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Xx Cala Xx

Fukin Amazin Holiday....Mental..x

6/25/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 199
  • from durrington
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Member since: April 2005
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About Me

if u were better he wouldnt b wonderin haha!!
Me, Myself, and I
My names cala i have blue eyes and blonde hair, live in worthing n im bout 5ft 3. i love all mi girlies der da most important things 2me coz der da bestest m8s u culd eva ave as der always der 4me n i wuldnt change um 4 da world n god we've had sum funny times aint we girlies haha!! also im always up 4 a laugh n love gettin pissed n goin 2parties - who dont lol

so leave me some comments! And do my blog!!

Im Just Me Really!!
Gotta Problem..
Solve It;
Think Im Trippin..
Get Out My Way;
Cant Stand Me..
Sit The Fuk Down;
Cant Face Me..
Turn The Fuk Around;
Say What I Fink, I Aint Gonna Lie.
Dont Like It....

Then Go Fuck YourSelf!!

> > [Corfu Kavos..June 2008] *
> SONJA..x
> KATii3..x
> SADii3..x
> TARN..x
> SARAH..x
> > "Wana Go Back ..</3"
The Other Half Of Me
Sonja B

Sonja B

she didnt even show me wher she pissed from haha!!

love rnb n hip hop n all dat listen 2 nething really lol
love loadsa films like green street, hocus pocus 4 u jadeypoo's hehe!! n love watching lee evans coz he makes me laugh lol
love watching football n things dont like playin them lol
Happiest When
with mi m8s n avin a laugh n gettin pissed, love all my girls coz der amazin n always there when u need um n of course sleeping!!
Scared of
dieing, getting old, big spiders - small ones i can handle!! thunder and clowns!!
bitchy lil girls - i no im a bitch but ders a difference of bein a bitch n bein bitcy! also hate ppl dat r fake n bullies coz dey all need 2sort der lives out n grow up coz ppl ave bigger problems den needing 2deal wit lil dweebs like dat lol also hate wen ppl tell me2 shut up coz i like talkin (as uve prob gathered lol) n dnt care if ne1s listenin but u cant shut me up!! n i think every1 no's dat by now!!
n also h8 ppl dat think der better den every1 else coz at da end of da day every1s shit stinks haha!!
Im Booty Shaking, Heart Breaking, Bed Banging, Good Shagging, Mad Hot, Never Stop, Short Skirt, Love To Flirt, Curvy Hips, Glossy Lips, High Class, Nice Ass, Banging Style, Sexy Smile, Lucious Thighs, Candy Eyes, Temptin Lips, Killer Kiss.... Im The Bitch Ur Gonna Miss! Haha!!

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  • all me baby!!!

    M- Success comes easily to you.
    I- Love is something you deeply believe in
    C- You're wild and crazy
    H- you are amazing in bed
    A- damn good kisser
    L- You are beautiful
    A- damn good kisser

    C- You're wild and crazy
    R- Fuckin Sexy
    O- You are one of the best in bed
    U- You are really chilled.
    C- You're wild and crazy
    H- you are amazing in bed

    A- damn good kisser
    B- You fall in love quickly
    C- You're wild and crazy
    D- You have one of the best personalities ever
    E- You have a nice ass.
    F- People totally adore you
    G- You have a very good personality and looks.
    H- you are amazing in bed
    I- Love is something you deeply believe in
    J- Everyone loves you.
    K- You like to try new things
    L- You are beautiful
    M- Success comes easily to you.
    N- So Hott
    O- You are one of the best in bed.
    P- You are popular with all types of people.
    Q- You are a hypocrite.
    R- Fuckin Sexy
    S- You're loyal to those you love.
    T- damn sexy
    U- You are really chilled.
    V- You are not judgemental
    W- You are very broad minded.
    X- You never let ppl tell u wat to do
    Y- One of the best bfs/gfs anyone could ask for
    Z- You like it in the butt very very hard...

    1 Comment 287 weeks


    ღMy Hubbbyyy =
    ღMy Lil Sister = Sam
    ღMy Big Sister =
    ღ My Big Bro = Alex
    ღ My Lil Bro =
    ღ My Best Mate =
    ღ My Boyfriendd =
    ღ My Baybee Girl = Sonja
    ღ My Babe = Katie
    ღ My Gorjus Girl = Lauren
    ღ My Secret Admirer =
    ღ My Sexy Gorguss Model = Laura
    ღ My Pimpess = Tarn of corse lol
    ღ My Hairdresser =
    ღ My Slag = Mark
    ღ My Bit On The Side = Sophie B
    ღ My Body Guard = Lucy
    ღ My Rudeboy =
    ღ My Nutter = Sonja
    ღ My Partner In Crime = Jade
    ღ My Everything = Rachel
    ღ My Baby = Sonja
    ღ My Guardian Angel =
    ღ My Twin =
    ღ My Princess = Lenard! (Laura!)
    ღ My Lil Angel = Tanya
    ღMy Mummy =
    ღMy Sugar plum fairy = and Tanya lol
    ღMy Dirty Dancer = Katie
    ღMy Blonde = Amy
    ღMy Pal = Sadie
    ღMy Idol =

    1 Comment 336 weeks

  • tell me what u think!! ;-)

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    1. Wots ur name?
    2. R we close?
    3. Wot do u think of me?
    4. Do u hav a crush on me?
    5. Wuld u kiss me?
    6. Wuld u fuk me?
    7. Describe me in 3 words?
    8. If u Had Me 4 30 Mins wat wuld u do?
    9. Wot was ur first impression of me?
    10. Do u still think the same?
    11. Wot reminds u of me?
    12. If u culd give me anything what wuld it be?
    13. How well do u kno me?
    14. Wot do u like best about me?
    15. Ever wanted 2 tell me somethin u culd'nt?
    16. Could u eva love me?
    17. Give me a nickname n explain why?
    18. R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
    19. Anything 2 say b4 u go

    12 Comments 348 weeks

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    Jay-R A

    I like u>>

  • Jay-R A
    luv Jay-R A

    helloOooo...there you.!

  • Jay-R A
    Jay-R A

    I think you all Girl have a beauty in your self not only in your picture....

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  • luv Mee

    hey gorgeous u have 2 come and c me some time i had a crap b,day coz i missed u so much and i wanted 2 c u love u x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.  x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.  x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.  x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.  x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.

  • Frenchie H T I D
    Frenchie H T I D

    hey cuz u alryt ?? wuu2?? w.b love ya nd y ent i in ya top frends =[=[

  • Joshz


    2/20/09 via Mobile
  • Jamie.
    luv Jamie.


  • Denis Cullen

    alright girl wat the story

  • J
    luv J

    :O SMΛLL ШOЯLĐ ҳҳҳ

  • Aj

    hope ur all gd 2 x

  • Aj
    luv Aj

    n a messi crismas 2 u 2 bbe ;)

  • Sadie
    luv Sadie

    Lovee Youu Munchkin xx

  • Joshz

    hay thea...fnx 4 acptin m3...hw u...? =)

  • .Katie Mcbrayne.
    luv .Katie Mcbrayne.

    u can have sum loveage bk!!!!!!!!!