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Love for Friday First and their awesome send off. Moshed like I've never moshed before. Going to miss you lads! x

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I have some pretty soond mates, and a supa-fella who licks me in tescos and lets me cook all sorts for him.
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  • GoodTimez!

    The accidental all-nighter at Rohans.
    "Imagine the mystery shopper result;
    ...........EVIDENTLY PISSED."
    Scotty and me doing the Cha Cha Slide by ourselves up stairs in the Loft.
    "The beans are on me........quite literally" ;)
    Bullying Greig by frequently pushing him over/into/onto passing bushes.
    "I got a soulmate, but I'm not a soilder...mate..."
    Winning the champagne in City (Y) and dancing with Anthony from BB.
    "Lick, drink and SUCK!"
    The five day drinking weekend with Marko and the likes.
    Becoming tattoo buddies with Helen and planning our next ones.
    "You're like a man with tits" Thanks Herdo (Y)!
    Euan and my CRAZY night out and the piggy-back that went horribly wrong.
    "Don't break the seal!"
    The terrible Thursday night, that was actually really, really funny.
    getting locked out the house, crashing at Marko's and going into work the next day in last nights dress and heels. (classy!)
    "Pass the fucking wine!"
    The innocent cinema trip with Marko somehow resulting in Tequila shots and a lovely walk home in the rain at half one in the morning.
    "I can't find my pants!" - right then Nicole..
    "ahh, fucking trifle" "Yeah, FUCKING trifle. With penis' floating in it.." Ehhhh, WHIT Helen?!
    "Something gets out red wine?! What is it again??!" "WHITE WINE! GIVE ME THAT BOTTLE!"
    "Now I can sympathize with guys.. it's actually quite difficult taking someone else's bra off!"
    Driving about perth for three hours with Rohan. (:
    "Ohhh, we're a proud race we classy, classy ladies.."
    The INCREASING bottle collection on my shelf.
    Inventing Raspo's with Helen (Y)
    "We don't have much time.." "Time for what?" (;
    - "A nice quiet game of cards..."
    "I'm not eating any turtles that have been near your ass!"
    "Did someone say cake?!"
    "You look like Where's Wally!"
    Crikey, numnum, Bloody Helen and Fluffy cocktails.
    "I'll be Jordan, you be Peter!"
    EVERYONE doing the Cha Cha Slide in my livingroom!
    "Real men wear Superman belts!"
    The Pigeon cocktail.
    Lying on the cobbles outside Willows with Helen, Stevie, Herdo and Marko, singing Heaven is a Halfpipe at full volume.
    100 balloons still being in my bedroom for nearly two weeks after the party.
    "I am a smile when you least expect it"

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    It was all about..
    Walking around Asda with 9 bottles of alcohol in one basket.
    The fucking TREK to the campsite on the Friday.
    Seeing Greig's sunburnt face after only one day, with a perfect white silhouette of where his gecks had been.
    Almost getting to the front of Franz Ferdinand.
    Getting to the front of Kings of Leon with Gill. (Y)
    Gill and me loosing everyone and sitting outside Domino's for half an hour in the cold.
    The mink who decided to claim Greig and Quinn's tent as her bed by ripping it open with her nails, climbing in and falling asleep.
    'George Harrison from Asda' handing out Maoam at any random moment.
    Hearing 'What's Maoam spelt backwards?', 500 million times in one night.
    Waking up at stupid-o'clock and thinking it's lunchtime.
    Starting on the Cider and Vodka at 8am, and being drunk by 11am.
    Catching the end of Calvin Harris and getting to the front of Lady Gaga.
    Scotty walking about for an entire day wearing a Nurse's outfit.
    Katy Perry flashing the crowd and asking why there was a giant penis floating around. (Y)
    Gill Daniels giving everyone medication advice and telling us the difference between paracetamol and ibuprofen.
    The Ting Ting's being 15 minutes late, but still kicking ass.
    Quinn and Greig bullying the shit out of Scotty whenever he was left alone with them, to the extent of lube and wet-willies.
    G in the Park, Gill Daniels, Lady GillGill, The Gilliers, The Gill Gills and Gilly Allen.
    The EPIC crowd at The Killers.
    Sitting on Scotty's shoulders for 'Smile Like You Mean It', 'Mr Brightside' and 'When You Were Young'. (Y)
    Scotty inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry to a "Party at White 1!"
    No one ever having any signal - and even when you did, it didn't matter because you were the only one.
    The amazing pot of noodles for a fiver - that Scotty could eat in the less than five minutes.
    Going for a 'rave' down in the Redbull tent, before realising it was bollocks and walking all the way back.
    The "indoor swimming pool" surprise in our tents on Sunday morning.
    Quinn dragging Scotty out of his tent in his sleeping bag, sellotaping the bottom so he couldn't move his legs - and Scotty STILL not waking up.
    Scotty the 'worm', hopping around still in his sleeping bag. Until Greig and Gill made him deck it.
    Discovering the Dry Shampoo has a spray paint effect on tents and defacing Scotty's with it.
    The fucking SUNBURN. And the fact that we tortured each other at every opportunity with slaps.
    Scotty loosing the key to the tent, so having to rip it open from the bottom.
    Everyone treking out to see Seasick Steve and actually loving it.
    "Ahh, it's the sex-repellent"
    The on/off rain, and the amazing poncho's.
    "I'm the only one here who doesn't look like condom"
    Finally seeing Bloc Party. (Y)
    Everyone's phones gradually dying, one by one.
    Sneaking bottles into the Arena down trousers and jumpers.
    The Quinn and myself in utter AWE of Lily Allen and dancing like mad when she played Womanizer.
    And everyone singing 'Fuck You (Very Much)', full volume.
    Sitting on Scotty's shoulders (again) to 'Not Fair'
    Being in the pits for Pendulum with Quinn, Gill, Greig and Scotty and being fucking MAULED. (Y)
    Greig almost being pick-pocketed in the pit by another mink.
    Catching the end of Snow Patrol and singing along to Blur. (Y)
    Quinn and me realising that Jaques cider isn't so bad, and that putting make-up on makes us feel cleaner. (Y)
    Greig almost being peed on by a random girl squatting beside his legs..
    The constant irritation of TALL GUYS always standing in front of Quinn and myself, no matter how close to the front we were.
    The toilets being, quite frankly, the most disgusting things ever. EVER.
    Quinn and my night-time stroll. And my inability to be subtle, resulting in a flash of my arse to a campsite.
    "Quinn! I can't get it up!" (Y)
    Scotty and Gill battering

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you are Kyle, the singer. you are loud and opinionated. you have very long legs and probably a liking of tattoos, you also probably have two cats and a flesh tunnel in one ear only, bad times....you also have nice eyes, good times!!!

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  • Sara.

    Heya. ooooooofts thats not good :| hopefully will let ye back in soon :) and hahaha, maybe yer eyes will appreciate staying in yer sockets. hope ye had a good night last night :) am doing oritey, you? mwah xx

  • Sparky Wrestled A Bear Once

    i seen u in perth thur night :) (y) outside the loft?

  • Greeiig

    Bebo is indeed terrible. I forgot i actually had this til you commented! Yeah iv not seen you in actual AGES! Very poooor! I want my jumper! So does Gill, as hes here with me and asures me you still have his! x

  • luv Oli


  • luv Dante

    thanks for accepting ^_^ hows you?? x

  • Mark Duncan

    you forgot what the word was... didnt you...

  • Drops Of Jupiter
    luv Drops Of Jupiter

    Ah okay I see! That would be cool living with Kyle. So you moved back into your parents? Last you told me was you were living in North Muirton! Alex and I are great! Training silly dog! Hehe! It's pretty boring in the lead up until Christmas, not having any money and all! Haha. But Christmas decorations go up soon which I'm really excited about! :D It's weird being on Bebo, I've been addicted to Facebook the last few weeks! Take care! xxxxx

  • Drops Of Jupiter
    luv Drops Of Jupiter

    TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It's something that will help me get a job if Alex and I move around, which we shall get around to eventually. Hehe. Why have FF split?

  • Drops Of Jupiter
    Drops Of Jupiter

    Good, I'm glad! I have been great thank you! Not been up to much. Just sorting out moving plans, studying a TEFL course and looking after pup! Much excitement going on in your life? :) x

  • Drops Of Jupiter
    Drops Of Jupiter

    Hey thanks for the add. How have you been? x

  • luv Michaela H

    llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll  lllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooovv  vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee  eee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lizzie Grigg
    Lizzie Grigg

    haha you seemed fine in brennans. i heard you guys didnt get into city though lol. im alright cheers how about yourself? xxx

  • Garry Gilmore
    Garry Gilmore

    Yeah im prity good myself thank you :) Is that the book shop? :L i know nothing about perth.. and iv lived her for 19 years haha yeah im working in mcdonalds (N) not great but it pays the bills :) what you got planned for this weekend? xxx