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Choppin Is Yo

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  • Male, 21, Luv 314
  • from RUGELEY! [=
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 5,557
  • Member since: July 2006
  • Last active: 8/10/12
  • www.bebo.com/robbberto
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Me, Myself, and I
Hellooo... any way.
My names scott.
Im 17
I have the worst luck in the world!
I go to stafford collage.
Life is all good atm =]
If u wud like to have a chin wag...
add me mx_chopp92@hotmail.com

My English Pride
I Will Not Hide
My English Race
I Will Not Disgrace
My English Blood
Flows Hot & True
My English Peeps
I Will Stand By You
Through Thick & pin
Till The Day We eat Pie
Our English flags
Always fly So High
I yell This poem
Loader Than All The Rest
Cos Everyone Knows
I like
FOOD, ratchet spaners, !, food, money, donner burgers with mayO, ppl who no wat they on about makes me happy meeting some 1 who dont chat shit 24/7 :) , Xmas and bdays, doing somethink i will never forget, wen some 1 older that me is doing somethink completly rong and i no it and i try and help and they so no i no wat to do then they fuck it up and i do it right and they look like such a fukin nob hed i love that, collage, pikey as fuk pitbikes bodged together then ragged over the rek with 10" slicks fukin ace, foood, ma dads storys wen he is pissed, pikeying stuff up and it actuly works, food, wen some 1 sez u will never do that and i do it once agen they r normaly older than me and they look like total wankers wen i do it, doing anythink that makes me look better than some
too busy 4 the t.v! but i do enjoy catching the odd episode ov ground force or the price is right :)
Moto-cross, mountain biking, BMX, i will try anythin with wheels! even jipsy powered hokey sticks with trolley wheels...
Scared Of
i am extreemly scared spiders!!!! i will stab them in the face with a jipsy stick.
Happiest When
EATIN!! out on ma bike, chilin with m8s, campin up the woods with m8s, pitbiking it up LARGE...
I H8-
smelly people, bad breth, gay clothes, cheep trainers, skwl uniform EMOS unless a new them b4, gays, soz ards (people who think they are solid!), people who were sunglases when the sun is not out... why do they do it!!!!?, adverts that say 'look under £300' and it is £299 hu cears it is a quid just say it is £300 y wast ya breath?, power cuts ther is nuthing to do, people hu H8 me, people who laff wen it aint funni and u can tell cus it is a shitty laff, buying some thing and 1 of yh best m8s as got it that happens alot, convos on msn that go 'hi. hi. u ok. yh u?. yh. wuu2. nuthing u?. same. lol. lol. dont bother saying hi if u dont intend on avin a propper convo, people who put ther bebo privet y av 1?, trampy ppl, rain, the price ov petrol, the fact that money is every think.... cus i never hav any, SPIDERS!!!, rich ppl!

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Black Eyed Peas- Where is the Love

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  • Frederica Hankerson

    MacBook Testers required. http://ity.im/0k0ko

    8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Bonnibelle Devault

    How can the do this for free? http://alturl.com/zzsd5

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Jozy.B

    dya know if the polini corsa is better than mhr rep ? cheers

  • M Dot B Dot
    M Dot B Dot

    beat dis wheelie in my vidio box

  • Chunky Bubbles
    Chunky Bubbles

    i gt a hebo pipe any idear wot sut up need

  • M Dot B Dot
    M Dot B Dot

    ryt dats snd cus i allmost had my standard pipe off wheeliein round dis lil post lol

  • M Dot B Dot
    M Dot B Dot

    wont a 360 get in da way 4 wheelys..?

  • M Dot B Dot
    M Dot B Dot

    wats da best pipe 4 a jog rr??

  • A.S
    luv A.S

    alryt bopin ;) u ok mate even tho ur sittin nxt 2 me haha love pal ;) xxx

  • A.S

    scott u still wonna swap pipes haha lol onli jokin u ok ,mate ??? wb xx

  • A.S

    mate im tryin 2 hahahaha xxxx

  • A.S
    luv A.S

    ermmm wot mate haha xx

  • A.S
    luv A.S

    lol kk mate cals carz runnin at 240bhp 1.1 bar e got it set up 2day lol bt wen u bk on the road on yh Aerox mate ???? wb ;) xx

  • A.S
    luv A.S

    hha mad ed lol luki tho lol nd yhyh im sound reli just bord its neally 17 days now haha its blaggin w8in reli lol wer abouts hav yh gna pal nd can u go on msn wb mate xxxxxxx

  • A.S
    luv A.S

    alryt scott mate u on holiday noww ?? long time no speak ay it pal lol u ok mate ??? wb xxx

  • luv N . T

    LOVE for you ;D xx

  • A.S
    luv A.S

    ay up bopin ive just orded ma carbon belt case nd a jack up nd they didnt have the jack up i wanted so i have gt the dopler 1 tht uve gt on yh jogg kk mate c u soon wb ;) xx

  • .
    luv .

    Eloo:) im good thank you , are you? Lmaoo narr im not i used to be cause i used to play for a team but then i got bored lol:P Ermmm i think im down on friday probz xx

  • luv N . T

    :D :D it is and good yer im fine thankuu :) xx

  • luv N . T

    scott you have where is the love on your bebo you cool cool cool person :P you okaii?? xxxx