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Anna Quinn

to study or to juggle....hmmm. i no what i shud do...... juggle juggle juggle whoops juggle whoops.... it stimulates the brain!!!

12/9/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Drunnagh
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About Me

shuffle shuffle BANG and a juggle juggle juggle WHOOPS juggle WHOOOPS
Me, Myself, and I
I found my true love----->> SET DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it rocks. very much. very very much. if ur really special you get to wear fun costumes. as i am special i get to wear fun costumes(as shown!)

the unicycle appeals to me too!

i should really change my page.... nah.. maybe tomorrow....

i had something to put here but Nicola brought me to my senses and made me realise that it was crap,. i had tried to explain the sudden arrival of Fanu Frubelli and Sue Ellen Novecci but now ye are just gonna have to figure out yourselvs!!

If you luv tea, put this
on ur page
The Other Half Of Me
Paul Hanrahan

Paul Hanrahan

why in the bucket???

FALLOUT BOY!! Blink 182, GARTH BROOKS!->Blame nicola!!!! the eagles, jack johnson the frames, we are scientists, meatloaf, gentleman, ac/dc, lifehouse, jimmy eat world, jimi hendrix, santana, arcade fire, foo fighters, audioslave, led zeppelin, the proclaimers, the devlins, bob marley, black rebel motorcycle club, bill withers, greenday, boxcar racer, dire straits, editors, el presidente, jose gonzalez, interpol, guns n roses, puddle of mudd, r.e.m, the smashing pumpkins, lynyrd skynyrd, maximo park, the offspring, the kooks, fall out boy, van morrison, the smiths, the kinks, gorillaz, thin lizzy, the pixies..anything good...the list goes on and on and on.........
DIRTY DANCING!!!! dirty dancing, dirty dancing, dirty dancing... did i mention dirty dancing??!!donnie darko, Napoleon Dynamite, lord of the rings, oh brother where art thou?, spirited away, city of god, gladiator, old boy, akira, what dreams may come shrek nd of course pretty woman, pride and prejudice, elizabethtown and MAMMA MIA!!!!!!!!!!
Scared Of
scary stuffs and puke, vommit, sick, throw up... got the pic?

i also hate spiders... not to mention....*whispers*injectio

--------i have a new fear... possibly worse than puke....those scary puppet things on d streets wit dat weird music...ugh!!! n at christmas a man wit a santa suit really scared me... he blew a whistle at me.. not nice!!!
also... seein as one nearly killed me.... NEEDLES!!! injections and those little tubes u can c ur blood flowin down.... not very nice at all.
Happiest When
laughing, being happy, playing the drums knowing that im useless and not careing, hanging upseedown set dancing, juggling AND

That is all.
Tea doesnt taste nice if you put hot water into the kettle...

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  • Poppies In June, a dedication to a dear friend cathy on her 21st birthday

    well i decided to post this up too seeing as its already on a couple of profiles, hope ya like it!!!!


    She stood with her camera awaiting her flock on that crisp summers evening in her lovely yellow frock.

    We went for a drive the road it was narrow and short the sheep they were there we also saw a sparrow.

    Off she wnt clicking her camera with glee the sheep they were frightened and away they did flee oh how she wishes she was single again again and again and again off she went clicking her camera with glee again and again and again.

    O she most definately not from the northside the north side the north side.

    Dancing her brush dance:
    "Could the owner of the red car please move it as it is causing an obstruction"
    the musician man cried.

    With our feet worn out and our tongues hanging out we welcomed the tea trolley "Keep your hands off that piie MAIRA or i'll give you a clout"

    Now you are old Cathy you shall begin to wear purple and drag your leg behind you thats called a hobble.

    We've known her all her life*** and never did we have strife what joy she has been "Isn't she awfully well for the shape that she's in?"

    ***little white lie for poetic justice!

    written by Anna and Nicola

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  • Swivel no more

    My swivel chair has just lost its swivel. this is indeed a very sad moment:(
    this makes me a very sad panda

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  • The Twizzlers!!!

    this is a story written in english class, it was a very boring class so i decided to do something creative with my time. if you like it, pray do tell me, if not, i didn't write it.

    The Twizzlers

    The fire had raced through the buildings so fast no one even saw it coming. All the people were trapped inside. they all saw the winged monkeys chasing their own tails and then flying into the smokey black sky. The baby was crying in a far away abandoned house. No one heared, or even cared. it was a sad day in Floresent Valley.

    Far Far away in a town called Doom, there was a much happier scene taking place. the people of Doom were holding a festival. there was laughter and song ringing throughout the town. Everyone was cheerful and having fun. there was a certain group of youngsters having a particularly great time, Twizzling in the cinemas and on the streets, Twizzling in the shops and in the market place,Twizzling on the busses and in the trains even high above in the sky some youngsters were Twizzling in the airoplanes.

    All over the town of Doom people were staring at these "strange" individuals wasting their time spinnig round in circles. The people of Doom labeled these youngsters as very wierd, they hoped they would never turn into these Twizzling maniacs. But these people didnt realise that the young Twizzlers were the happiest people on earth and the townspeople would never feel their happines and freedom, they will never fall and become the sad, lonely type of people in Floresent Valley, a fate that all the townspeople of Doom were yet to face.


    2 Comments 377 weeks

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  • Liam D
    luv Liam D

    Howday!! Howdya get on wit de exams?? Ny luck with the job yet?

  • Nigel Beckett
    luv Nigel Beckett

    hello miss quinn how are you how did the bonfire go i was in derrada on bon fire night it was good craic

  • Nigel Beckett
    luv Nigel Beckett

    not alot what bout yourself i havent danced the connemara wit you for a long time

  • Grainne Mcmanamon
    Grainne Mcmanamon

    what in flammin hells fire ya doin down there for the summer ya doof!?come home...please come home...!!!miss u too annie banannie!!eeeeekies...im soo very sun burnt rite now...tis kinda sore!!!so how u keepin thes days missy poo!?xx

  • Anna Quinn
    Anna Quinn

    im just letting the world know i love myself! andd you're so cool! love you! you should be on money! :D :L :D

  • Donal Morrissey
    Donal Morrissey

    hi anna how things? r u coming up to birr for de set dancing next wkend?

  • Miss Eilis
    Miss Eilis

    Iv spent over 5mins of my life lookin at your profile pic...what da hell is it?????:L So hooows annnaaaa:D xxxxx

  • Clarisa Bertozzi
    Clarisa Bertozzi

    sup I like what I see. Come chat with me jane3147love@hotmail.com

    5/21/09 via Mobile
  • Grainne Mcmanamon
    Grainne Mcmanamon

    aaaaaaaaahhhhh howaya howaya howaya howaya.......so yea howaya doin me cheerful likle friendy....aaaaaaaaggggggggggggghh  hhhhhhhhhhh 1st years over dude...MADNESS!!!!!how dya do in your exams...i DONE/DID ok......... i think.....fingers crossed!!!!x

  • Darragh Kelly
    Darragh Kelly

    Holy Shit annA i just found out the weirdest thing!! im really angry at you!!! like you never told me this before!!! U have a VAGINA???? Lik all this time i thought you were a boy!!! oh ya and chem tomo is gonna suck more dick then u and pamela anderson put together!!! CIAO Duurag

  • Steffie
    luv Steffie

    Hope all's good with you these days... :) Best of luck in all the exams.. x