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the social chameleons

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  • 'I Need You' on Radio 1.

    'I Need You' will be getting a spin on Vic Galloway's 'Back of the Net' feature on Radio 1 tonight between 01:30 - 02:00am. You can listen live here: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/radio1

    If you happen to miss the show, log on to Vic Galloway's page @ Radio 1, www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/vicgalloway, and it'll be available to listen back to over a period of 7 days.


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  • "Your life will never be quite the same again...."

    First thing's first. Congratulations. You deserve a medal. 'But what have I done?' I hear you cry. Well I'll tell you what you've done. You've successfully negotiated the myriad that is the information superhighway and now you're here. Whether it be through sheer luck, recommendation or choice, it doesn't matter. You're here. And already whilst reading this, you'll have felt the rush of shimmering indie pop that characterises this 'thing' that you've just discovered. The thrilling, euphoric, winsome chime of The Social Chameleons has filled your conscience, your very being. And now you're hooked.......

    So just what is this 'thing'? This thing of euphoria and melody that jumps out at you so emphatically? This 'thing' is in fact the sound of The Social Chameleons. But who are they? What are they? And where are they from? Another world? Another planet even? No, not quite. The Morayshire coastal towns of Hopeman and Burghead in the North of Scotland to be precise. Four from the former, one from the latter. A very important distinction. So I am told.

    'But that's not very glamorous is it?' I hear you say. But that's just it. That's the beauty of it. From a place more noted for the quality of its ice-cream, comes this. A blast of shining guitar driven pop, seemingly out of place with its surroundings. This is where the beauty lies, as it always has done, and as it always will be.

    So where did it all begin? Like so many great bands before them, the lads first picked up their instruments simply to give them something to do. Round at Dixon's house, bashing away on guitars until their fingers bled. Having a laugh, having a joke, taking the mick out of each other. Good times. Of course, when someone (presumably) blurted out, 'We should form a band lads' it was merely a formality. The lads have always been a band, in that gang/best mates kind of way. Five teenagers with an absolute belief in music and melody. You'll know what I mean.

    Early gigs saw the lads belting out covers at local pubs and parties. The signs were there. Having bashed out the covers to death, the lads began writing their own tunes. Early, more bluesy/rockier numbers were written, played and then dispensed with for a more jangly guitar driven pop sound that you're listening to right now. The Social Chameleons began to find their true sound. Their music continues to develop and inspire. The type of music that's always a winner, the type that gets the girls dancing, and the lads tapping their feet.

    And so, here we are. Right here, right now. This 'thing' that you've discovered is not just any old thing or any old band. This is The Social Chameleons. And your life will never be quite the same again....


    Words: Macca x

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  • Lossie Rock Cafe
    Lossie Rock Cafe

    even more lasers and more gigawatts than the last big yin..(hard to believe I know!)...Bittersuite, Soul Casino (formerly known as One Night Stand) Salvation and NNY..all headllining a BYOB fundraising gig at Lossie Town Hall.....£3 entry for all this is a steal...Grab yer mates, grab a table and head down for a massive night of music...see Rock cafe pics for poster details

  • Stephabaloo.

    I love the Lead Singer's Voice <3

  • Susan Green
    luv Susan Green

    Hey honeys, Thank you for Fri!! Sorry I missed yous on Sat was back in bed lol I was dyin!!

  • Liam French
    luv Liam French

    howie payne ! great shout !

  • Molly.

    im wanting to go to your gig in bathgate how much are they and how would i go about getting them ?

  • b-box

    Are you an unsigned band wanting a bit of Bebo exposure? You could have a shot at fame by attempting to become a ‘Bebo Hero’! Just become a fan of b-box and send us a message saying why you think you’ve got what it takes to be featured. Go to www.bebo.com/b-box to see what all the fuss is about! Steve@ b-boxHQ

  • The Chymes
    The Chymes

    Saturday Night's alright...

  • Glen Craib
    luv Glen Craib

    boys am coming to the gig on saterday i think. Shame we wina aw be biding in the legendary cottage again. This time at the gig tho, i thought instead o gettin ma top off in a spot o drunken madness i'll get ma cecks off n show ma man bits hahah. x x x

  • Stuey Campbell

    listened to the new "write a story". has a nice wee la's feel to i think. bra x

  • Susan Green
    luv Susan Green

    Hey, I did text Malky tha day but haven't heard back, just checkin ur still ok for my bday? xxx

  • Rebecca Jayne
    Rebecca Jayne

    you boys fancy playing at Tiger any time soon? Trying to fill the calendar up.

  • Double Rainbow - BeatThat
    luv Double Rainbow - BeatThat

    well done wi the newspaper article, bet youse were chuffed to bits wi that! xxx

  • Craig Mackay
    Craig Mackay

    Please Scuse the spam - we do want to meet you guys!.Forgot to mention in last message, the 11th April gig is at Lossie Town Hall - a huge sound system being brought in!!!

  • Craig Mackay
    Craig Mackay

    From Lossie Youth cafe...whats the chances of you guys givin us a wee gig on our Thursday nite Rock cafe??? Also Saturday 11th April 2009 @8pm Bittersuite and Salvation - a must see for all guitar fans! check cafe bebo site for vide clip http://www.bebo.com/BEBO_5497436519

  • Steven The Riddell.Er
    Steven The Riddell.Er

    hows it goin lyk? lookin 4ward to playin along side u boys on the 4th! jst wonderin bout the drum kit i was told the support bands usually use the same one i wouldnt mind using my one im needing the four toms lyk let me know

  • luv Stuey Campbell

    typical. you's get a saturday gig at the loft again on the 4th, and im in glasgow that day. fuckin pish.

  • Debbie

    aberdeen? its happening like..........x