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  • Female, 19, Luv 256
  • from taunton
  • I am Single
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Me, Myself, and I

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My 16th
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I tell random nutters she thinks theyre fit Ly :)

...♥ x

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    is your hair up: yea
    is your phone right beside you: in my bag on floor
    do you have a boyfriend or girlfirend: na
    do you wish you were somewhere else: yea somwhere hot :)
    do you have plans for tonight: not rlly
    are you wearing makeup: i was but i cried watching a film so came off
    are you wearing chapstick: vaseline
    are you cold: no
    are you tired: yh
    are you excited: no
    are you watching tv: yea :) will smith faf :)
    are you wearing pajamas: nooo i hate pjs
    who's the last person that called you: tash ware last night

    anything you regret: na :D
    ever lied: yea
    ever stuck gum under a desk: lol probs :P
    ever spit at someone: urm yea :P
    ever kick something living: noo :(
    ever thrown up because you cried so hard: grooss:S?

    last week:
    had any plans last week: obv lol
    who did you see most last week: frizz probs
    was last week interesting: nt particualy

    swore: yea
    have you yelled at someone: my mum
    have you gotten mad at someone: nt rlly
    have you cried: noo
    have you eaten anything gross: no

    spill your guts:
    first thing you did this morning? lol ;)
    last thing you ate? sausgages
    what's annoying you right now? lots lol
    what's the last movie you saw? mom at sixteen
    where is the last place you went? town
    who is the last person you called? urrm fucks nos :s my nan :)
    who is the last person you texted? katie thomas
    do you think that someone is thinking about you right now? hope sp :)
    choose one to have [love, beauty, creativity]? loove
    do you wish on stars? no lol
    do you untie your shoes every time you take them of? no cus its a lot of effort
    when did you last cry? lst night 2 wes cus i was stuck on a bin
    do you like your handwriting? no i can barely read it
    are you a friendly person? hope so :)
    are you keeping a secret from the world? yea and a secret it shall stay
    who's bed did you sleep in last night? mine
    what color shirt are you wearing? grey
    what were you doing at 9 last night? drinking
    when is the last time you saw your dad? urm last night
    ever cried yourself to sleep? urm once or twice
    ever cried on your friends shoulder? yeeer
    song that makes you cry? urm noo :S
    are you a normally happy person? fuck yea ;)
    what color are your eyes? bluue
    current music? pfft

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    Well this girl means the world to me and i would do anything for her. I can't remember the amount of times i've rang her crying or laughing or feeling guilty about something. I don't keep secrets from her. She knows everything about me and my family. I would trust her with anything she is the first person i ring when im down. Well everyone thinks were pretty much crazy, though i wouldn't say we are, we can seem hyper 24/7 but thats just what us two are like together.

    Don't even get me started on her family these people i loooovvve. Her mum is an absolute legend and its weird because i can trust her mum as well :P . I love just sitting down with Debbie and having a really good chat and a bit of slag.

    FATMANS house is amazing if you haven't been you should. Just check out her cupboards filled with every chocolate bar, pot noddle, crisps ever made im telling you. Its great like being on holiday i suppose :L Emily makes these waffles though they smell nice not so sure about the taste.

    I remember the time u pushed me down that hill in the trolley. Then chased me down it screaming. I thought i was going die but it was ok you stopped me before i rolled onto the road
    Omg just remeber can u remember Joker, face what was the other ones name??

    Can't remember now actually well you know quite funny. Well enough about you Fatman i love you to pieces and no-one best mess with her :D


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  • Stevie Haynes
    Stevie Haynes

    hey long time no speak lol wat u been up 2 x

  • Tash Green
    luv Tash Green

    soo did ii :L :L there TURKISH man answered and was like but but here you go but but ( thats more a paki thing) but forerners are all the same :L xxxxx

  • Tash Green
    Tash Green

    it was thats fat ladys house :L x

  • Doylerzx

    HOLIDAY!!!!!! xx

  • Tixie M
    Tixie M

    ha! we fuckin tinseled joe good mwahaaha!! x

  • Tash Green
    Tash Green

    Have A Good Crimbo :) x

  • Walshyy

    Haha Bless

  • Tash Green
    Tash Green

    hahahhaha, what are you like. x

  • Tash Green
    luv Tash Green

    staaazttyy bruuuuc, went into tesco even though shes banned REEEEB MEEEEEEEEET!! x

  • Tash Green
    luv Tash Green

    yesterday was the funnyest thing ever mate. was proper giggles. ent done that ina while. 2morrow should be a giggle init. bud i fort you was like dead wen u was KO'ed in the back of that van haha xxx