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Angus Paterson

i am going to glastonbury!!!..i think i just wet myself a little from the excitement....

4/10/08 | me too! | Reply

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Roxorloops (South Bank) at the Human Beatbox Convention 2007

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  • 1.1

    Just back from Skiing in Andorra.Poor snow conditions stopped us doing anything to exciting but still managed to rack up the usual array of injuries. Fraser broke his wrist trying to ollie a ditch and Ive got the most impressive bruise on my side from a failed 270 on. Impressed with the resort and the parks look good if they had the snow. Nice collection of rails and boxes were out anyway. Back to college on Tuesday, Ive got so much work to catch up on and I need to learn flash to a decent level in 2 weeks, really shit. Pictures from skiing up soon.

    0 Comments 340 weeks

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  • The Sunday Club
    The Sunday Club

    Sunday nights at Victoria's Re-Launching this weekend. 6th Sept with.. DJ Vance back in legendary Sunday night residency. Drinks from 1.50 FREE CD for everyone guestlist at VICTORIAS.TV It's gonna be huge! x AppLink:10193193349

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  • Nicole C

    Hey!! THANKS FOR MY NOTE!!!! i thought someone in my class wrote it lol so didnt pay much attention and the stewart was like angus left u a note!! i was like wooooow!!! LOL!!! so how r u?? wot u up 2 now we all arnt at college anymore xx x x

  • Iain Wilson
    Iain Wilson

    yeah, make that 2 cds will ya bud. Cheers :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Kirsten Taylor
    Kirsten Taylor

    heya, dunno if youll read this before tomorrow but can you make a cd of the photos from the weekend for me, also put the surfing photos on it too. see you tomorrow xx

  • Eilidh Mathers
    Eilidh Mathers

    SHEILA GOES OUT WITH MY MATE STELLA! la la la la la ..... :) xxx

  • Simon

    Y do I have a lovely bunch of coconuts?? I'm gonna call ya tonite ya? ;) xxx

  • Simon

    Hello my other half! ;) xxx

  • Kirsten Taylor
    Kirsten Taylor

    heeeloo just wanted to say hi. see you tomorrow. Can you tell I dont want to do any work!! xx

  • XXcharbear Xx
    XXcharbear Xx

    hey angus!!!!!! not seen you in ages! just to let you know my 18th on wed would be lovely to se you and robbie there everyone is meeting at 9 in stavka :) love char

  • Neil Winston
    Neil Winston

    ok man. defo dinner next week then. will sort it out. can you say to robbie about friday night. catch you soon

  • Neil Winston
    Neil Winston

    here give me a text about my birthday night - also whatever that girl is eating below me i want its looks good - maybe its just the shape of the plate but im sold

  • Kinnon

    Alright man, how's the job going? Ah...the wonderful life of Advertising and Design!

  • Neil Winston
    Neil Winston

    hey, i have moved into a flat at charing cross its unreal, i know you like that place just round the corner i went there with mackie and scratchit a few days ago. pick any date next week during the week if thats ok and get robbie aswell do you still live together tell me some news?

  • Neil Winston
    Neil Winston

    yo - wanna do dinner some time next week

  • The Icon
    The Icon

    YAAAAASSSSS, got the job in Little Italy!! Phone call on Tues from them telling me to come down and see them, start on Wednesday. Brilliant, i'de given that up for dead!!

  • Susan King
    Susan King

    Is john still on this?? havnmt messeged him in months so thot i wood, but cant find him now! hmmm...

  • Kinnon

    How's the wonderful life of advertising treating you? Working on any interesting accounts?

  • Eilidh Mathers
    Eilidh Mathers

    Heylo! dont kno if uv tried to get in touch bt jst lettin u kno i lost my fone last night, some1 def has it coz the phoned my mum at half three in the morning. anywayz, spk to u later, altho i dont hav any numbers!!!! :( xxx