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  • Female, 20, Luv 78
  • from Major...=]...<3
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

♥. . Oooo Ellen Babes :) . .♥
Me, Myself, and I
♥«´¨`•° Emma °•´¨`»♥

♥×-Iт'ѕ Mч Ciiи∂εяεℓℓα Sтσяч-×♥

28-2-1993 <----- Better Remember It!!!
Live In Major <---- Shit Hole Lol
Hate People That Slag Me Off....
Very Impatient Lol
I Get Annoyed Really Easy!!!
Love Spendin Time With My Mates <---- They Are Fukin Amazin =]
I Also Love Brett =] <----- He Makes Me So Happy LoveYou Babe =]
I Enjoy Gettin Pissed =]
Beers, Cheeky Vimto <----- Niceeee =]
Dunno Wat i Wud Do Without That Programme Fukin Ace =]
Thats My Sunday Mornins Planned Out Watchin Hollyoaks Lol =]
I Love Pot Noodles And Bacon Rolls Mmmmm........=]
I Cudnt Live Without Straighteners..Phone..Makeup.
 ..Bed.... =]
..♥..Justin Timberlake..♥..
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Fukin Hottie...=]


. . . ♥ Brett ♥ . . . <<<< My Spaz =] Lol LoveYou Lots x x x x x

♥..♥ADD ME♥..♥
emmamasters@live.com <----- Anyone can add me lol
This Girl Has One Fineee Ass =] Lol..... This Is My Susanna-Bell =] .... This Girl Is Amazing She Has Always Got a Smile On Her Face And Is Always Making Everyone Laugh She Is Never Sad Always Lightens Up The Mood =] I Can Also Trust Her With Anything And Everything... She Is Always There For Me No Matter Wat ...But If Your Upset Dont Cry To Her Cos She Aint That Good When People Cry Lol No Offence Sue But Say It Yourself =].... I Dont Think I Cud Ever Fall Out With You Its Literally Impossable Lol..!! I Wudnt Change You For The World =]...<3


x x x x x
Now This Girl Has Big Boobs =] Lol ..... Where Do I Start With You Words Cant Describe You Your Just Mnetal lol But I Can Trust You With Anything And Everything Always Turn To You When I Need Help Or Im In Trouble Its a Guarentee You Will Sort It Out...!! I Wudnt Change You For The World =]...<3


x x x x x
.\\*Caring. Smart. Center Of Attention. Too Sexy, DAMN IT. Very High Sex Appeal. Has The Last Word. Extremely Weird But In A Good Way. Super Good In Bed! Loud And Proud*//.

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  • .*.What Does Your Birthday Say Bout You..?? =P.*.

    Pick the month (number) you were born in

    1----I fell in love with
    2----I ate a
    3----I smacked
    4----I sang to
    5----I gave my number to
    6----I killed
    7----I shot
    8----I gave a lap dance to
    9----I choked on
    10---I made out with
    11---I had sex with
    12---I stabbed

    Pick the day (number) you were born on:

    1-------a homeless guy
    2-------a kebab
    3-------a banana
    4-------a sandwich
    5-------a Mexican
    6-------a stuffed animal
    7-------a hooker
    8-------a lamp
    9-------my best friend
    10-------a goat
    11-------my dog
    12-------a ninja
    13-------the computer
    14-------a football player
    15-------my neighbor
    17-------a soda
    18-------a llama
    19-------a baby
    20------ a gangster
    21-------a permanent marker
    22-------my dad
    23-------a chair
    24-------my psychiatrist
    25-------a policeman
    26-------my brother
    27-------my sister
    28-------a baseball bat
    29-------a DVD player
    30-------a paperclip
    31-------my cell phone

    Pick the color of shirt you are wearing

    White------Because I was high.
    Black-------Because I was drunk.
    Pink--------Because i was boared
    Red---------Because the voices told me to.
    Blue--------Because I'm sexy and I do what I want.
    Green------Because I hate myself.
    Purple------Because I'm naked.
    Gray--------Because I'm mentally disturbed.
    Yellow------Because someone offered me 1,000,000 Euro
    Shirtless---Because i was horny
    Orange----Because I hate my family.
    Brown-----Because i was hungry.
    Other-----Because i'm gangsta

    When one is finished, post a comment bout what ur birthday says bout u!!

    12 Comments 326 weeks

  • .x.Wat does your name say bout u??.x.

    A- Damn good in bed.
    B- fun when it comes to meeting new people
    C- Love is something you truely believe in.
    D- You have a big heart
    I- You are popular with all types of people.
    E- you have a nice ass
    F- People totally adore you
    G- Love is something you deeply believe in.
    H- You have very good personality and looks.
    I- You are popular with all types of people.
    J- Everyone loves you.
    K- You like to try new things
    L- You have a nice ass.
    M- You never let people tell you what to do
    N- One of the best in bed.
    O- You love foreplay
    P- You have a big warm heart.
    Q- You are a hypocrite.
    R- people think your so sexy
    S- Everyone loves you.
    T -You are one of the best in bed.
    U- You are really layed back.
    V- You are not judgemental.
    W- .You are very broad minded
    X- Success comes easily to yo
    Y- One of the hardest gangsters alive
    Z- you are really a closet gay

    E- you have a nice ass
    M- You never let people tell you what to do
    M- You never let people tell you what to do
    A- Damn good in bed.

    M- You never let people tell you what to do
    A- Damn good in bed.
    S- Everyone loves you.
    T -You are one of the best in bed.
    E- you have a nice ass
    R- people think your so sexy
    S- Everyone loves you.

    4 Comments 334 weeks

  • .x.memories.x.

    Leave One Memory Of ♥Yhoo And Me Together♥ As A Comment //*...It Doesn't Matter If I Know You Me A Little Or A Lot Anything You Remember..*xX*

    5 Comments 334 weeks

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    Re: hi I like what I see. Come chat with me jane3100love@hotmail.com

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    sup babes how are you doing cutie, i was just thinking of you and wanted to get on cam and all, hit me up on msn my names darleenkaganoff54@live.com byez

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    love u 2

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    hiiii sweet lol it aint even hot tho lol it has been rainin nd thunder and lightnin glol i am back 2moz, nd its 40p 2 text!! urm yeeeah, how ucm u aint going chesea´s? and how is u nd bretstacles? lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Susan Gregory

    emmmmy how you doin pal? xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Susan Gregory


  • Sami

    [17:25:43] Hi there! I noticed that you are in the Panic! At the Disco group and thought you might like to know that avenue7.com is having a contest and they are giving away 2 tickets to watch Fall Out Boy at London Wembley 22nd Oct. The contest is free to enter and you can find more infomation about the contest at avenue7.com I hope you don't mind this mini advertisement, I promise it's a one time thing (not like all those stupid web cam slut that gets posted all over the place!) thanks and wb if you have any questions about the contest! x

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  • Susan Gregory

    e e e e e elouiseeee! xxxxxxx

  • Naomi S
    luv Naomi S

    heya hun you ok? seen ya on bebo so i thought i would leave a comment up 2 much 2day? love you xxxxx

  • - Ellenn
    luv - Ellenn

    Relationship status needs 2 b changed x x

    9/8/08 via Mobile
  • Dani
    luv Dani

    oioio wazzzon wubu2 SUMMERS SHIT!!!!!! im missin ya loads bbe seee yhooo soooon xoxoxox

  • Kristy

    Emmaaaaaaaaaa mate! You allright? You having a good holidays? LovesYouu xxxxxx

  • - Ellenn
    luv - Ellenn

    i love emma babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jademarie

    (y) x

  • Dan May
    Dan May

    Emma is a slag

    7/26/08 via Mobile