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Black Vow

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Self-Produced Self Published
Coleraine UK
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Black Vow are a Northern Irish metal band hailing from Coleraine.

They formed shortly after the dissolution of G.P.I and feature the three remaining members of the controversial group.

For reasons of practicality, they have decided to remain as a three-piece studio band, although there may be a possibility of a return to live gigging at a future date.

All material in the forseeable future will be produced, mixed, mastered and released by the band independently for free.

We are currently writing and practicing new material. Until that is recorded and uploaded, feel free to listen to recordings of our old band.

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  • A few cosmetic changes here and there...

    It's amazing what a lick of paint can do.

    Yeah, this has gone from being the G.P.I bebo page to the Black Vow bebo page.

    All the old G.P.I material is still there to listen to, all the old pictures are still there to perv at, there have just been a few minor alterations at this time.

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  • Black Vow

    The new myspace is up, if you want to take a look, it's surprisingly located at:


    The bebo page will soon be getting the same treatment, keep your eyes peeled for it.

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  • Album re-post

    It seems there's nothing this band can't do without someone kicking up a fuss, here's the link to the album again, enjoy:


    For those who are concerned about copyright issues, the intellectual property rights of some of the songs belong to a former member, however the property rights of the recorded material are owned by myself.

    This is commonplace in the music industry, the musician owns the intellectual property rights to the songs they've written and will recieve royalties etc should they be covered/released in any way/shape/form, unless explicitly stated otherwise in a binding contract, their recorded output usually belongs to whoever recorded/produced/released it.

    This is an independent release, I was the person who recorded the whole thing, I was in charge of the production of every sound you hear, I was in charge of locating and contacting a mastering studio and eventually distributing the recordings, which were made on my time using my money and my equipment.

    Since I am not profiting in any way by doing this, I have complete control over what I choose to do with the final recordings, unless I sell them, in which case I would need permission from the members that took credit for writing the material.

    In short, the recordings are mine, and in this case I assume the role a record company would usually take, since that's what I've done in every other aspect of this release so far.

    In a world where just about everything is freely available for download, this is hardly of large consequence.

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    Visitor Q

    We are Visitor Q. 100% Irish metal from the depths of Dublin. So you may ask what do we sound like? Well you can download our debut EP "Vile Regression" for free here: http://lnk.ms/4WTXB FUCK THE RECESSION!! Keep er heavy and support Irish Metal! VQ

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    you guys are fucking sweet man your voclists sounds like the dude from emmure!!!! fucking tops

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    do u slit your rists and shag dead people u goths and emo fucks

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  • Misanthropy

    u guys are fuckin class! if u ever need a band to open for u give us a shout

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    Go Guerrilla Merchandise

    Hi there, cheers for the add! ;)

  • luv Kingler

    love it :) chek out us if u can http://www.bebo.com/NEVERFADEofficial

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    I Stand Motionless

    Have you ever clicked on one of the links though, just out of curiosity?? :P

  • LovingBirmingham

    u guys r awsome

  • I Stand Motionless
    I Stand Motionless

    Thanks man... :S

  • I Stand Motionless
    I Stand Motionless

    Needa do somethin interestin to this page, its sorta died :(

  • Adam Stringer
    Adam Stringer

    Bring on Black Vow!!!

  • Im Old Greg
    Im Old Greg

    could you guys please play in mollys again because baisicly..........................  ..... you fucking kick ass btw is the new band all sorted out nd ready ta play?????

  • Black Bush Loyal
    Black Bush Loyal

    what happened to millen ..im so behind n nobody tells me stuff ....... leave me a commet or msn me ....im confused .