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DECAYOR supporting Katatonia 3rd August, the Village Dublin.

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Balor Metal Self Published
Killybegs Ireland
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Recurring Times of Grief
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Decayor return with a new line-up. Now a three piece, the band features Pauric Gallagher on Vocals/Guitar Kevin Mc Closkey on the Bass guitar, Gary Byrne on the Drums.
Decayor are experimenting with new sounds, bringing in a lot of new influences.

The lyrics that are used in these songs can be found here;

Also Add us on Myspace to keep more up to date with gigs and news!

All our tracks can be listened to on Last.fm including music videos and gig information via our profile:

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    It’s great to finally have Decayor on record. All the telling signs were there that this debut demo would be good. Those signs were of course from their not only competent but excellent live show - characterised by the all too real atmosphere of thick oppression (and depression) that weighs upon their music.

    As hoped, ‘Re-Occuring Times Of Grief’ lives up to expectations. The artwork is a masterstroke, lending an air of class right from the start. Even that’s overshadowed by the quality of the music, as it’s led in by a thoughtful and mood setting piano intro. It’s quickly apparent that Decayor’s approach to that rusty old tag of Doom/Death is one of commitment and talent.

    They draw influences from various staples. At times it’s pure ‘Crestfallen’ worship, right down to the deep, clean guitar tones which remind effortlessly of vintage Anathema. The other two prime Yorkshire bands are referenced, with ‘Shades Of God’ Paradise Lost and ‘As The Flower Withers’ MDB both audible in there. That’s not to say it’s entirely vintage though, and ‘The Sacred Heart Is Bleeding’ brings a distinctly modern thump to the format - with perhaps even a nod to Mindrot’s classic ‘Dawning’ in the drum department.

    That track’s clean vocals could use more work, granted. Even still, it’s obvious that they lay solid foundations for what will in all likelihood be developed later. If any band is to be aspired to in this genre today, it has to be Indesinence. While Decayor are’nt just at that height of punishing solemnity, they’re not far off it at all.

    ‘Veil Of Despair’ is the best of this bunch and shows everything that’s good about them. The hugeness of their sound, their excellent grasp of melody and a real woebegone delivery. The aforementioned ‘Sacred Heart Is Bleeding’ in particular shows that they’re not afraid to digress in the name of real mood setting, with the final movement ushering in some bestial growls after haunting feedback. It’s striking.

    This is a fantastic demo that will send a shiver of remembrence down many spines. It’s incredible that so many years after the fact a band of comparative youngsters have nailed this sound - a sound so vital to the underground - so very well. They’ve got one of the best growlers going in the form of Mr Gallagher, while the tones and playing are all spot on as well. This band promise much: all we should ask of them is that they dont develop too much. Because this is absolutely top notch Doom/Death in its classic form.

    - Ciaran Tracey ::: 27/05/09

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  • Full Metal Racket Review

    Decayor are the first band to take the stage this year, and they fill it with a seemingly nonchalant air of veteranship, despite being a young band. Indeed, taking in the name, logo and cover art of the band, one would be forgiven in assuming they were a black metal band as grim and frostbitten as all the other nordics, but Decayor grab the early birds getting acquainted with the Mandela’s dark interior and absolutely pummel them with some remarkably thorough death metal.

    They’ve covered all their bases here; the playing is tight and well rehearsed, they look like a proper band onstage, the songs are great and completely individual, and it’s a shame not enough people catch them play. Safe to say, this’ll be the last time anyone will see Decayor opening a festival, a higher billing status is already well deserved. This reviewer went straight to the merch stall afterwards and nabbed their two demos quick smart. A band to keep an eye on for definite. [DmcB]

    *by Dónal McBrien, www.metalireland.com//2009/04/30/ful...

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  • Nicholas

    any chance of a free cd for designing your logo guys? cheers

  • Irish Metal Musicians
    luv Irish Metal Musicians

    great songs lads keep it up

  • E To The Mz
    luv E To The Mz

    Hey Guys, Good luck this weekend!! Doom it up t fuk!!!!! xxxx

  • Aeva
    luv Aeva

    Gary smells! :L

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  • Paradym

    Well i was talking to you before about a gig...this is our band site we have unmastered song put up at the minute to show people what we are like so if you are interested in us to play give us a shout tanks......our cd should be mastered soon its been done in america so its taking longer than expected.....

  • Deception Fold
    Deception Fold

    Hey guys! We are a four piece metal band from Dublin. Just wondering if you would have any support slots around Ireland as we are trying to get some gigs. Check out the tracks on our page which we recorded over a year ago and arent as tight as they are now. Since then we are setting up to do a new E.P. Even if you could let us know any details of promoters it would be much appreciated cheers lads. \m/

  • Paul Mc Hughbert
    Paul Mc Hughbert

    just had a wee look at ur gig posters, , , fair fucks to use boys yas slacker bastards!!

  • luv Sarkophagus

    Savage stuff lads!

  • B Noiseface
    B Noiseface

    Got the new ep!goddamn its a fucking classick!wel dun gentlemen!!!

  • Stephen Marry
    Stephen Marry

    Got the EP there last week, listening to it as i type. good stuff. Hope to catch ye in Fibbers next week.

  • E To The Mz
    luv E To The Mz

    goodluck tonight guys! x

  • B Noiseface
    B Noiseface

    Cheeeerz dude! Hahahahahah dublin to us seems a million miles away!permenently wedged in the south!Will u be catching u at one of urz definately tho!ssssslayyyyyyerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!  !!!

  • B Noiseface
    B Noiseface

    Oh i gotta be havin me a copy of the new ep!

  • luv Sarkophagus

    Hey are we still doin that gig with ye in Sligeach?? Cos I'd say our friend have it organised by august or september or somethin? :)

  • Nicholas

    wow. Now the logo is on the skin I realise how much it fucking sucks. I'm going to make it better as soon as possible

  • Pj Mc Tiernan
    luv Pj Mc Tiernan


  • luv Dr.Greenthumb

    truly excellent flashbox!