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What is everyone doing for summer?!?!?!

3/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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I miss the weird coat I had with the bowtie that I paid for in coins...
Me, Myself, and I
Being kicked in the shins hurts like a motherbitch

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'He has this disease where his head is shaved except he doesn't have to shave his head because no hair grew there in the first place'

A Japanese man with a frozen face blocked my wind pipe with tin foil and Buckaroo instructions.

Where the hell is Jeff Mangum????????

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"Last week, Japanese scientists explaced... placed explosive detonators at the bottom of Lake Loch Ness to blow Nessie out of the water. Sir Godfrey of the Nessie Alliance summoned the help of Scotland's local wizards to cast a protective spell over the lake and its local residents and all those who seek for the peaceful existence of our underwater ally"........................

It's not 'feel'..
it's SEAL!!
I have a love hate relationship with
I know everyone hates it but...
I love when the fountain on Dame st. foams up
Midori Goto, Sylvia Plath, Arlie Hochschild, Gillian Wearing
Be a
Sassy Susan

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You could come over here, we could put on some music, I could give you a back rub, see what happens. Oh no, wait, I've got this guy coming over to watch a DVD, another time maybe, okay. Oh, and some chicken wings please, thank you.

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    ♥♥ Hanging out with my Guitar, Piano, Drums, etc whatever makes noise ♥ Partays!!! ♥ Napoleon Dynamite ♥ Being Drunk ♥ The Stars ♥ Doyles ♥ Boys with good personalities ♥ Listening to music on the high pod while walking somewhere and singing and then dancing while waiting for the green man ♥ PUNKIN PIE ♥ Dr.Pepper ♥ Pee Wee Herman ♥ Vintage cars/bikes ♥ Sushi ♥ Vinyl ♥ Nintendo ♥ Singing in Harmony ♥ Vanilla Tea ♥ My Bike ♥ Licking the foam from a cappuccino ♥ Watching cream being whipped ♥ Nice People ♥ Crazy coloured tights ♥ Tequila ♥ Used book shops ♥ The Moon ♥ MANGO'S ♥ Tetris and its music ♥ The Mighty Boosh ♥ The smell of american birthday cake ♥ Having Philosophical conversations ♥ When nice boys give me flowers ♥ Jaywalking ♥ Yellow ♥ The sound of Crickets ♥ Watching American washing machines washing clothes (Lauren Clarke knows about this one) ♥ Bruises and their colours ♥ Taking pictures of bruises ♥ Crackly old Jazz music ♥ 'Sploring ♥ Writing lists ♥ Pronouncing words differently like 'Daffodils' - Da FOE duls ♥ The feeling of my hair underwater ♥ Dancing in the rain (real cliche) ♥ Band Practice ♥ When I'm in America ♥ Eating cookie dough ♥ Jane's verbs ♥ Baby Giraffes ♥ When pink and green are close together ♥ Whelans ♥ Swing sets ♥ Dying my hair ♥ Love ♥ Noel Fielding ♥ When random people say hi to me ♥ The motherfucking Summer ♥ Wearing Flowers in my Hair ♥ Reading books in strange places (Fitzsimons) ♥ Antics/Whelans/Wax on a Wednesday ♥ Music ♥ When my hair blows in the wind ♥ Dandelions ♥ Watching water boil ♥ Antics ♥ Trees ♥ Wearing clothes ♥ Red Egg timers ♥ Chris from Skins ♥ Cool insects ♥ Philosophy on Tuesday's ♥ Peanut Butter ♥ 70's floral wallpaper ♥ Mojito's ♥ Really big headphones ♥ Nice chord changes ♥ The radio at night ♥ The Botanic Gardens ♥ Forests ♥ Laundry Rooms ♥ Going on adventures ♥ Public Libraries ♥ Sleeping in someone else's bed ♥ Songs in a minor key ♥ Alicia, a polish girl in work. I'm in love with her! ♥ H&M ♥ Getting stuff pierced ♥ House Partays ♥ Science Museums ♥ Being creative ♥ Being free ♥ When people that you don't know wave at you ♥ American Books ♥ Big Huge Willow Trees ♥ Playing gigs ♥ Good dreams ♥ Lemmings ♥ Happiness ♥ Yellow Nail Polish ♥ Concerts ♥ Playing my game boy ♥ Freaky crazy dance moves ♥ Black Tea ♥ Art ♥ Nature ♥ Hanging out with new people ♥ EVERYTHING ♥♥

    'In some ways I love everything, I like things that I like but I love everything. There's more choice in like, cos even the worst things there's thing to love in them'

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  • The Many Loves of Eimear Shannon

    1. Keith Murray
    2. We are Scientists
    3. Starbucks
    4. River Island
    5. Drinking
    6. Sleeping
    7. Charlie Simpson
    8. Sauces from McDonalds
    9. Diet Coke
    10. When people are not barfing
    11. Arctic Monkeys
    12. Her new hat
    13. Super Mario (hah)
    14. Murder She Wrote
    15. Being Prefect of the year (pah that title was mine lickass)

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  • Plato's Cave (as told by Stephen Law)

    There is a cave. And at the very bottom of this cave are kept some prisoners. The prisoners are kept chained up, facing a wall. They are never allowed to turn and see what is behind them. So the prisoners spend their entire lives looking only at the wall.

    Then, one day, one of the prisoners - let's call him 'Alf' - is released. He is made to turn around and look up.
    At first, Alf is blinded by a brilliant light. It hurts his eyes. But after a while Alf's eyes start to adjust.
    As his eyes become accustomed to the light, Alf begins to see that up above the prisoners and behind them is a fire. It was this fire that first blinded him. And between the fire and the prisoners is a path.
    The path is used by the gaolers. Alf can see that, as the gaolers walk along the path carrying objects, the objects they carry cast shadows down on to a wall in front of the prisoners.

    Now, Alf has never seen a real object before. When he was a prisoner, he could only see the shadows that were cast on to the wall. So, like all the other prisoners, he ended up supposing that these shadows were the real objects. He mistook what he saw on the wall for reality.

    But now Alf can see how he and the other prisoners had been fooled. He now understands that what he had earlier taken to be the real world was merely a parade of shadows. He realises that the real world had been hidden from him.

    A little later, some of the gaolers lead Alf from the cave into the sunlight outside. The brightness of the light again blinds him at first. But gradually Alf's eyes adjust. Finally, he recognises the sun.

    Now, Alf is a kind man. Not surprisingly, he feels very sorry for the other prisoners he left behind in the cave. So he decides to return down into the depths to tell them what he has seen, to explain to them how things really are. He feels sure that they will want to know all about his journey into the real world.
    But when Alf reaches the bottom of the cave, his eyes are no longer accustomed to the dark. He stumbles. He bumps into things. So the other prisoners think that Alf's journey has made him blind. Then things get worse. When Alf starts to explain to them how things really are, they don't want to listen. They are happily engrossed in watching the shadows in front of them. They tell him to shut up. [...]
    But Alf won't give up. He wants to help them. So he carries on trying to tell them all about the hidden world up above them. Then the prisoners get really angry. [...] They throw rocks at him. They drive him away. And so the prisoners waste away their lives watching shadows. They never do find out the truth.

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  • Sarina Lundin

    Hey if you want to chat I hang out on here www.mysecretcrush.org my id is thaiangel. I hope you come find me. I like to cam chat.

    8/14/11 via Mobile
  • Ulrikaumeko Hiers

    They are giving away mac book air's http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Dawn Wheatos
    Dawn Wheatos

    Got a new facebook account..... add my profile http://goo.gl/PBQxe

  • Darragh Donnelly
    Darragh Donnelly

    (ahem) hello, youve amazing music taste

  • Ann Summers Parties
    Ann Summers Parties

    Hiya book an Ann Summers Party in Nov/Dec and receive a FREE GIFT and 30% of any item in the catalogue. Plus lots of special offers for xmas… Leave me a comment or email me to find out more… Party Reps also required all areas..Full time pay for part time hours .

  • Sean Donohue
    Sean Donohue

    Hey Maggss, We got a gig in whelan's upstairs on saturday if your interested.headlining finally, TTYL SEAN

  • Nicola Martin
    luv Nicola Martin

    You and Jane = Genii!!!! Atlantic City ate up my 23ness :) :) Thank YOU!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rats

    story biatch! im playin a all ireland battle of the bands friday 28th, please stall it we need all the votes we can get its in fibber magees please come if you can, 3euro drinks!

  • Louise

    :B :B :B :B xxx

  • Band Cast Promotions
    Band Cast Promotions

    Hey Maggie Gig in Eamonn Dorans on Monday the 20th July! Doors open @ 7pm and its just €6 at the door! Bands playing include: Brian Hogan Slow Motion Getaway Storyboard + more! Spread the word! It’s gonna be a stormer of a night! Hope to see u there Cheers! Band Cast

  • Lisa Kelly
    luv Lisa Kelly

    awh we are havin a great time here its deadly! the flight was the worst ting in the world! we flew to germany, den our flight got delayed for a day!!!! den we flew to singapore which tuk 11 hours, den we flew to perth whick tuk 5 hours!!! very stressful! awh cool...who ya goin wi?

  • Lisa Kelly
    Lisa Kelly

    i saw a real life lama the other day, it was sum1s pet and dey were out walkin it! hahahaha im in australia but jst wanted to tell u dat cause i new ud love it! RANDOM!!! xxxxx

  • Aul Nickname Johnson
    Aul Nickname Johnson


    6/27/09 via Mobile
  • Jenn. Ayia Napa Daly
    luv Jenn. Ayia Napa Daly

    Thanks for our subway bonding:)

  • Ollie Dicecco
    Ollie Dicecco

    hello I want to get to know you. Can you message me on jane3112love@hotmail.com

    5/21/09 via Mobile
  • Jane 5/16/09
  • Leo O
    luv Leo O

    Hi, No I amn't able to

  • Tarik Yilmaz
    luv Tarik Yilmaz

    FUNNY FACE cheers for the video you dont have a funny face its beatiful Weirdo alert:D little tariko see you tomorrow heres a pic of me and a glass

  • Jane
    luv Jane

    Well, when I was at Purtell's house a week or two ago or whenever it was.... I found a red wig thing with horns on it so I decided to try it on and it just happened that I was also wearing a stripey green and white t-shirt and someone said "Ha it's Bosco" and when Purtell saw me he gave the best response ever just by really falling to the ground laughing. Twas funny alright