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Shane K

*Life Is Just An Interlude To Death*

1/8/08 | me too! | Reply

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*** Greatness Plus Greatness Equals Great Greatness, *** Ma Man *** Fcuk That ***
Me, Myself, and I
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I Made A Decision,
Despite All The Things We Go Through
Im Gone Take More Time With You
And Different To Me,
I Made A Decision
That Everythings Gone To Be All Right
Were Going Stay Strong & Tight
Il Be There Indeed...

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" Ah Baby,
Let Me Ask You Something
Aye, Aye, Aye
I See You Over There Man, You Know You
You Dancing Like That For Me?
Haha, I'm Watching..."

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  • Notorious B.I.G. - Miss You Lyrics

    Notorious B.I.G. - Miss You Lyrics

    Yeah, dedicatin' this to my nigga O
    We miss you nigga
    Goin out to all the niggas that died in the struggle
    Word up, shit is real in the field
    You know, sparkin' blunts for all you niggaz
    Word up

    Each and every day
    The daydreams of how we used to be
    See your family
    And that baby's lookin just like you
    Why'd you gone away
    I've been missin you lately
    Tell me why you're gone and thru
    O yeah

    Verse One: Notorious B.I.G.

    I remember sellin three bricks of straight flour
    Got my man a beat down to the third power
    He didn't care, spent the money in a half hour
    Got some fishscale, ain't no competition that could sour
    Got the coke cooked up, a crackhead heaven
    In eighty-eight, when Kane ruled, with Half Steppin
    A thirty-eight, a lot of mouth, was our only weapon
    We was king till the G's crept in
    And now I'm missin em


    Ooh, I'm missin you
    Tell me why the road turns, why it turns
    Ooh, I'm missin you
    Nah nah nah nah nah, oh tell me why why why why

    Verse Two: Notorious B.I.G.

    We work all week, we dancin, play the movies
    We rock flatops, our girls rocked doobies
    Made a killin, even though the D's knew me
    Eventually, you know they try to do me
    Fuck it
    Fed up, my nigga want to take it down south
    Sick of cops comin, sick of throwin jacks in his mouth
    Gave him half my paper, told 'em go that route
    Few months, he got his brain blown out
    Now I'm stressed
    His baby's mother, she trippin, blamin me
    And his older brothers, understand, the game it be
    Kinda topsy turvy
    You win some, you lose some
    Damn, they lost a brother
    They mother lost a son
    Fuck, why my nigga couldn't stay in NY?
    I'm a thug, but I swear for three days I cried
    I look in the sky and ask God why
    Can't look his baby girls in the eye
    D*mn I miss you


    Verse Three: Notorious B.I.G.

    There was this girl around the way that make cats drool
    Her name's Drew, played fools out they money in pool
    People swore we was f*ckin but we was just cool
    She used to hang while I slang my drugs after school
    She'd watch my bomb, help my moms with the groceries
    My little sister, the girl was kinda close to me
    A little closer than the average girl's supposed to be
    Far from a lover, my girl was jealous of her
    Then she started messin with some major players
    Handled keys, niggas called them the Bricklayers
    A dread kid, had a baby fore that bitch Taya
    Found out her baby's father cheatin, now Drew she gotta slay her
    One night, across from the corner store
    Taya ran around the block with a chrome four-four
    Squeezed all six shots in the passenger door
    The dude lived, what my baby had to die for
    We missin her


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  • Threat To The World!! haha!! ME nd Bekah we Takin OVa haha

    There's a threat in the world today.
    A threat to our way of living, a threat to our society,
    and maybe even a threat to our very exitence.
    And what is this threat? The BekaH and Shane CONNECTION.
    An organization made up of highly motivated,
    extremely agressive gangstas turned businessmen/women with one single objective,
    world domination, or in their words "Creating a world wide BlONde - side".
    Vowing to make every man woman and child bow down
    to the "B & S", a hand sign used by their members to show affiliation.
    We have confirmed reports that "B & S"'s have been appearing on the various
    monuments and historical landmarks throughout the world. There are also talks
    of Courtney Place being renamed B & S Place, with New Zealands forefathers
    being replaced by the The Bekah And SHane CONNECTION forefathers, AKa Becky And Shane :L
    When confronted with these allegations they released a statement saying...
    quote... "Bitch, you know the side, world motherfucking wide."....... unquote. :L

    WE Talking OVa haha!!
    BOW DOWN!! lol

    2 Comments 306 weeks

  • niGhtmaRes Pharrell - Lil Saint lolz!!! YuCknEss!!!

    I'm havin' nightmares
    My niggas say I'm p-noid
    They say I'm just p-noid

    I'm wakin' up in the middle of the night
    My heart keeps pumpin' like somethin' ain't right
    What's goin' on?
    When I go outside I feel somethin' behind me
    I'm lookin' back but nothing's around me
    (What's goin on?)
    Man I don't know
    What am I trippin' on?

    There's somethin' in the room
    It's lurkin' in the shadows
    Staring through the darkness
    Man I don't know
    These four walls are closing in
    These voices ain't my friends
    They hauntin' me
    Those, those memories

    I'm havin' nightmares
    My niggas say I'm p-noid
    They say I'm just p-noid

    They comin' for me, they runnin' up
    I'm on my balcony seein' through the eyes of Tony
    They say we homies, but I see hatred
    Do not they know brotherly love is sacred?
    Niggas catch feelings even contemplate killin's
    When you see millions, there are many chameleons
    You're not a gunner, forreal you just a runner
    Haters, I spot you from afar and I'm the deer hunter
    They be thinkin' nice car, nice crib
    I be thinkin' how long will these niggas let me live
    I understand, 'cause people need things
    And they will take it from you
    And take you from your seedlings
    So even with the mumblest talk
    I still walk the most humblest walk
    And one day, they may even catch up with me, man
    But 'til then, I'm Leonardo, catch me if you can

    I'm havin' nightmares
    My niggas say I'm p-noid

    They say I'm just p-noid

    Look over your shoulder, somethin' is there
    And I'm so scared
    When I'm alone I’m so scared!
    Now it's inchin' closer, trouble is near
    But nothing's there
    When I look nothing's there
    I'm out of my mind
    I'm runnin' from guilt
    But it's right by my side
    There's nowhere to hide
    I'm out of my mind
    I'm runnin' from guilt
    But it's right by my side
    There's nowhere to hide

    Pusha T:
    I make big money!
    Drive big cars!
    Everybody know me!
    It's like I'm a movie star!
    Virginia Nights
    Selling hard white, to selling out shows
    Every gangsta love my flows
    Still I creep low thinking niggas tryna harm me
    Hopin' my karma ain't comin' back here to haunt me
    Was it that nigga I took his powder with a smile
    Prayin' to lord, the gun ain't pop and hit the child, shit!
    I peel niggas girls back like Alpha Hydroxy
    Spend money like Happy Days
    I’m the real Fonzi
    Top off the coop that’s how JFK got shot B
    Can’t let niggas roll up aside me and Tupac me
    Holla if you hear me, tears flowin' sincerely
    Checkin' up my block weekly, my health yearly
    Somethin's wrong with me
    Niggas don't get along with me
    Got a 4'4, hope your body got strong kidneys

    I'm havin' nightmares
    My niggas say I'm p-noid
    They say I'm just p-noid

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