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can't wait for sydney!

11/5/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
so.....im charlotte.
live in Braunton with my Dad when i'm at home, but i'm currently living in West Wyalong in Australia, its great out here, but not hot enough yet!!!

Fresh outa college and looking forward to traveling a bit in November, starting to get a bit psyched up bout uni too!

-leave me a comment
most things, Bloc party, Mr Hudson, Pigeon Detectives, cascada, girls aloud, The who, Alanis Morisette, Blondie, bit of Chuck Berry, bit of Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Robbie Williams, The Kooks
pretty woman, theres something about mary. mask of zoro, love actually, the others, Music and lyrics, pirates of the carribean, princess diarys 2, , ella enchanted, The last legion, Troy, Xmen
the usual, i'll try anything, if it dont make me sick, i'll probably drink it again.
Scared Of
planes, getting hurt.
Happiest When
talking. going out. with my friends, at the beach, listening to my music, reading my books!
would love to......
not get sunburnt

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Bon - Jovi its my life

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  • me!

    A - Available: yes,

    B - Best feature: dunno
    B - Beer: prefer cider
    B - Birthday: 16th aug
    B - Best friends you have: chris, hannah, char b

    C - Crush: not saying
    C - Car: renalt clio
    C - Candy: choc orange

    D - Day or night: Both
    D - Dogs or Cats: cats

    E - Easiest person to talk to: dnt no, chris or hanna
    E - E-mail: like im puttin it onhere
    F - Favorite Month: may/june
    F - Favorite color: blue
    F - Favorite Band: the fray

    G - Gummy Bears or Worms: worms
    G - Giver or taker: Both
    G - Gum: dnt realy like it

    H - Hair Color: Brown
    H - Height: 5"6
    H - Happy: not really

    I - Ice Cream: pfish food
    J - Jewellery: necklaces
    J - Job: somerfields
    J - Jail: nope

    K - Kids: maybe
    K - Kickboxing or karate: karate

    L - Longest car journey : To italy

    M - Milk Flavor: strawberry
    M - Most missed person: claire dickenson
    M - Movie Last Watched: girls just wanna have fun
    N - Number of Siblings: 2
    N - Number of Tattoos: none

    O - One wish: to get out of this rutt im stuck in
    O - One Phobia: heights

    P - Part of your appearance you like best: eyes
    Q - Quick or Slow: umm,dno

    R - Reason to smile: friends

    S - Song Last Heard: early winter gwen stefani
    S - Season: SUMMER!
    S - Shoes: trainers

    T - Time you woke: 7.04
    T - Time Now: 06:09
    T - Time for bed: no

    U - Unpredictable: lil bit

    V - Vegetable you hate: cauliflower
    V - Vegetable you love: brocoli
    V - Vacation spot: the alps

    W - Worst Habits: gettin obsesive
    W - Where are you going to travel next: braunton 2 c peoples,
    W - Weather: coolish

    X - X-tra special someone/s: my hanny nd christof
    Y - Year it is now: 2007
    Y - Yellow: submarine

    Z - Zoo Animal: monkey babies
    Z - Zodiac: leo!

    0 Comments 333 weeks

  • me

    1. Full Name: charlotte marie shipley
    2. Nicknames: char, lottie, charlie, shipley
    3. Birthday: 16th aug
    4. Place of Birth: aylesbury
    5. Zodiac Sign: leo
    6. Male or female: Female
    7. Year: 2nd year of college
    8. School I went to: braunton
    9. Occupation: Student
    10. Whereabouts: Barnstaple
    11. MSN Screen Name: charlotte
    __Your Appearance___
    12. Hair Colour: Brown
    13. Hair Length: medium/short
    14. Eye colour: Blue/green
    17. Braces: used to
    18. Glasses: yes
    19. Piercings: ears nd belly button
    20. Tattoos: No
    21. Righty or Lefty: lefty

    ___Your 'Firsts'___

    22. First best friends: claire. cheska nd beth
    23. First Award: swimming
    24. First Sport You Joined: swimming/gymnastics
    25. First pet: cats
    26. First Real Holiday: isle of white
    27. First Concert: mel c
    28. First Love:?

    ___ Favourites___

    29. Movie: The last legion
    30. TV programme: greys anatomy
    31. Colour: blue
    32. Rapper: kayne west
    33. Band: dnt have 1
    34. Song Right Now: i still remember
    35. Friends: hannah nd charlotte
    36. Sweet: sherbet lemons
    37. Sport to Play: fencing
    38. Food: chinese
    39. Favourite brands: hoi polloi
    40. Shop: new look
    41. School Subject: history/english
    42. Animal: bears
    43. Book: twilight
    44. Magazine: cosmo
    45. Shoes: flipflops


    46. Feeling: Happy
    47. Single or Taken: Single
    48. Have a crush: hmm
    49. Eating: nope
    50. Drinking: Nope
    51. Typing: yes
    52. Online: Yes
    53. Listening To: bubble hits
    54. Thinking About: university or gap year?
    55. Wanting To: go to the beach
    56. Watching: nothin
    57. Wearing: skirt and top
    ___Your Future___

    58. Want children? Yes,
    59. Want to be married? Yes
    60. Careers in Mind: barrister? who knows
    61. Where do you want to live: England/australia?
    62. Car: aston martin v12 vanquish

    __Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

    63. Hair colour: blonde/brown
    64. Hair length: medium
    65. Eye colour: Blue, green
    66. Measurments: Taller than me
    67. Cute or Sexy: cute
    68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
    69. Hugs or Kisses : hugs
    70. Short or Tall: Tall
    71. Easy going or serious: Easy going
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both
    73. Fatty or Skinny: normal
    74. Sensitive or Loud: sensitive
    75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
    76. Sweet or Caring: Sweet and Caring
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: Hesitant

    ___Have you ever______

    78. Kissed a Stranger: nope
    79. Had Alcohol: Yes
    80. Smoked:
    81. Ran Away From Home: no
    82. Broken a bone: yes
    83. Got an X-ray: Yes
    84. Been with someone: Yes
    85. Broken Someone’s Heart: Yes
    87. Cried When Someone Died: Yes
    88. Cried At School: Yes

    ___Do You Believe In___

    89. God: dunno
    90. Miracles: Yes
    91. Love At First sight: Yes
    92. Ghosts: no
    93. Aliens: Not sure
    94. Soul Mates: Yes
    95. Heaven: duno
    96. Hell: duno
    97. Angels: not the biblical type
    98. Kissing on The First Date: Yes
    99. Horoscopes: Yes
    100. Is There Someone You Want But You Know You Can't Have? probably

    0 Comments 335 weeks

  • Do I Know You

    Do I Know You

    1. Who are you?
    2. Are we friends?
    3. When and how did we meet?
    4. Do you have a crush on me?
    5. Have you ever wanted to punch me?
    6. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    7. Describe me in one word?
    8. What was your first impression of me?
    9. Do you still think the same?
    10. What reminds you of me?
    11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    12. How well do you know me?
    13. When's the last time you saw me?
    14. Ever wanted to tell me something but you couldn't? (tell me now)
    15. Are you going to put this on your blog and c what I say about you?

    2 Comments 335 weeks

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    I just earned $196 in a few days typing online! I used - http://goo.gl/yCSdM Dont forget to thank me!

  • Jono McLean
    luv Jono McLean

    Nice plan, I'm coming back in June but i'm still not decided if I want to take my uni place next year. I might go elsewhere in the world!! xxxx

  • Jono McLean
    luv Jono McLean

    Well i'm staying with my Aunt in Perth for a few months and travelling around whenever I get enough money frok working down there! How've you been liking it down there and how much longer are you staying??

  • Stumpie The Great
    luv Stumpie The Great

    Happy Now :) Lol Hope Your okie .... Stupid oz and its Stupid kangaroos :( heres a idea lets swap yo come home and i go to Oz :) xxxxxx

  • Søphîë Xs
    Søphîë Xs

    Hi Charlotte, hope you enjoying Oz !! Did you have a good birthday ? Love from Auntie Alison.

  • Søphîë Xs
    Søphîë Xs

    really wooow ..wot time is it in austrailier sorry spelt it wrongg it like half 12 (at night ..)

  • Søphîë Xs
    luv Søphîë Xs

    hello its me sophie how r u ? this is randomm but u no u said may/june was ur fav month my birthday is in mayy and my sisters is in junnee randoomm i noo wubu2 xx

  • Charlotte Bond
    luv Charlotte Bond

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY sorry i didnt make the party

  • Danny-Mr Raveii
    luv Danny-Mr Raveii

    heya u kk??? fellin better??:P anyhooows i gt shittuy work lol xxxx

  • Charlotte Bond
    luv Charlotte Bond

    yaaaay surprise visits i had one today actually. Pete just up at my house unanounced. i should never have told him he was welcome anytime :P but now he is gone. he needs to pick up his post from swansea. he is wierd. so come see me and bring pictures..and presents :P LOVESS

  • Charlotte Bond
    luv Charlotte Bond

    no. not off to thorpe park. i have driving lessons on fridays anyway. have fun with it.

  • Alex Byrom

    kl cheers

  • Alex Byrom

    yh could u put them on a cd please

  • Alex Byrom

    yh shall i bring my memory stick over some time and then put them on thier

  • Alex Byrom

    hi i want a copy of those picks u took of me

  • Søphîë Xs
    Søphîë Xs

    i gd thxs u ?? yh i fink we r cumin 4 ur 18th my family is good how r ur family llove [s]ophie x

  • Charlotte Bond
    luv Charlotte Bond

    Sexy.Sex.Sex. Love