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The Hurricanes

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Me, Myself, and I
Its hard to decide whether this red blazered quartet are best known for their unstoppable onstage charisma, or their heroic blending of modern indie-punk with truly old school 50's rockabilly and '60s garage rock. What we can tell for sure is that with several national radioplays under their belt, and allying themselves with bands all over the country such as 'Neils Children' and 'The Electric City', The Hurricanes are on their way up and not looking back. They will blow you away.

Will: Bass
Ed: Electric Piano
Sholto: Guitar
James: Drums


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They Were There - The Hurricanes (at the Wilmington)

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    SHOLTO: SATURDAY - an extremely eventful weekend, school on saturday, school on monday, supported neils children on saturday, supported the electric city on saturday. Saturday was interesting, after being rinsed by neils children bassist (raised my hand to him when he walked in but he ignored me and walked straight past!), gig probably sounded alright from audience but sounded shit from where i was. had lovely chat with john (NC) who offered really useful advice which i'l always remember. Vivians were great fun, worked out that i had something in common with bassist - he also used to live "in the middle of nowhere" (i still do). MONDAY: once again i trekked around edinburgh with my suitcase, it was worth it. tie for jack provided immediate entrtainment, we played the best we'v played(even manged to crack out a happy birthday and a couple of great jokes, most of them taking the piss out of blow) and electric city were fucking cool and played good music. in conclusion, I COULD NOT HAVE ASKED FOR MORE FROM MY WEEKEND.

    JAMES: As Sholto said, the weekend was extremely eventful, although i managed to avoid getting rinsed by Neils Children... Saturday was pretty fun, although I've never been a fan of the bongo club (the condom machine in the toilet even swallowed my quid!) however the audience seemed to enjoy it. After carefully avoiding everyone I know so i didn't have to make 'polite conversation' we went to the pub for a pint. Perfect. The 18th was even better, with a return to the now legendary 'Cabaret Voltaire'. 'Thai Food Jack played brilliantly as did the Electric City, although neither were as electrifying as 'The Hurricanes' (not that i'm showing off or anything...), yet there was a distinct lack of pubbage. Anyway, tomorrow I will finally get back to 'the real world' and finally get a change of clothes...

    ED: this weekend was pretty action packed,and yeah, t'bongos sound wasnt great but it was a fun night. NC were pretty cool people and had very nice hair which I want. Managed to fool Brandon (NC) into believing that I headbutted some guy in the crowd at the barrier in a recent gig, thanks to thier manager but we soon told them this wasn't the case and their respect for me died. Fun music we played for about 20 minutes and I had a plaster on my nose. Sunday was a day off in which we fooled around with the new version of trouble in the town and tested out a new intro. We're getting a theremin.
    The second date was brilliant. The crowds started pouring in, in their thousands and a big crush began. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible, and then after a few support bands, MUSE came on stage at Wembley. Meanwhile up in Edinburgh, the monday night for us was really fun, the crowd wasnt too big but they were cool and i think it was the best we've ever played. Electric city were pretty cool and we had intersting chats to them.oh yeah, and i tried to play happy birthday to two of our best fans but messed it up so will definetely do it next time if they come. i've learnt it now on piano, Over to our bassist

    WILL LEE : i have the fun task of wrapping up this insane blog. I personally thought saturday was poor, maybe due to my lack of poon for bloon. Neils C were nice lads gonna hopefully gig with them when we get down to LONDON ENGLAND in august. hopefully....
    Me and James have managed to drink for 4 days straight. I finished up work on Trouble in the town or its new appreviation (TIT). Sounds good i believe. Tonight was amazing, we played really well, and i had somne fun annoying doboon in Mammas pizza, it was good to be home back at Cab Vol and the TFJ lads always game for a laugh! especially with the lovely new triss on guitar. They are insane and definetly one of my favorite bands at the moment! tour here we come....
    Electric City were a decent band, tight and put out a good sound. I do enjoy the intimate gigs, thanks to everyone for coming down!

    love xxxxxxxxxx

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  • Nick Young
    luv Nick Young

    whens the next hurricane experiance? youse need to start gigging heavily again like. x

  • Kh.

    Yerr showw was amaze btw. Loved youss immensly ! (: x x x x x x x

  • The Hurricanes
    The Hurricanes

    to robin: yeah it is, only five pounds!

  • Kh.

    HELLO BAAAAAAAAABES ! Awesome. Shall totally come likes. Will drag whoever i can with me. But its the Unders on the same day. So yeah. :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • The Hurricanes
    The Hurricanes

    thanks, we haven't got the tickets yet but in about 3 weeks they'll be ready...thanks!

  • James Munro
    James Munro

    music sounds good! where can i get tickets too gig?

  • Ross Innes

    alright guys have just opened a pub in edinburgh and am looking for bands to put on on friday evenings if you would be interested get in touch. Ross

  • Lissa

    (that was ment to be sarcy-haha-sarcastic if you think im retarded.)

  • Kh.

    Heyy ! Came to see you guys at The Hive last night ! Must say... You were all AMAZING! Love the musicc likes :] Weren't many people there... But ah well! Our crazy dancing was the best ! Lol. You playing again anytime? Can get more people to come ! Loveee..x Katy :] x x x x

  • Lissa

    you were awsomeeee :D as you know that i say =) how were the bishops after?gutted i couldnt stay on longer.. il try and refrain from dancing crazily the next time, although i do say, the dancing was rather the new thing.pure rave and that. ..yeah. xxx

  • Neil McGuigan 9/17/07
  • Jill Currie
    Jill Currie

    Hey you guys were very good last night...bit different....but good!:D whens ur next gig in edinburgh? J.x