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my dad sat on a chair and it broke :) look on mi blog 4 more info.

8/19/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Kawerau
  • I am Single
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hey mi namz jessica and i live in a small town called Kawerau
i believe that people shouldn't sterio-type people just for the way they dress. I also believe that people shouldn't hurt horses, thier living things too.

╔═╦══╦═╗Put this on your
║╩╣║║║║║bebo if you suport

I stool this off Ellen mi loving sis.

I belive that everyone has the right to be loved and respected, that men and women were created equal, that yes the world is screwed up but it's not God that did that it was humans choices, that injustice is wrong, I belive that there is always hope - no one is ever " to far gone". I HATE "religion". I hate it when people are judged because of what they "are"...chrisitan, athiest, emo, goth, gangster etc...you will never "know" who someone really is until you respect them enough to listen. I belive in a God that is bigger then anything I have ever faced, more loving then anyone I have ever met
i like Superchick, Kj52, Amberline, Stacy O, Brook Fraser, Moped, Avril L Evanescence
50 first dates, fools rush in, pirates of the carrabin 1+2, 10 things i h8 about u
horse ridding, soocer, games
Scared Of
bee's i know that meny people like bee's but i h8 them they get in ur hair and sting u were ever they can, they chase u into the house..............
Happiest When
riding horses with my mates, swimming, shopping for clothes, school, laughing at something funny
GoD, jEsUs, AlL mY mAtEs, and Misterious M ( clue his name doent start with M, or have an M in it. )
FaVeRaTe AnImAl

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  • my Dad and the Chair

    today at 1:00pm my dad sat on a chair and looked over his shoulder, then the back legs of the chair went back all the way up to the back of the chair and my dad was lieing on the floor, it was so funi.
    plz tell me if u no some1 who has every done this..

    1 Comment 309 weeks

  • The Preposition Song

    The preposition Song

    Above, about, across, after
    Against, anlong, amid
    Amoung, aroung, at, before
    behind below beneath.

    beside, besides, between, beyond
    by, down, except
    for, from, in, into
    of, off, on!

    over, through, throughout, til
    to, toward, under
    underneath, up, upon
    with, within, without

    1 Comment 325 weeks

  • Y ME

    you look at me and think im brave but look at me closly im just a sceard little girl trying to brake free,
    brake free from the cluches of evil thought and jellousy i tryed to tell you but you ran now shes sitting their in the dak theying to brank free she stands up and yells Y ME!!!!!!!!!!

    0 Comments 345 weeks

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"Do You Believe In God?" Lost - Flyleaf "Cassie"

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  • Diz Goez Out Tah All The T.I.P Loverz
    Diz Goez Out Tah All The T.I.P Loverz

    hae ruga tudy lol memba dat we were orn da plae ground an dae were plaen riparugby an u saed i dnt wna plae ruga tugy or sumin lyk dat lol i cudnt stp larfin ha ha

  • Mania-Phobic Marie
    Mania-Phobic Marie

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  • luv Rowan

    hey girly hows it going ? back 2 skwl last week sux ae hope your doin ok =] cya

  • Ellen

    Hey beautiful how are you? Havnt heard from you in a while, it was great to talk to you in the phone the other day, hope you leg if feeling better!! love you lots ellen

  • Person Until Death
    Person Until Death

    happy b-day 2 u u live in a zoo u smell like a monkey and u look like 1 2 lol jks jks jks HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS.

  • Person Until Death
    Person Until Death

    hey jess its me golda wat u been up to?