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Is Loving The Song Blind Man By Black Stone Cherry :D

12/17/08 | me too! | Reply

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Sick To The Max Birdie!!!!!!
I Had A Dream We Were In Uni :D Love You Soooo Much......Like......Outta This World Love. Wouldn't Be Here Right Now Without You, Oh Gosh, Im Getting Emotional. Phahaha.
His Dad Is The Phittest Thing Since Sliced Bread ;) Love You

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  • Thu Share
    Thu Share

    check this out Oh my God, Your cute. Hit me up on sandra83hill@hotmail.com

    1/25/09 via Mobile
  • luv Aidan.

    OOOOOOOOOO Ginormous!! ;P But U Alredy Kno Thaaaah, Doncha Hun ;P I Am, At This Very Moment, Trapped At An Xmas Family Function!! *physco music plays in backround :O :O :O :O :O :O :O * Its. So. Scarrrrrrry :o!! No1 Can Save Me Now; Its Just Too Late :( =PILYxxx P.s (loves)

  • Lois.X
    luv Lois.X

    ILOVEYOUxx you looked hot last night :) xxx

  • luv Aidan.

    OMG ROFL At That Skin Of Yors.... But Just How Big Is 'Big' Anywaaay?? :L ;) :L How Are You My Little Porquepine??? (LoVE!) x

  • Lois.X
    luv Lois.X

    ILOVEYOUWHAYYYMORE (fat jeff faat jeff fat jeff fat jeff jeff jeff :) ) xxxxxx

  • Lois.X

    Look who it isnt ;) hottie with brown hair, il be joinging you tomorrow!!! ILOVEYOUXXX

  • Lois.X
    luv Lois.X

    I well fnacy you more baabees, cos your whay hotter :) Yupp thats right, INYOURFACE :) You dont have my number? i dont have yours either! ooooh maan this is a disaster! i dnt think i wanna put my number on here, cos am well spesh and everyone might want it ;) but il ask gem for your number and then text youu!!! cosILOVEYOUx

  • -Azza-

    Hah we dint get up to nowt though ! :) You Ok ? xx

  • JoshySaurus

    Naaa getting drunk TOMORROW and i was drunk on sat hehe :) fun fun tymes xx

  • Em

    Hows your ankle jessssy =] I love youu xxxx

  • luv Pipp

    Look what the squirrel dragged.. Sorry i was not there today my brother made me a thai stir fry,,,and it really didnt agree with me :( Where is the picture of us?!?! the newish one I want it. Love For You My Beautiful One xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lois.X
    luv Lois.X

    your a BIGG poo,, waaitt, but I LIKE IT ;) hahaha good timess (: Toast time next weeek, for deffo? i dunno when thoughh. Say happybirthday to your brotherr (: what you doing tonight?/ ILOVEYOULOTS X

  • Lil Brown
    Lil Brown

    [12:07:09] Hi there! I noticed that you are in the Panic! At the Disco group and thought you might like to know that avenue7.com is having a contest and they are giving away 2 tickets to watch Fall Out Boy at London Wembley 22nd Oct. The contest is free to enter and you can find more infomation about the contest at avenue7.com I hope you don't mind this mini advertisement, I promise it's a one time thing (not like all those stupid web cam slut that gets posted all over the place!) thanks and wb if you have any questions about the contest! :) x

    9/29/08 via Mobile
  • Clarkes.

    Ohh helloo my lovelyy :) vicky141@hotmail.co.uk that would be my msn ;) loveyouuu xx

  • Miiss Kate Tease

    OMG. That is well bad!!! Don't you worry she will have hell from your truely and co. my bebo thing about her.:D I still love you Jessica, remmeber that. Love you xxxxx

  • luv Miiss Kate Tease

    Quick. i am off here in 2 mins. Love you xxxx

  • Taff
    luv Taff

    Just a tad excited then? :P :L Glad to hear :) I'm good also thank you very much :) It was rather amazing! We definitely mustn't leave it so long this time! I got full marks in my French test because of you! So thank you greatly!! :D I haven't got the results back from my Government and Politics test yet, but - without sounding like a huge big-head - I'm sure I've done well, purely down to your amazing teaching!! :D Hehe. It is greatly appreciated! :D Oooh yeah definitely, even if I'm not helping out I'll come along, my sisters are going so might as well :D Awww, you have my deepest sympathy hun! I'd tell you that York was also really rubbish to empathise with you, however that would be a humungous lie! 'Cause York is absolutely f***ing amazing! :D :L You'll love it babe! :D Can't wait to see you either! Thank you :) enjoy your weekend also! It's your Bronze Duke of Ed' practice isn't it?... Good luck- not that you even need it though :D Love you lots and lots :) xX♥Xx

  • Taff
    luv Taff

    Hello my (soon to be) fellow York College-n :D how are you? Thank you for such a wonderful day last Saturday; it was great to finally catch up :) I definitely think we should do it more often :) How's Woldgate treating you? Counting down the days until you can leave? :D Haha. Anyway I hope you're well beautiful :) Love you greatly xXxXx

    9/24/08 via Mobile
  • Hayley Alexandra Cormack
    luv Hayley Alexandra Cormack

    Jessicaaaa.. I havent commented, or really spoke to you in a while. So here i am sayinggg.. Your so Baaaad. Was your buys from Tesco worth the hassle? x- love you