamond
    luv SarahDiamond

    hey dude. how are ya:D ? was good see'n you today. your pictures HOT xx

  • Fionnuala

    yo sexy, im not texting you back cos im gona ring you later. mind you LOVE the flash!

  • Marguerite
    luv Marguerite

    ohhh caught creeping dorathea. your effin profile pic is sexyyy

  • Fionnuala

    i did, i was sitting up right on my bed & decided i would do some karaoke. "du du du du du du shes got a smile that it seems to me reminds me of childhood memories where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky" i actualy thought i peed my pants today. for the whole dance studio was lovin life doing sweet child o mine! WE STEPBRUVAZ!

  • Fionnuala

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm2Jy... bound to make you chuckle!! x

  • ºiloveken.

    Heey U Mite Nat Know Me :L Lol I Saw The Pics Of U And Leon You Both Make A Great Couple :) Leons A Total Babe :*

    1/26/10 via Mobile
  • Fionnuala
    luv Fionnuala

    I purposely didnt tet you back tonight cos i was gona ring you & pretend to be Leon again, but im just about to turn my laptop of & the thought of having a bitching session at this time of the night is making me sick! so about them texts? oh chick il get back to you in the morn ;)


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