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B Raymond & The Voicettes

Last ever B Raymond gig tonight. Path Tav, KDY. 8pm. £3.x

1/29/10 | me too! | Reply

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Old Darts Players, Retired Snooker Players, Jocky Wilson & Hot Boab.
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"B Raymond... they're only the band
The Beatles could have been."

-Alan Partridge

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"Their songs can turn wars into garden parties."


"I pre-ordered their album and have never looked back since."

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"Old Man Marley inspired my court-case win."

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B Raymond & The Voicettes - Stop Stop

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  • B Raymond Call It A Day

    Dear Voicettes,

    It is with great regret that I write to tell you all that B Raymond & The Voicettes are calling it a day.
    After almost three years since our first ever gig, at The Greenside in Leslie, we have come to realise it is the best time for the five of us to part ways. However, I hasten to add that it is not due to any members becoming hostile to one another, or due to any sort of "musical differences", it is simply what all involved feel is the best decision for us.

    To say those 36 months of B Raymond & The Voicettes were uneventful would be a complete lie, so it is not for reasons of boredom either. Having featured on a worldwide TV advert for Bryclreem, been played on national and international Radio numerous times, gigged all over the country and played in front of over 1,000 people alongside King Creosote it has certainly been a tough decision.

    Although having just recorded our first full-length album - and spent over two months producing it - some may see it to have all been a pointless cause. However, it is due to the album that we have realised that our hearts aren't in B Raymond as much as they used to be.

    We would like to thank all of those who have ever attended a gig, supported B Raymond, given us words of praise or bought some of our merchandise/music. It has been a great honour and privilege to have been allowed the opportunity to play music we wrote to people across the country, and to be well received on most occasions. Special thanks go to Aileen, Clare and Teresa for being devout followers of the B Raymond cause; Dot & Betty for financial support whenever it was needed; DJ Mike for his help with the infamous Gent's Club, his tourbus antics and letting us practice in his garage when we needed it most; Jemma, John Bon, Danny McF, Nick, Dionne, Eugene, Paynie & Dave W for having come to gigs since the very beginning AND finally you, the reader of this, a fan of this band, for taking the time to listen to us and making it all possible.

    We will be playing one final gig on the 29th of January at The Path Tavern in Kirkcaldy, as a sort of "farewell" gig. Entry will be £3 and albums will still be on sale, for the nostalgic amongst you. However, we would love it more-so if you could all make it down so that way we could say thank you to everyone on a more personal level.

    Take care,
    B Raymond & The Voicettes.x

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  • luv Yan Yan

    Well played tonight lads, You shall be missed <3

  • luv Eugene Gallagher

    busy with the brothers band, sorry boys... xxx

  • Âüdrêy Paüdrêy
    luv Âüdrêy Paüdrêy

    oh hullo! :DD am game...if i dont have a shift the following day :o YES...it has been a while, indeed :B we are getting on braw, my dear...getting geared up for auld ecky claus :D how's yer fine sel, what's new , apart from album? :DD

  • Tams Bar
    luv Tams Bar

    we think you should update yer skins lads! :B :D all the hail the B Raymonds :D :D

  • Burnsie

    hi guys. just letting you know Harlem is getting re-furbed and re-named by end of nov. Looking to have bands playing every weekend. if you are interrested email me at burnsie_16@msn.com or call me on 07791419531.

  • Y Music
    Y Music

    We need bands!! Bring The Noise 2009 is here! To enter, send your demos by October 5th to www.Bebo.com/ymusickdy www.myspace.com/botbfife Get involved x

  • Danny McFarlane. 8/15/09
  • Âüdrêy Paüdrêy
    luv Âüdrêy Paüdrêy

    indeed we do, kind sir! :D we're braw, thanks.. just back fi a fortnight in Turkey...ooh it wiz fandabidozy :) ps...where's ma T-shirt?

  • Davey.
    luv Davey.

    for you lads, always :L i take it there'll be a wee tour? x

  • Âüdrêy Paüdrêy
    Âüdrêy Paüdrêy

    awrite lads :B how goes it.... you doing Rock The Rovers? x

  • Davey.
    luv Davey.

    austin well loves the fact that only he can be seen in the picture of b raymond under "bands" on profiles :L the sneaky wee shite, i bet he planned it hurry up with the album release! xxx

  • luv Eugene Gallagher

    Miss you too baby, sorry a was offline tho when i got your message, how'd the gig go? was it last night?? xx

  • Jenna Carr
    Jenna Carr

    www.wekastar.com - online X factor-Great site for amateur musicians!

  • B Raymond & The Voicettes
    B Raymond & The Voicettes

    apologies for such a ridiculous first broadcast from the gents club. hopefully have the sound sorted by the next live show. xxx

  • Andy
    luv Andy

    great, glad u liked it, a cd sounds gr8, best of luck andy