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Mr Cuddly Bear

Oxegen 2010 Here i Come =D

2/27/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 246
  • from Donagh
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: July 2006
  • Last active: 4/14/10
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About Me

Lives for the weekend..! I dont have an alcoholic problem, Alcohol is necessary for a man so that he can have a good opinion of himself, undisturbed be the facts. I love hugs =D
Me, Myself, and I
<-- Retard At Work, Do Not Desturb..

If at first you dont succeed,, then skydiving isnt for you...

Me names Matthew I come from a holiday resort for gittys known as Donagh,it offers a wide range of activities for all the family,such as archway art,the art of forming pictures with vomit on archway walls,founded in early 2000 by sean Daly,a tru crowd puler.2nd on the list is the"your mother marathon",this game is new 2 the resort,it goes as follows,you walk through one of our many villa fronts,turn to a local and scream"your mother"run like fuk and if you get out alive youve done it!we also offer a wide range of activities for the younger generation,buckfast bunkbed takes place every sat night on top of the square so you and your closest can kick back and enjoy the many activities Donagh night life has to offer.so if your aftr a holiday dat offers street fights and riots or if you just want to alter the way your face is shaped then then phone today on 1800-ssskkkkeeeeuuup!!!
i love my music.....tiesto Showtek arctic monkeys snow patrol the script, Kings of Leon Chilli's, Green Day, wolfetone, all RA music seamus moore gota love him.. Planet love was the Shizzle Dizzle.. Oxegen 2010 gunna b jst as good.. line ups looking amazing!!
Best film eva is gone in 60seconds.300 is fuken legend, Green street class film, jackass, jay an silent bob, kevin an perry go large, tokyo drift, biker boyz, casino royal, da rocky's an Rambo's stuff like dat
Love /Hate
LOVE:kickin da shit out of helpliss women dat cant fite bk n den run away lol n playen da nigger ginger game lol gud times, gud times.

HATE:cops, tinkers, traffic wardens, ENGLISH CUNTS who wont go ta fuk home da blak cunts, an brits
Scared Of
Willy Boyde, naked men, gays, druggies, school report, cheese, gten raped lol, Cheese and most of all sheep!!!!!!
Mary is my bestest fried ever.. BIG hugs =D... O and also claire.. i have 2 put her up front cause shes such a good friend... always reminden me ta shave.. even wen i dont have 2, i gt da feelen she wnts da face cut ov me jst lol..Kathrina is cool and i cnt 4get chloe me bessie..! Sarah an Niamh r sort of cool Mickey Lynch AKA Blackie Chan is blacr so is Daly, mully defo da brains of the group lmao, Goof an his big tractor, rurari, cahir, cormac, mickey montgomery, freeman, Shea, Shauna n shannon cnt 4gt us, andy toye, Benny, an if i lft ne1 ot let me no an ill pt yaz in.
Proud 2 b IRISH
~born-catholic~ ~stay-catholic~ ~live-catholic~ ~die-catholic~ ~fight for da irish~ ~die for the irish~ ~live for the irish~ ~always will be proud to be irish~
Mary Lynch.. She is my Bitch n she nos it =D.. Me an Jenny go 2gthr lik peas n carots lmao, ''Omg dat Banana boat luks lik a banana'' No Mary wodn say sumting da stupid, ''Mary, Ur dat stupid u wodn qulifie 4 da special olimpics, Mary says, Yes I wod!!'' and the List goes on.. Bt really under all da retardedness shes auctually a cool person lmao.. yea were bessies an we tell each odr evry ting dn she wnt an turned n2 a slut JOKEN lol... YES YES Mary SEMTEX........ SLUTS hehe.lmao im not looken afta you wen u get drunk any more... then who will look afta me =(

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You alway consume the most beer at the party. You party to drink, and you drink to party. While we are all impressed by your drinking abilities, some of us are worried that you'll need an intervention if you are going to quit the habit. At the end of the night, we will find you passed out on a sofa, mumbling, and smelling of cheap whiskey.

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  • About Me

    Name: Matthew D dats me
    Single or Taken: single
    Sex: hehe male!
    Siblings:na i dnt like pigs
    Eye color: Blue
    Height: aw im bot 6 foot lol
    Where do you live: donagh!
    Righty or lefty: lefty


    Lucky Number:13
    Boys Name: Matthew ovbiously lol
    Girls Name: matthew lol
    Animal: Dog
    Drinks: coke
    Alcohol: Bud,vodka,harp ne ting dats goen
    Sport: motorcross or isle of man GP
    Month: sept
    Juice: fruice
    Breakfast: da irish 1 ... or frosties!

    Have You Ever______________________

    Smoked: aye i regret it though
    Bungee Jump: na but wana!
    Made yourself throw-up: al da time
    Gone skinny dipping: nope
    Loved someone so much it made you cry: nope
    Broken a bone: nely evry bone
    Played truth or dare: i playn dat rit now lol
    Been in a police car: lmao yes
    Came close to dying: loads of times
    Been in a sauna: yup
    Been in a hot tub: yes
    Swam in the ocean: aye
    Fallen asleep in school: da day afta clubland live i slept i skool da whole day lol
    Ran away from home: tried
    Cried when someone died: yes
    Fell off your chair: loads of times

    What is_________________________

    Your good luck charm: me wallet
    Best song you ever heard: welcome 2 da jungle-guns n rosis
    Whats your room like: a garage lol
    What is beside you: a wall
    Last thing you ate: peanuts
    What kind of shampoo do you use: trésemme!

    Ever Had________________________

    Chicken pox: yep an i h8ed it
    Sore throat: yep
    Broken nose: nope

    Do You___________________________

    Believe in love at first sight: nope dats shite
    Like picnics: never been
    Like school: luv it!


    What schools have you gone to: some irish skool cournagage donagh n ST eugenes
    who the last person you called: home
    Who makes you smile:dat mully doys a funni cunt
    Who did you last yell at: my self
    Who last broke your heart:never broke tiz well built lol
    Whos your loudest friend: duno
    Do you wear contact lenses or glasses: contacts

    Final Questions_______________________

    What are you listening to right now? some fool in da pool. im in bulgairia lol
    What did you do yesterday: put money on da grand national.
    Hated someone in your family: nope
    Gotten any awards: lmao i 1 a medl 4 a poem
    What car do you wish to have: a transit van lol
    Where do you want to get married? donagh
    Good driver? aye nt 2 bad
    Have a lava lamp? aye fuk its coo
    How many remote controls are in your house? 7 an ders only 5 TVs lol
    What do you dream about? aw wodn u lik 2 no!
    When you last showered: dis mournen
    Scary or Funny Movies: funny!
    Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream: chocolate
    Rootbeer or Dr.Pepper: i never tasted neither.
    Skiing or Boarding: boarding i find it easyer
    Summer or winter? both
    Silver or Gold: silver!
    Sprite or 7-up? there da same wake up ppl lol
    Coffee or tea: aw u i liv an ol cup of tea bt tiz hard 2 b8 da ol coffee
    Phone or in person: phone its always easyer lol

    0 Comments 278 weeks


    Do THis

    leave wat u are!!!!!!!!
    Okay, so pick the Third letter in your first name...

    A - Beautiful
    B - Ugly
    C - Pretty
    D - Jewish
    E - Sexy
    F - Hot
    G - Boyish
    H - Preppy
    I - Girly
    J - Gothic
    K - Punky
    L - Popular
    M - Geeky
    N - Nerdy
    O - Retarded
    P - Gay
    Q - Lesbian
    R - Gorgeous
    S - Lesbian
    T - Alcoholic
    U - Christian
    V - Wonderful
    W - Slutty
    X - Bitchy
    Y - Under-appreciated
    Z - Over-appreciated

    Now the Third letter in your last name......

    A - Alcoholic
    B - Boy
    C - Bitch
    D - Obsesser
    E - asshole
    F - Retard
    G - Girl
    H - Jew
    I - Geek
    J - Goth
    K - Nerd
    L - Motherfucker
    M - Whore
    N - Punk
    O - Beauty Queen
    P - Princess
    Q - Queen
    R - Babe
    S - Crackwhore
    T - Fucker
    U - sex machine
    V - Jackass
    W - Slut
    X - Scaredy-cat
    Y - Coward
    Z - Chocoholic

    Wots ur name now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    leave ur ans in a comment!!!

    8 Comments 309 weeks

  • wat do u want 2 be

    My b£bo fam!ly
    My girlfr!£nd
    My 2nd girlfr!£nd -
    My dad -
    My broth£r - D$$=Tank
    My $!$t£r - JOE=GAY
    My b!g $!$t£r -
    My $£xi tw!n -
    My uncl£ -
    My aunt!£ -
    My cous!n - Becky :L
    My broth£r-!n-law -
    My $!$ter-!n-law -
    My b£$t fr!£nd -
    My girl fr!£nd -
    My b!t on th£ s!d£-
    My wor$t £n£my -
    My n£!c£ -
    My n£ph£w -
    My gu£rd!an ang£l- Mickey-lynch :L
    My $£cr£t $av£r -
    My $ugar plum -
    My dr!nk!n partn£r - collinz
    My p£t dog - GOOF
    My p£t monk£y - MULLY
    My $hoppohol!c fr!£nd -
    My al b th£r for you fr!end$ -
    My lov£ly g!rl!e -
    My $£x! l£d -
    My god moth£r -
    My god fath£r-
    My $£xy! flatmat£ -:L Freeman :L
    My fl!rt!n partn£r -
    My ch!ll!n bbz -
    My s£cr£t adm!r£r-
    My bodyguard- Ciara :L she's gt guns :L
    My Stalk£r- LISA
    My Bad girl-
    My Rud£gal-
    My Rud£boy-
    My favourite Gang-:L The granny Gang lol :L <<<My grans in dat lol
    My Partn£r !n Cr!m£- Domnic :L

    5 Comments 327 weeks

close Bestest Survey.

1. 1. What is your full name?
MR Cuddles...

2. 2. When is your birthday?

3. 3. Do you have a bf/gf?
hmm. no

4. 4. What cell network are you on?

5. 5. Who is your last text from?
Kathrina lol

6. 6. What does it say?
sumting abot how cool i am lol

7. 7. Do you get along better with guys or girls?
depends who they are

8. 8. How many siblings do you have?
4 brothers and 1 weee sis =D

9. 9. What is the date today?

10. 10. Where were you born?
Bronx New York New York... the city is so good they named it twice hehe

12. 11. What is your favorite color?
Greeen.. its da easiest ta c lol

13. 12. What is your favorite drink?

14. 13. What is your favorite food?
anything spicey

15. 14. What is your favorite song?

Tiesto Traffic

15. What color is your shirt?
im nt wearing 1hehe

17. 16. When was the last time you went shopping?
Jan 13th

18. 17. What color are your eyes?

19. 18. Do you like guys/girls with long or short hair?
long hair bt nt 2 long lol

20. 19. What's your religion?

21. 20. Do you have a drivers license?
I do boi.... i passed my test hehe

22. 21. What color is your room?

23. 22. What time is it?

24. 22. Is it windy outside right now?
no its auctually good weather

25. 24. Did you notice that there is two 22's and no 23?
WA??? no their aint...

26. 25. Can you do the splits?
nope i cod try tho.. id defo injur myslf hehe

27. 26. Do you have any pets?
yea a dog and a duck lmao... o an 7 horses if dy count

28. 27. What color is your mom's car?
black y??

29. 28. What is your least favorite chore?
Cleanen da Street

30. 29. When is the last time you mowed your lawn?
summer lol yes im lazy hehe

31. 30. What are you listening to right now?
Daft punk - 1 more time

32. 31. Do you shower daily?

33. 32. McDonalds or Burger King?
Burger king

34. 33. How often do you brush your teeth?
twice a day.. wen i get up n go ta bed

35. 34. Have you ever shoplifted?
yea and i got away lol

36. 35. How often do you lie to your parents?
way 2 often lol.. bt im good at it so it kk

37. 36. What color is the carpet in the room you are in?

38. 37. Name 3 friends that are guys.
Daly, Shea n mickey

39. 38. Name 3 friends that are girls.
Kathrina, Claire n chloe =D

40. 39. Look to your left. What are 2 things you see?
a door n a wall

41. 40. What color is your hair?
i dnt no blondy brown hehe

42. 41. What is the last book you read?
harry pottter n the goblet of fire.. yes im gay lol

43. 42. What is your favorite TV show?
Family Guy defo lol

44. 43. Are you going to go to college?

45. 44. If you were on a deserted island with one person, who would you want that person to be?
Hmmmm dats a tough 1 id defo need mre dn 1 person..

46. 45. If someone you don't know smiles at you, do you think it's weird?
no i smile bk =D

47. 46. Would you say you are popular, unpopular, or inbetween?
im da cooliest person ever lol... im God

48. 47. What do you usually do on a friday night?
Go 2 the public house... usually the Tavern lol

49. 48. Are you addicted to bebo?
No its Very Gay

50. 49. Was this quiz entertaining?
No Boring n iv wasted sooo much time of my life

51. 50. Anything you want to say before you go?
If at 1st u dont suceed... give up n go 4 a pint lol

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    I just profited $256 in a few weeks doing a little work! I learned from - http://x.co/KTB2 thank me later

  • Chloe Mc Mahon

    Dude, are you ever on this?

  • luv M

    why wud u think that ? :P

  • Chloe Mc Mahon

    it was funny lol Matthew: Oh aye, Winnington Pooh'' * Chloe & Laura look at eachother* ''Who?'' :L

  • Chloe Mc Mahon

    Winnington pooh :L

  • 4/8/10
  • Chloe Mc Mahon

    twas the bomb diggity :DD

  • M

    omg, me 2 ! i got 2 bed at like 3.30 and i woke up at like 8 & i still felt a tad tipsy ! :/ haha, rollin in2 work drunk, you're sure to win employee of the month ;) i know right ? i wudda had a killer hangover after that night hi ! :o Why wud you think you said/did something you shudnt ? ^o) i wanted 2 go 2 abbey 4 easter sunday, but rachel wont come & i dont wana head out on my own, but im tryn ta get her 2 go :) why not ? if i go out ill be drinkn :) why not share the love ? :(

  • luv M

    poor matthew :( i membr most things, so i was good. and i didn get a hangover !! :D i never get hangovers :) i bet you were dieing after that night. :L it's rotten isn it ? il not be tryin it again in a hurry :L hmm, it sounds like you know exactly what you said, but you just dont wanna say it ;o wel ye know i was being serious bout not drinkn. i h8 bein that drunk. it makes it harder to walk. :L ill just not drink that much in future. hmm, wel yea if i go out il probs drink. but i dont know if im goin out ovr the hols. no money :( ayyyyyyye. im sure you will do very well aswell :L i betcha you say that now, but wen you get out you'l be drinkn away !! :L

  • M

    ps. what's so funny bout me not drinkin ? ive done it b4 :DD have you ? :)) lol

  • luv M

    you were loaded ? I didn't really noice. lol. I was far worse tho :/ I even tried smoking !!! :O noo not a good idea btw, +o( what you mean ? what did ye say 2 me ? ^o) lol. love returned :)

  • Caolan McBrien
    Caolan McBrien

    Lmao da we cunt lol escapein da cage lol :L

    3/24/10 via Mobile
  • Chloe Mc Mahon

    sureee lol jokes! ha In reply to: "Oxegen 2010 Here i Come =D " by Mr Cuddly Bear

  • luv Chloe Mc Mahon

    What? ima sexy bastard? ..jeez matthew, comin on a bit strong dont ye think???? lol In reply to: "Oxegen 2010 Here i Come =D " by Mr Cuddly Bear

  • Caolan McBrien
    Caolan McBrien

    I nearly squashed it :L it was on da road lst sat lol

    3/24/10 via Mobile
  • luv Laura G

    Hed be more scared dn me. .:L So wens our nxt outing matt. .:L

    3/23/10 via Mobile
  • Rosee

    Oh but there is matthew. That is the technical name for us:D Duno wat your talkin about...cos your from Aghadrumsee aswelll!:L

  • Caolan McBrien
    Caolan McBrien

    Ur lucky u wernt missin a duck lad lol haha :P

    3/22/10 via Mobile
  • luv Laura G

    Yea defo . .brng cormac nxt tym. .:L Aww i have the skea roots :O luckily iv seen sense! :L

    3/22/10 via Mobile
  • luv Chloe Mc Mahon

    Sorta.. can u go on facebook chat thing? In reply to: "Oxegen 2010 Here i Come =D " by Mr Cuddly Bear