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»»×.You Can Ony Push A Girl Away 4 So Long So Be Careful & Make Sure Itz Wat You Want Coz Once She Turnz Around Shez Not Comin Bak.׫«

10/27/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 84
  • from W.Saanich Is Where Im at, , Portrenfrew Is Where I Wanna Be My Only True Home
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Member since: April 2005
  • Last active: 1/20/12
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About Me

Im Only Yourz For Tha Takin--Lyke A New Project We In Tha Makin
Me, Myself, and I
Oh ... This Culd Only Mean One Thang, This Da Remix bayBeh........

So I met this shawty the otha day
I got her numba called her up like what u duin
She say nuuin
I say what's good?
She say not much
I say guess what
She say wassup
I say I think we should hook up
She say uhe...
I say what?
She say but...
I say but... ?
Why u stuck?
She say fuck
I say who?
She say not u
I say then who
She say u kno
I kno what?
U kno who
I say I do?
She say u do
I say I do but I really don't because it's u that I really want
And we can do what u really want
Girl we grown
And if he ain't gon treat u right
Then I ain't gon treat u wrong
That's my word
And she heard so many lies
She don't kno what's true or not
Shawty like a valley service I swear she been through alot
But I but her car in park and never let her cry alone
I listened to her heart beat because it plays my favorite song

96------------Liike Thaat---------------07
The Other Half Of Me
Sherrilyn Jones

Sherrilyn Jones

here we go agin lol

im into new n ol'school rap artist include 2pac easy ostwelve 7g's biggie n more n juss what ever has a good beat
Gangter moviez like
Menace2Society, ScarFace, BoyzInDaHood, BloodInBloodOut
Nemo, Brobear, WereBack, Carz, an
 d more
Twisted ova You
1-You know you are my lover --
--You got me twisted over you --
--I know I got what you need --
--So what you wanna do --
Charles R.D Sampson
Missing You Krayz Right Now, Your B-day Coming Up June 6th, Still Hard Knowing Your Not With Us, Ill Awayz Remember My 14th bday When We Found A 26 ov Malibu in my room was pre sweet... You Were There For My First Fight haha You Showed me How haha I Can even Remember My First Drink Was With You Tropic-kiwi i didnt know how i was supose to feel but i was all tipsy , To Think about it i smoked my first J with you an vinnie to, coming home from school all burnt out, man i still have my grade 6 year book when me n you were goin back n forth writin about your gang YNP neva forget ...Missin You Lotsa Bro One Day Ill Make IT Back to You, With a Positive out-come, Realizing all the bad thingz that happen is makin me realize all the good that i have n what i can get..i wish it came at a differnt price than your life..luv you bro meet you at the crossroads
Happiest When
I got Ppz Checkn Muh Page, Doin My pollz, Commentz On Thingz You Kno, Hmm Kickn Back Wit Tha Realiss Enjoyin Wut I Been Givin, Lyfe, I Guess I Like Talkin I Supose, I Totally Change My Aspect On My Shyness, haha Was Krayz Cuz You Wont Find This Gurl Sittn Thurr Tryna Act Uncomfortable No More , I Be Grown Now....Hmm Also When i Drop Sum Weight , Kewlness Im Almost there Again size 5 pants haha
Well Ill Juss Put Yo Names Up hurr And If Yo name Aint On Here meanz There Are some Doubt Dont Get It Twisted Tho.....Randubee, Erin, Edna, Te
 wa, Willa, Sonya, Kelli, Louisa, Claudie, Sc
 are, Gena, MY MOTHER Number One, B(Brenna), Gail, Eash, Jewlz, Lyall, Gurliez, Tash
 , Mat, Shy, Shorene, Tubby, Tammy, Fuck man thurzz a whole lot but i put yall on nexx iight
One N Only
When you Have That One Person In Your Lyfe, Who makes You Realize The Better In Lyfe, Wants 2 be With you Just As Much As U Want to Be With Them, The One Whos Constantly On Your Mind Like Alla Time And Wondering If There Thinking Ov You To, The one Who Makes You Change Your Image Positivly And They didnt ask you for it, The one Who Makes You Feel Lyke Your His One And Only, Can Neva Give Up Lookin For That One N Only, Cuz tha distance that you grow apart makes you wanna go back for more n neva stop tha luv he showed you, From The Very Start I Shoulda Known You Awayz Have My heart, When Its All done n ova, You KNo You will awayz Luv Him For The Thingz He Did N Did Not Do

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  • Simple Bitch Vs Real Bitch

    simple bitch will take you where you need to go.
    A real bitch throws you her keys and says it needs gas in it!*

    A simple bitch will tell you not to fight, it aint worth it.
    A real bitch will say, "beat her ass!" and look at the crowd
    and says, "nobody better jump in!"

    A simple bitch will let another bitch know she can back the fuck up or get knocked the fuck out.
    A real bitch will just knock her the fuck out!!!

    A simple bitch tells you, she's had enough to drink.
    A real bitch tells you we need another shot, we 'bout to get fucked up!

    A simple bitch goes to the club with you and sits down.
    A real bitch goes to the club with you and says lets show these
    bitches how we do it!

    A simple bitch wonders who your new man is.
    A real bitch know that mutha fucka's first name, last name , his birthday, where he
    lives, who he's related to, what kinda car he drive's, where he works,
    how many babies mama's he has, and how many bitches he is talking to right now!

    A simple bitch thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument.
    A real bitch lets you know, "that was fucked up, but I love ya."

    A simple bitch expects you to always be there for them.
    A real bitch knows you will always be there for them, they don't have to expect shit.

    1 Comment 236 weeks


    Muzix Got Me high
    livin off the beat of your song
    id ratha hit you than hit tha bong
    i kno when im lost in you
    nuthin can neva go wrong
    haha it can neva go wrong

    an when im in trouble
    or down in tha blue
    my imagination bring mah lyricz 2 you
    im halucinatin,contemplatin
    heart racin, but im not mistaken
    not my love for you i kno its real
    you cant break me cuz our luv is ill
    we sick when we collab,
    if iss gutta beat,letss hit da lab
    i dun think you have a clue
    i dont thinkyou kno that i
    dream for you, feind' fo you
    get clean fo you,
    shyt this beats fo you
    i take tha heat fo you
    in anway can i take you away
    open my eyez an jus fade away
    take me back to the first tyme we hit
    16 yearz old man an i didnt even trip

    Muzix Got Me high
    livin off the beat of your song
    id ratha hit you than hit tha bong
    i kno when im lost in you
    nuthin can neva go wrong
    nope nuthin can neva go wrong

    an im livin off tha beat of your song
    life decisions,sum right an summ wrong
    lets hope i can correct wutz wrong
    but neva forget wutz gone
    in a miind thass blown
    i pick you up in the rough timez
    an you take me away
    to that special place
    Im livin that high life
    sutn you jsut cant erase
    but to have just one taste
    man itll blo u away
    Like Katrina

    0 Comments 247 weeks

  • unfinishd

    i kno sumyme i can do u wrong
    i just wanna let ukno that i really do love u
    an hope u can forgive me for the tymez i aint tere
    and the tymez i made u hurt
    un forgivable pain
    but pain is pleasure in a busted heart like myne
    i guess i gotta relize real luv is my crime
    and you totally cant forget it
    cause u know its always been me and you
    when will u finally let me in

    Can we go back to the day wen we first let our hands touch
    i didnt kno wut to think but i didnt expect much
    now i cant wait to see u when u gone
    so we can hit that like cheech n chong
    im ya baby gurrl lyke bonnie an clyde
    just me n u we gon foeva ryde
    to the moon an back
    and the starry nyytez,
    we gon go the distance
    wih our heads held high,
    motionz to the sky an its the limit
    My World seem better picture perfect with u init
    Getit thru ya head ,get wid it, Simply put
    Wuts myne isyourz, an urz iz myne
    If I Could For One Second
    if i could for just one second
    id let u in and not let u go
    id give u my all my everythign an more
    ther was never no gamez
    there was never no liez
    i was scared,
    if i could id tell u why
    there was no its not you its me
    in tyme when the momentz right
    ill show u what i neva did
    my heart was on the spot

    hmm cant seem to hit this one mixed signalz n feelingz i guess itll come to me
    till then thats all i got for this one

    1 Comment 256 weeks

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    Makin use of some bebo lovin....and clicked you as a random friend:) ......not random at all though:D

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    i heart you Moke

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    Hey love, I'm not sure no plans just finished cookint supper then uhm idk what ill do sigh:P what about you!? Anyways love ya

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    dont know yet prob have a cupple what r u up to ? what have u been up to

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    Stole This Heart too HaHa

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    Like All Outta Luv For The Day.. Tomorrow For Sure.. I Totally Think We Gotta Chill Later:P .. Just Got Off Not To Long Ago Watching Days.. Ttyl KrS

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    what?? Sooo what sunday of which year was that going to be??? JK lol better hurry b4 all the goood jobs are taking ..

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    Lol! Ooh reallyy! :O Damn that sucks hey! well were leaving on the first or before the fifth anyways... be down there for awhile.. well ttyl. luvs ya :D

  • W. Smith
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    Heyy!! Sharing the bebo luv bak =) How u doing?.. Wish we got to chill more! But least i got to see you eh,and least u got to see baby :D Anyways,were just in kamloops for the weekend :) what u up to this weekend? alright well ttyl... take care =) luv ya bunches...

  • -WeezyBaby-

    hey moke how are u? miss ya chick goin to have to chill soon n kick it baq w/ a "80" lmao cmt bk <3

    2/28/09 via Mobile
  • Sherrilyn Jones
    luv Sherrilyn Jones

    MOXIE where tha hell are u??? i miss u so much i donno wen tha last tyme i seen u.... well call me and we should chill luv ya :D :P :) GURLYZ :D :P :)

  • Lelo H. Harry
    luv Lelo H. Harry

    Hey there Monique how u doing? wells as for me im doing ok just chilling out bout it here......so yeah just thought i would drop by to see how u are doing so ttul and take care aiight............ Give Mz.Knocc-Out your luv for today. "Where's the luv? And where are my keys?"