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the world is my playground!!!!

4/29/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Time for an update .

Finished uni (finally)

Looking for a place up in scotland on my lonesome :D
i have a job - IM GONA BE A NURSE!!! scary

but im ...

Still the doing the same old things - drinking with gemma , out in the car, watching crappy TV (Mr J kyle, i love him) and still disliking peppers and mushrooms. I can cook now which is good and i have a range of things i can make also includes cocktails. Still loving my nights out and shoes even though i know it will bankrupt me one day lol

Let life roll on.....
The Other Half Of Me
Gemma Jayne

Gemma Jayne

she thinks nipple tweaking is funny ...

lov the spongebob theme it totally rocks and love the good old cheesy music
the breakfast club and pretty in pink, films from the 80s rules and i love horror films but not the gorey ones, superbad, neverending story, shrek, all the boys love mandy lane and hocus pocus but to name a few TWILIGHT wow new best fav film lol
hmmm dancing in the pub when im drunk, does that count?

also ski and snowboard
Scared Of
Running out of wine, only havin one pair of shoes and spiders and snakes
Funny times
up in scotland having a "quick" pint with gemma, dancing with smurphy, hitting balls with andy, camping in punto's up glen Clova hahaha, getting chatted up by a scary lesbian, colouring at andy's, andy's door (its so cool), me and smiler getting lost in edinburgh thanks to the sat nav, beadie surprising me with a visit, lunch with gilly, gemma and andy, traffic cones!, tours round the airlie, licking smurphy, taking 40 mins to walk from the town to gemma;s, 4 towns in one night with walks of shame in the morning ;) , mince rolls at 4 in my underwear lol and apparently i have the perfect nose hahaha.

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    Passionate and romantic, you fancy yourself. A bit unreliable, and can be eccentric too. You hate BMW drivers, but think and act just like them.

    You would like to believe you are part of the new generation that is caring, environmentally conscious and family-orientated. Actually quite boring; nothing more than a glorified wuss. Will one day probably drive a Merc, but you still sometimes wonder if you shouldn't have bought that Bee-Em.

    Self-centred, ambitious, dynamic and assertive. Can be a big show-off pig. Likes impressing too. Buppies and kugels past sell-by date. You think you will be CEO one day. Actually an office weenie who thinks you are God's gift.

    Faceless, subservient and demure (except for Matiz drivers). To you, a good deal is to work from nine to five, get nothing for it, and still say thank you. And then you wonder why you don't have money for a time after hours.

    You still live in the 70's, trying to cope with the 90's (don't even mention the millennium). A loyal, diligent worker, but baffled by office politics and labour policies. Next car will probably also be a Ford.

    You are the ultimate on-road idiot. You think your 80s model Commodore is a V8 supercar, OR you think by owning a Barina you’re a true Holden fan. You’re either a redneck or a way-too-standard family parent – but either way, you most likely drive like you’re the only person on the road. You’re even ignorant enough to argue that the new Commodore is better than the new Ford.

    You aspire to drive a BMW. You are an opinionated pain-in-the-butt. The ultimate suffragette, or the boss's girlfriend (male or female!).

    You like the smell of diesel and have secret fantasy of being a truck driver.

    Hyundai /Kia
    Quite progressive, intelligent and practical. But misguided. The kind of person who will suggest a sub-committee to find solutions to what the committee couldn't. You will always maintain that a Korean car is better than any Japanese model.

    You would like to believe you are living the American dream and just love the great outdoors. The closest you get to it is by watching Days of Our Lives and the Adventure Channel.

    Land Rover
    You are a designer person with a designer life, who always pays too much for everything. Designer mud comes free with the badge. You're a closet colonial racist and have fantasies about the Queen. If you have a Freelander, it was probably a break-up gift from your ex.

    A Ford driver with less money. Mostly staid boring with no image and less imagination. Lots of retired people drive Mazdas. You're in the way and should get off the road.

    Responsible, immaculate and conservative. Boring CEO clones with too much money, or the office super-geek who can't remember what it's like to have fun. Definitely not dating material.

    Good, solid, responsible, loyal office-fodder. You like to travel and maintain that you can sell ice to the Eskimos. Favourite answer: "It's a company car."

    Not as label-conscious as your Land Rover counterpart, but still suckered into believing in the ultimate Paris-to-Dakar, African adventure. You drive through puddles to create your own designer mud. You believe you've made the grade, but everyone else knows you've got a long way to go.

    Thinks France is the best country in the world and bores everybody with your limited French knowledge and tales of the Louvre and the Sourbonne.

    Small dick or mid-life crisis.

    An eccentric who likes doing things the wrong way around. Usually the one who asks all the silly questions at staff meetings. You fervently believe you have flair, but it's less than that of a French cookbook. Most probably gay.

    A make-believe fool, because you'd like a Pajero but can't afford it. Don't actually know that the engines are made in India and not in Germany.

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  • Stuart Cameron 5/9/10
  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    Boo! xxxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    Sounds like a plan, nothing better than a wild night out! hahaha when you back up like? xxx

  • Andrew Kerr
    Andrew Kerr

    alright stranger, how u doin? when you finally moving up?

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    Now you really are ageing before your time claire xxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    First golf, now pimms.....whatever next haha xxxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    Might have known you'd say something like that lol, Ach weekend was orite cheers, how was yours? xxxxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    Just never knew you took part in that lol xxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    Golfing? hahahahahahaha xxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    Sounds like the average weekend lol much on this weekend? Ach mines was ok, quiet but ok lol xxxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    Haha of course claire :P Ach im ok cheers, How did the graduation go? xxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    Well well, No heard from you in a while! Hows things? xxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    That sounds somewhat like yourself clarie lol xxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    Stuart Cameron

    Aye well maybe althought the folk that did see it with stickers might no recognise it now! :L Oh look at you stealing tesco's slogan, shame on you :L xxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    I dont think folk would see the car as 'naked' claire lol aww thats a shame, ive always wanted to find cash like that in my car, find a pound coin now and again tho lol xxxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    You should have just left it with silver paint :L least you will defo know what car is yours in the car park anyways :L aye i could quite believe it like, not found any £50 notes? xxxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    Stuart Cameron

    Haha its not as if its the biggest car in the world to loose things in either! got rid of the flowers on it yet? no love left :( xxxxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    So ive noticed, the car gets cleaned about once a year? lol i cant be far wrong at that lol xxxxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    What you like lol at least you have it all sorted out now tho! xxxx

  • Stuart Cameron
    luv Stuart Cameron

    Hahahaha i bet! i spoke to you weeks ago and you said you were sorting out a ball gown, what you been playing at? lol aye weekend was quite good cheers, was out on sat night and had a few! how about yourself? you head out? xxxx