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that's alright cus I love the way you lie

6/29/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Ten Commandments of being a University Student.

    I- Thou Shalt Nap
    And God gave unto Student a great gift, the gift of napping. God said to him, You shall spend half your day napping. You shall nap in class, in your room and in your friend's room. And God said, if you don't nap, you will not be able to stay up all night drinking. And Student said, Nap I shall, and it was good.

    II- Thou Shalt Get Ill All the Time
    Now God said to Student, you must be ill all of the time. And student said why. And God said unto him, you shall share drinks, stay up too late, drink too much and hook up with people you don't know. Therefore, God said, you shall be ill all year round. But God said, blessed are the sick for they have partied the hardest. And it was good.

    III- Thou Shalt Acquire A Nickname
    And Student asked of his name, for he had heard that names often change at university. And God said unto him, you shall acquire a nickname and that is what people will know you as forever. Some may even forgot your real name, God added. And student asked if he could choose the name he was to be known by. And God laughed a mighty laugh and said to Student, he who attempts to pick his own nickname shall be called Assknuckle! And Student understood his wisdom and determined to accept whichever nickname he was given.

    IV- Thou Shalt Wear a Hoodie
    And then Student asked God, God how do I look like a university student. And God said unto student, you must wear a hoodie, for it is a useful garment. And you shall never wash it either. Student asked God, "What kind of Hoodie should it be?" And God said, "You shall own many of varying colours and creeds." And Student was pleased and God was pleased.

    V- Thou Shalt Embarrass Yourself Online
    And next student asked God of technology and how one should conduct himself online. And God said to student, thou shalt embarrass yourself online. And student was confused but God explained it to him. Said God, you will log into facebook drunk and write embarrassing things on your friends profiles. You will message people you are attracted to and then completely forget you have done so. You will post pictures of yourself that will someday be the reason you cannot find a job. And student began to weep so God took a video of this and put it on youtube.

    VI- Thou Shalt Order Many Takeaways
    Student asked unto God if there were any need for takeaways given the numerous recipe books he had already acquired, but God said to him, "You shall order many a takeaway, but you are poor, with little money and shall eat 8p value noodles instead of using said books." Student ordered takeaway and ate 8p value noodles and it was good.

    VII- Thou Shalt Hook Up
    Student then asked of sex. And God said, Student, you shall hook up and be happy. You shall go home with random people every weekend, do the walk of shame and forget about them the next day. You shall see them at uni and be awkward amongst their company. You shall exchange saliva at clubs and parties and it will be good. And Student became gleeful and said 'giggity, giggity' and it was good.

    VIII- Thou Shalt Join a Club and Never Go to Meetings
    Student inquired of his spare time and God reminded him that he should be napping. But Student said he wanted to do other things. So God said unto him, you shall join a club at the beginning of the semester, but then never go to meetings. And Student asked why he should not go to meetings, and God told him, because the glee club is gay. And Student understood His wisdom.

    IX- Thou Shalt Wake Up Confused
    God said to Student, there will come many a day when you shall wake up in the bed of another and not know where you are. You will not remember what you did last night and you shall be confused. You will see that you have nipple rings and a tattoo now and are covered in marker pen. And Student was disturbed by this, but God said, you shall tell great stories about it to your friends someday. And Student understood and God took a sip of a beer.

    And God ga

    0 Comments 191 weeks

  • Cause im bored & youre stupid enough to read it.

    1. Last time you had butterflies in your stomach?
    Santa ponsa excitement :)

    2. When did you last have a dream?
    last night.. it was about last summer, i miss it :'(

    3. Does your phone ring in the middle of the night often?
    drunken weekend callers ;)

    4. What are you doing tomorrow?
    working in the shittiest shop in the world

    5. What is something you've learned about yourself recently?
    i dont tan well, i hate northern ireland more than i thought i did

    6. Do you like anyone?
    yes sir!

    7. Do you know anyone who is married?
    homer and marge simpson.

    8. Who was the last person to make you cry?
    driving examinor :(

    9. Are you outgoing?
    aye sure why not

    10. When was the last time you cried?
    to a book a few weeks ago

    11. What is one thing you miss about your past?
    being carefree and not feeling guilty about it.

    12. What is one thing you've learned about life?
    it's fabtastic :D 'we're here for a good one, not a long one!'

    13. Are you jealous of anyone?

    14. Is anyone jealous of you?
    how could i know that?! no, more than likely not

    15. Have you ever used a friend?
    all the time; for sex.

    16. Do you think anyone likes you?
    my mummy and my dog.

    17. Who was the last person you drove with?
    bumblebee and heg to the cinema last night

    18. What are you looking forward to?
    seeing my twins again/results/uni

    19. How are you today?
    bored; hence this shit.

    20. What's your worst experience?
    ummm.. dealing with loss?!

    21. Are you currently single?
    yes sir

    22. How many things in your past do you regret?
    one or two wee things, dont matter though :)

    23. Do you have a best friend?
    aye, five of them!

    23 Have you ever kissed two people in one night?
    hahah yes. wee elk record:17

    24.. If you could change anything about your past, what would you change?
    revising for certain exams

    25. Have you ever felt like killing somebody?
    creepy question. no.

    26. Do you like your life?
    it's mega :)

    27. Ever have an encounter with the police?
    spanish police just a few days ago.. they were the sex but

    28. Have you ever fallen asleep with someone of the opposite sex?

    29. What's one thing you wish you could be better at?
    climbing over things. i always fall

    30. Have you ever had feelings for an exgirlfriend?
    my exgirlfriend? obviously.

    31. What are some of your biggest fears of your life?
    uni pressures/then not getting a job i love/losing people

    32. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
    yeah, when i was like 10

    33. Have you ever not been able to get someone out of your head?
    ha, aye. sadly!

    34. Have you kissed any one on your top list?
    most of them :S

    35. Do you like to sing?
    i love to sing, especially when drunk. sounds like shit but

    36. What's the one thing you hope to accomplish in your life?
    big family, good money

    37. Are looks important?
    in this day and age..yes

    38. What are you listening to?
    rage against the machine

    39. What does the 8th text you recieved on your mobile say?
    from danny askin about a music gig 2night

    40. Do you believe in love?
    yup.. its out there!

    0 Comments 206 weeks


    1. Full Name: Aoife Mary Thersa O'Kane
    2. Nicknames: Fa,eff,aoifester etc
    3. Birthday: 26th September
    4. Place of birth: Magherafelt/Bethlehem
    5. Star sign: Libra
    6. Male or Female: Female
    7. Year: Upper 6th
    8. School: St Marys Grammar
    9. Occupation: Student/bum
    10. Residence: My house, wherever I may lay
    11. MSN Screen Name: Probably song lyrics of some sort

    Your Appearance
    12. Hair Color: At this moment..ginger!
    13. Hair Lengh: Long-ish
    14. Eye Color: Brown/green/hazel
    15. Height: 5ft 4/5" ish
    17. Braces: Previously, ya
    18. Glasses: Just for doing art..
    19. Piercings: Just ears
    20. Tattoos: None yet..
    21. Righty or Lefty: Righty

    Your "Firsts"
    22. First best friend: Nikki Murray
    23. First Award: Best puppet in P2 :D
    24. First Sport: Camogie/gaelic
    25. First pet: Many, many cats
    26. First Real Vacation: England
    27. First Concert: Westlife
    28. First Love: Music?!

    29. Movie: Too many to list.. classics
    30. TV program: Friends/scrubs/miami ink
    31. Color: Green/orange
    32. Rapper: fiddy cent :D
    33. Band: too many...
    34. Song Right Now: Jason Mraz, I'm yours
    35. Friends: My weemen/Sean
    36. Sweet: Skiltles
    37. Sport to Play: wrestling/pillow fights..
    38. Restaurants: Chinese
    39. Favorite brand: Cadbury's!
    40. Store: Quiki-mart
    41. School Subject: ART
    42. Animal: dawggg/monkey
    43. Book: too many
    44. Magazine: Cosmo/OK
    45. Perfume: Lacoste
    46. Shoes: ahh too many, them all?
    47. Jewellery: thumb ring

    48. Feeling: cold, quite happy
    49. Single or Taken?: Single
    50. Have a crush: perhaps
    51. Eating: air
    52. Drinking: Cranberry juice
    53. Typing: this silly thing
    54. Online?: nope
    55. Listening To: The Killers, Bones
    56. Thinking About: Going to my bed, getting a blanket
    57. Wanting To: Get warm
    58. Watching: the screen.. (a duh)
    59. Wearing: pajama's, grey hoodie

    Your Future
    60. Want Kids?: Definately, millions
    61. Want to be Married?: Definately
    62. Careers in Mind: Art/media/journalism/theatre, Dont know really
    63. Where do you want to live? Anywhere but N.Ireland, Italy/China
    64. Car: Hippy Van, Beetle

    Which is Better With The Opposite Sex?
    65. Hair color: Not really bothered
    66. Hair length: Any length, longish
    67. Eye color: Aslong as theyre nice, any..
    68. Measurments: Cuddly..:L
    69. Cute or Sexy: Mixture
    70. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
    71. Hugs or Kisses: Kisses
    72. Short or Tall: Tall
    73. Easygoing or serious: Definately easygoing
    74. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both
    75. Fatty or Skinny: Skinny
    76. Sensitive or Loud: Both
    77. Hook-up or Relationship: All depends
    78. Sweet or Caring: Sweet
    79. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: Trouble maker

    Have you ever
    80. Kissed a Stranger: Yes..and i liked it
    81. Had Alcohol: Yes, too much
    82. Smoked: Yes, regretably
    83. Ran Away From Home: No
    84. Broken a bone: No
    85. Got an X-ray: No
    86. Been with someone: Yes
    87. Broken Someones Heart: No, hopefully not
    88. Broke Up With Someone: Yes
    89. Cried When Someone Died: Yes, obviously.
    90. Cried At School: Yes

    Do You Believe
    91. God: Yes, there's something there..
    92. Miracles: Yepp
    93. Love At First sight: Not exactly
    94. Ghosts: Yes
    95. Aliens: No..
    96. Soul Mates: Yes
    97. Heaven: Yes
    98. Hell: Not fully
    99. Angel: Yes, suppose so
    100. Kissing on The First Date: Yeah, sure why not
    101. Horoscopes: Not fully..

    Answer Truthfully
    102. Is There Someone You Want But You Know You Can't Have? There's always somebody!

    0 Comments 247 weeks

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    Saturday Night

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    here just be grateful and stop complainin!

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  • Sean
    luv Sean

    hey go on chat!!

  • Aine.

    it was good, as i told you about 1 hour ago!:D

  • Aine.


  • luv Shaun McElroy

    thats not me.lol. i miss my umbrella..

  • Bróna Ní Chianáin
    Bróna Ní Chianáin

    Just 'cause. I tend to lurk in places as opposed to have to chat. Kind of like in real life as well. Just 'cause I'm a pure freak. Baha. Aye, it's in the Terrace/Ailin/naw it's just the evening do thingymabob/I dunno but there had better be! Fun times all round. I'm taking Sarah to the zoo on Friday, no idea how excited I am right now, don't like zoos but I'm gunna have fun acting the complete wayne yeha! :) Believe me, taste ye an egg that's been made on a boat and you'll agree with me :L OH AYE, Basshunter is being hit waith a bang as far as I can tell, we'll have a shinding next week sure. No mexican this time. Too stressful! Yup, I wrote a pile of shite too for no apparent reason because you're back tomorrow! WOOP! Ciao bella!

  • Bróna Ní Chianáin
    luv Bróna Ní Chianáin

    HAHAHAHA, that's excellent. You can't see how uncomfortable I feel right now but believe me I do. On the other hand, hurry up and get here already, it was fun and sunny today and all I wanted to do was go fer a wee row with a picnic and shit. Smells like summer! I made soup this week, right fuckin' susie homemaker. Also, you're my date to my cousin's wedding do on Friday. You and Amy are being my bitches then we'll skeet to Dormans. Good? fucking right! P.s. Knobcheese, ha, I'd forgot about that. Kudos.

  • Ronan
    luv Ronan

    because ur the best sister ever.

  • Fearghál Ó Baoill
    luv Fearghál Ó Baoill

    hey, sorry only getting back now, always forget about bebeo! :L haha pretty much the same thing, well not the buying clothes bit lol. you should take a trip up to leeds sometime! :D

  • Aine.
    luv Aine.

    im on msn now? :L

  • Aine.
    luv Aine.

    yay cantt wait to see you :D drunk ? well thers no surprise there :P ayee okay that'll do :) loveyou xxxx

  • RoSh
    luv RoSh

    oh u must be star of the class!! u jokin, i loooove th history days i actually miss them :( :( wel if its cheap it suits me then lol im sure i cud make it dwn 4 that :D :D aw xmas and all was great its so much better wen ur single :L :L duno y!! did u hav a gud time? wer u home long?? xxxxxx

  • Aine.
    luv Aine.

    thats good:D awh lethal, i wana go :( em boring, cold, rainy, depressing. :L yeh seen you stole my flashbox:o itss good i love it but must be off gotta pile of homework to do :/ xxx

  • Aine.

    heey long time no see:( much criac in cardif? x

  • RoSh
    luv RoSh

    aw glad u lik it! :) think every1 hates th course they do, seen as we didnt get anytime 2 pick 1s we actually wanted 2 do lol but hopefully u get in 2 that art college place! fingers crossed :) im goin over 4 an open day and its kates, eoghans bday so ther all goin over aswel! 2 birds wi 1 stone and all that yanno!! we will def get out wen ur home cos i cant even remember wen th last nite was i seen u :( :( yepo, 4 lpool got 2 unconditional offers 4 hope so thats good! gna do history and politics or history on his own, im not sure yet!! gna b fun tho! lukin at houses atm yano 2 get "buddied up" wi ppl as they call it! its really hard!! hav a couple of viewings wen im over 2!! xxxxxx

  • Fearghál Ó Baoill
    Fearghál Ó Baoill

    hey aoife! how you getting on the the valleys? :L

  • RoSh
    luv RoSh

    hey u!! :) :) im great thanks!! U? aw im not ther til 8oclock or so on th 11th so il prob miss u guys completely :( :( but u better let me no nxt time ur home!! or use can always cum c me nxt yr in lpool :) :) :) hows cardiff treatin u my sweet?? xxxxxx

  • luv Michael Murray

    R u sur u wnt 3 or do u jst wnt a huge bit outa sumbody elses?

    1/20/10 via Mobile
  • Aine.

    whyy?? do u not trust me :L

  • Michael Murray

    Was at da shop dere an gt a yogart. Its abit watery I fot u mite wnt it?

    1/19/10 via Mobile
  • Aine.

    oh a needa update that then:L and whyy were you on my bebo? :L xx