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Living it up for the weekends!!

3/19/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Pukekohe
  • I am Married
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Me, Myself, and I
Sport Prefect 2010

Class of Twenty 10


Running.. Live and breathe it.

Live And Breathe The Life Of A Champion.

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Personal brand of heroin your fat. but i love you. xx
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  • Quote

    Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit.

    We are all the same in this notion:

    The potential for greatness lives within each of us
    - Wilma ruldof. american olympic runner

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  • you know you r from pukekohe when....

    You agonize over whether you’re from ‘North Waikato’ or ‘South Auckland’

    You ever charged racing fanatics $5 to park in your backyard so they could go to the Puke race track

    You counted how many of your school friends you bumped into at the A&P show

    You know who ‘feijoas’ and blueberrys are

    You’ve sat in the grass grandstand at Puke Stadium

    ‘Steely Dan’ is your local mascot.

    You remember watching Jonah Lomu in the Counties team before he became 'Jonah Lomu'

    You tell people everywhere that the potatoes and onions on their plate were grown in your town

    You’ve had fish and chips up the top of Puke Hill

    You make fun of people from T.K.U and Uku

    A trip to Manukau to see a movie and go to Rainbows End was the ultimate experience

    You followed the supermarket saga closely: First it was Woolworths and Three Guys, then Three Guys disappeared and Pak’n’Save entered the scene starting a bitter rival with Woolworths, who became a 24-hour store for a while, before changing their name to ‘Foodtown’.

    "The Dark Side" is more than just the bad half of the Force

    You associate certain songs with your teachers, your friends, yourself dancing at lip sync, or folk dancing at school

    You've lost count how many times you celebrated the 'last' V8's in Pukekohe

    You witnessed the transformation of Whitcoulls, to London Bookshops, to Books and More, to Take Note"

    Mounds of muddy onions in the gutter or on the road around town never seem unusual

    You waited for the annual town flood and hoped for the day off school

    You reminisce about floods gone by,

    There were kids in your class who could imitate race cars going around a track, “wap wap waaaaaaaap schhhhhh”

    There was graffiti in your school textbooks of car parts (eg rotors)

    You staunchly support Fords or Holdens, even if you don’t know the difference, or care

    A lot of guys in your school class were mysteriously ‘too ill’ to come to class on the same day as Fielddays or Duck Shooting Season

    The first time you drove a car was not on a road, but in your mates paddock car

    You've almost run over a farm animal on the way home...

    Going to smart bar on saturday night is like going to a mini class reunion

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    Sometimes u jus got to run away, so u can see who will come after u. Sometimes u got to talk quieter, jus to see who’s listening
    Sometimes u got to step in a fight, but only to see who’s standing by your side.
    And sometimes u got to make a wrong decision, only to see who’s there to help u fix it.
    And sometimes…

    ..u got to let go of the one u love, just to see if they will come back

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  • Jaysuna Jean
    Jaysuna Jean

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  • Karen Louise
    luv Karen Louise

    Your the gayest of all Ahahahahaha Love you too loser xx

  • ALly Babee

    nudin 2 much just hanging wid da cuzzy bros lol. home sweet home now! how are you ?xx

  • C H A R Xx
    luv C H A R Xx

    haeee ohh yeah hard ae wish i went knw!!! awell! hows your easter???

  • luv ALly Babee

    happy easter !! loveee you ! xox

  • C H A R Xx
    C H A R Xx

    akkkkk hunn!! Sounds goooddd!!! xxxx

  • C H A R Xx
    luv C H A R Xx

    yeah goo hard!! it will be to big for you though! but you can still try it love you! miss you!!!

  • Reinier
    luv Reinier

    pfft i pretty much spent the interesting part with you :P went for a run tho... failed epically... played some hockey... played some ps3 yeah pretty intense stuff :P how was urs?

  • Reinier
    luv Reinier

    on bebo haha ill give u some love :P

  • C H A R Xx
    C H A R Xx

    aww real yeah ae stuff goin out ther!! no point!

  • C H A R Xx
    luv C H A R Xx

    my car ay not goin ! other wise i would !! anything happening tonight??

  • C H A R Xx
    C H A R Xx

    yooo!! duno ay dunnooo!! i been out wednesday and thurs night ae fukk think that my weekend gone!! in stuffed hahaha!! wat you gten up 2??

  • C H A R Xx
    luv C H A R Xx

    ahhhk yoo swett ill do it wfff ya!! oi i failed my fuulll!! grrr =( =(

  • C H A R Xx
    luv C H A R Xx

    awww wat did thay i ddnt even knw that! ummm im job hunting ay!! wat u doing diz w.e chick?? x x x x love you!!!!

  • C H A R Xx
    C H A R Xx

    Went to this Party Was Pwetiti Much Jst drinks tho haha wat u do for the w.e??

  • C H A R Xx
    C H A R Xx

    awww realll ! GAY THA SUCKS!!!!

  • Chopper Bagshaw
    luv Chopper Bagshaw

    hol shit gud on ya

    3/4/10 via Mobile
  • C H A R Xx
    C H A R Xx

    ahhh Duno Actuli Prob Nuthing excitinG!! Wat u gna Doo??

  • Chopper Bagshaw
    Chopper Bagshaw

    haha algud. And wot is sport perfect

    3/3/10 via Mobile
  • C H A R Xx
    luv C H A R Xx

    gud as ! w.b.u?? wow Brainy Box haha! Thats kewl tho Umm nufn ae Nothing at all! w.b.u??