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Going around in circles

12/12/08 | me too! | Reply

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I resonate with you s2 =]

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  • 2009


    It's like twenty-two days into the new year already!

    Holidays are the best! I love whoever invented them, had to be some Mr Sleepy. Because, hey, aren't holidays meant for sleeping in and doing absolutely nothing?!? =]
    Not to mention that holidays are a great time to catch up on all the asian dramas and the manga chapters that I didn't have time to look at....

    As for Chinese New Year.... MUhahhahahah! I can't wait to get my hands on those 'hong baos'!!!!! >:) hehhehe... and the food.....

    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

    0 Comments 235 weeks

  • 2008

    You know, I just realised that I haven't written in this for a long time....

    but maybe it's because I've been so busy with homework and all....>.<
    [die] **flutter flutter away**

    I should check my hair for white strands one day, maybe if you have stress you lose more hair. =o that would be a scary thought.... cause then I would be bald! LMAO!!!! X]

    Ah! the wind tastes so sweet........


    -The Wind Master-

    sorry, just random jokes I share with some people..... =)

    but hey, if you read this... thanks.. but you just wasted some of your valuable life time....

    hm.. should be sleeping soon, can't stay up to 2:00 two days in a row.... heh

    happies! :D

    my mp3 is ok now!


    s2 Yuri xoxo

    0 Comments 272 weeks

  • Skins I make:.

    Hey, if anyone wants to use the skins i make, can you please tell me first? at least just leave a comment like;

    "I'm gonna use your 'Rainbow' skin"
    "I love that skin-'VK', the one you made"
    "hey, i'm going to use that skin called 'Red River'."

    just something simple like that could do, or you could add what you liked and what you would like to see improved...

    And if anyone wants a skin made, just request, and if I feel like it, I'll get back to you.


    0 Comments 299 weeks

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  • hooharharhar


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  • ...realli cool...

    A wish for you~~

    。。。◢█◣◢█◣。。。    *
    。。。██████。。。    幸
    ◢█◣◥████◤◢█◣    運
    ███◣◥██◤◢███    草
    ◥███◣◥◤◢███◤    *
    ███◤ 。//。◥███    
    ◥█◤ 。。//。 ◥█◤
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    whats up Oh my God, Your cute. Hit me up on jane3139love@hotmail.com

    5/21/09 via Mobile
  • Tina
    luv Tina

    hehe ty x)))))

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    no? what's that O-o it sounds scary.

  • Judiiee
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    lololol! I'M SORRY I'M SO SLOW AT REPLYING... i just cbs using bebo and myspace and wateva anymore ==" i'm too lazy i'm reading crimson hero AGAIN XD i love it too much~ it makes me pumped to play sport XP heyhey~ recommend me some manga as well!! i'm running out~! ..well i'm not really running out but like...i can't find any good ones anymore

  • Tina
    luv Tina

    the reason i'm replying is because i always want the last word :D

  • Tina
    luv Tina

    AND ONE MORE LOVE! because you're a homo :) and because you're as "cool as a cucumber." OHHHHH! OWNNNNNED. ;D

  • Tina
    luv Tina

    baha mannn http://www.shootthestupid.com/2008/0... andand look at this vid :) its fuunnny coz this guy presses a red button and gets owned ==' srsly he GETS OWNED. LOLOL now i'm gonna think twice before trying to press the big red button in our science rooms ;D

  • Tina
    luv Tina

    HI RUTH ;D bored as man, and i found out that i'm missing out on english tommorow coz of flute BAHAHAHAH eh waste of a good block of 2 hrs of doing my text response ROFLS i cmmted my own profile ==' accidental

  • Tina
    luv Tina

    YO :D

  • Vicki

    hahha yeh it was painful ><

  • Vicki
    luv Vicki

    hahah yeh i know. haven't seen u ages.. well i did saw u today but u didn't see me hahahha XD anyway how did u go in the exam..? i missed it. hahah was having my blood test that day..

  • Clare-Y
    luv Clare-Y

    hey, remember dis?

  • Clare-Y
    luv Clare-Y

    har de har

  • Clare-Y
    luv Clare-Y

    nice brick ^_^