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The Stoo

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La Festa Records Indie Label
Glasgow UK
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About Me

Peace, love and music.....and jammy dodgers.
Me, Myself, and I

Well...where do i begin? I would imagine the start would be the best place...After countless attempts at starting a band (most of which failed miserably) i decided to go solo and i havent looked back since. The band consists of me and.....well....me...and my acoustic guitar. I started writing songs a few years ago but its only been in the last year or so that ive started playing/writing seriously. Ive played a few big gigs including the AECC, Castle Fraser, Pittodrie Stadium and the Tunnels, as well as various other gigs in and around Fraserburgh.
However...nowadays I've moved on to pastures new and based in scotlands city of music....Glasgow!
Bang goes the neighbourhood.

♥┌─┐  ─┐♫
 │▒│ /▒/
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

If you want any other info..
feel free to contact me by either posting comments or on msn
my adress is embrace_the_geekfish5@hotmail

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The Moon - The Mighty Boosh - The Best Of

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  • Jay

    i cant remember what it was called exactly, but you should record Jesus Was A Ginger and put it up here

  • Katie Clark
    Katie Clark

    hey stu...hinna seen you in bloody ages! Like probably since we left school! Tut tut! Anyway i was just bebo snooping and thought id say hey! How you getting on ? Fit is it your up to any how? Im still at uni...bore! haha xxx

  • The Joyz
    The Joyz

    Check out The Joyz!x

  • Zak

    can a wait to am older i could finly see you play a gig

  • Amy Birnie
    luv Amy Birnie

    Hey Stu!!!!!! :) :) fan next are u playin i want ti come n see ya... xxxxxxxx

  • Siobhan McCann
    Siobhan McCann

    hello there love! how are you? omg it has been tooo long :( lol few ppl been thinkin bout havin a SYT reunion this summer, up for the shizzle?? :D hows the music goin? saw u have a gig on the 22nd june, im gona try come down nd see it wi few pals (Y) ill let ya know chick :) xxxxx

  • The Stoo
    The Stoo

    Yea! 15th!

  • Kerry Jane Smith
    luv Kerry Jane Smith

    oh stew :) i must com see u performing. :) xxx

  • Sara Muirhead
    luv Sara Muirhead

    you rock some serious socks x x x

  • My Tune Rox
    My Tune Rox

    Hi :) , we are a new website for promoting independent artists, we would be interested in featuring your music on the site front page in the future. If you would like to find out more message us on bebo or log onto http://www.mytunerox.com for more info :)

  • Paigeeyy

    i heart you;)

  • Titann

    u shud get "is jesus a ginger" on min

  • Miss Amanda Louise Stephen
    Miss Amanda Louise Stephen

    Aryte stranger!! Ft like? Fit u dein we yersel noo a days en? xxxxx

  • Sara Muirhead
    luv Sara Muirhead

    ur songs dont work anymore bbz ... sad sara :( hehe never mind ... love you x x x

  • luv Paigeeyy

    wow!!!!!! :D :D :D :D loving it stuart! i am officially ur groupie!!!!!!!!!11 hahahaha! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lesley Hastie
    Lesley Hastie

    iiiii saw u on sat lol! only briefly though.. :( hope your good!! luv lesleyx x

  • Phil Southam

    hey stuart, what file type did u use to get ur tracks up? i just tryed stuff from itunes and i ses the file is too big. howdya get it smaller? wb phil

  • Gary Cruden

    Hi Stuart, you're on for the night and tomorrow in the royal/ Phone me asap.