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Lil Miss Ashley

aint been on here in foreva, thought i'd cocme by for a lil bit

11/26/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Wat it do?!! Dis ya girl Mami in dat 256, chilln as always.Ima junior at J.O.Johnson, dat crunkest school in Alabama!! Im holdin it down for dem M.A.L.L.E.T.S. brothas and sistas. If ya wanna get to know ya girl as a friend just hit me up as you already know how.
The Other Half Of Me
Reginald Stringer

Reginald Stringer

jolly green giant

Bone Thugs~N~Harmony, 2Pac, Eminem
horror movies
Band, and Rotc
Happiest When
Im with my baby or playin music
First Love
"Dream as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die today."
-James Dean

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  • before we go to sleep

    I dream of your touch. Just to feel those soft and tender lips and the sweet kiss, with your fingertips caressing my hips, as sweat drips. . . . .uh. You just don't know. To have your big strong arms wrapped around me for protection to show your affection sending a sensation in my direction, flowing through me, racing. My heart beats faster and faster. Ooh when we make Love. Starting with talking, kissing, rubs, and hugs. Passion flows inand there's no turning back from the fact, that what is to follow. . . . . . . . . well, you know. As the temperature rises, we are set on fire, with each stroke, kiss, and whisper, we never tire, as the candles goes out, we don't, hour after hour. As we look into each others eyes, always to find our deepest feelings nothing to hide; as we whisper each others name, how I Love to take that ride. Ooh. The way you're so gentle, and never man-handle, you make life seem so simple. How I wish it was. The way you make sure I'm pleasured and selfish are you never. I believe I did fall in Love each and everytime, enough to make me rhyme, when we lie together. The softness of your skin, so seductive to make you sin, with you I always win, with the prize of your body and affection. And when you look me in the eye and ask me if I'm okay, I promise yoiu I am in every way, and today, I pray, that you will choose to stay with me. The experience is so exhilirating, my soul is still burning, and when we're not together my body is yearning, to have you with me. So gently, this Love making. With skin against skin, and sweat heavily fallin', and our hands get to crawlin', all over each other. Heavy breathing, and whispers, whimpers, and snickers. . . . .ooh I want you now!! The way you put it down, aint no other like you in this town, the way we go 'round and 'round, ooh and those sweet careful sounds. From the bed to the ground. I Love what you do!!! Make me wanna call you daddy, just don't tease me. You can have me. Do what you wanna do. Got me speakin French and Spanish. Je t'aime papi, but I aint manish, I just want you to handle it, make me sing Amen wit it. Damn, why you do this to me? Keep it going nice and slow, speed it up, I want mo'. . .of you to do ya thang. Start off soft, then go hard, and harder, and . . . . . . . .(sighs). And when you groanin' in my ear while I'm grindin' on you, get's me moanin in yo ear and don't know what to do. With Pretty Ricky singing "Grind On Me", we gonna do the dirty, don't get it twisted, we aint nasty, just know that you are worthy, and only you can have me. In the end we lay together side by side, ready to tell each other good-nite, as we look into our eyes and say I Love You. We fall fast asleep, with me in your arms, peacefully at rest. . . . . . . .Good-nite.

    1 Comment 326 weeks

  • To You

    We've only just met yet it seems like I've known you forever.
    I was introduced to you a few weeks ago and now we're together.
    I love the way it feels when we talk on the phone.
    Just to hear your voice even though your'e far away let's me know I'm not alone.
    It's crazy when you really think about it; but it's not at the same time.
    For two people new to each other to be in something so divine.
    Where will we end up no one knows.
    As for me I hope it ends on a good note.
    Not saying I want things to end.
    I only wish for us to be content.
    I am truly happy to be with you.
    I hope you feel the same way too.

    3 Comments 371 weeks

  • untitled

    I wanna have a talk,
    I wanna get to know you,
    I wanna see into your soul and find the real you.

    Let me look into your eyes and search for the truth,
    to figure out where the real you hides,
    so when we talk together nothing bad comes as a surprise.

    Can I feel you?
    Caress your whole body with my finger tips from head to toe?
    Get to know you inside and out and never let go.

    Come take a walk with me.
    Just to talk and be together.
    So you and I can always be forever.

    I'm gonna sing to you.
    Fill your heart and soul with my voice,
    keeping you warm inside to always rejoice.

    Do you mind if I listen to you?
    Hearing your strong voice and soft words,
    telling of your life, like a song from the birds.

    Just to look at you.
    Something so beautiful and bold,
    skin so soft and arms so strong it's me I want you to hold.

    Let's make Love together.
    Starting off slowly and tenderly,
    from night til' dawn never going to sleep.

    Come be with me.
    Stay and don't leave ever,
    forever you and I should always be together.

    Love me.
    Love me the way I love you,
    let it be innocent and always true.

    Go away with me.
    Fly to land unknown,
    where we can start our own home.

    Live in peace.
    Have no worries and troubles in your days,
    just chill with me and relax always.

    Spend your life with me.
    Start on a whole nother path,
    with nothing but good memories of us to last.

    I wanna have a talk;
    Let me look into your eyes and search for the truth;
    Can I feel you?;
    Come take a walk with me;
    I'm gonna sing to you;
    Do you mind if I listen to you?;
    Just to look at you;
    Let's make Love together;
    Come be with me;
    Love me;
    Go away with me;
    Live in peace;
    Spend your life with me. . . .

    2 Comments 375 weeks

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