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  • Female, Luv 40
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  • Member since: December 2005
  • Last active: 8/14/11
  • www.bebo.com/xxxtwinklesabspazxxx
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
♥«´¨`•° SABZ °•´¨`»♥
add me deviless8313227@hotmail.co.uk

ThEy CalL Her♥] Sabz

ღ•[♥sTaR sIgHn♥] Scorpio

ღ•[♥HoMe SwEeT HomE♥] Sheffield

ღ•[♥lOoKs tHoUgH♥] brown Eyes

ღ•[♥strAigHtNs AnD StYlEs♥] very dark brown hair

ღ•[♥LuVs♥] every1

ღ•[♥RiGhTy Or leFtY♥] right

ღ•[♥hUgS Or KiSsEs♥] hugs n kisses

ღ•[♥cOuLoRs♥] chemistry blu, pink, black and white

ღ•[♥FaV tEdDy♥] mr ted

ღ•[♥mUSt HAvE iTeM♥] mobile

ღ•[♥TrEaT mE♥] wonderfully

ღ•[♥SmIlEs♥] when I feel like it

ღ•[♥sad♥] clowns

ღ•[♥tALkS♥] on msn or mobile or bebo

ღ•[♥MuSiK♥] Anythin cept country classical n western

ღ•[♥mOvIeS♥]scary r the best!!!!

ღ•[♥sPoRt♥] boxing

ღ•[♥SmElLs LiKe♥] diesel feminine

ღ•[♥ShOPs♥] morgan + warehouse + jane norman + oasis + topshop + new look, r,i

ღ•[♥EaTs♥] everything but bananas

(\__/) This is Bunny. Put him on your
(='.'=) Bebo and help him on his way to world domination!
wiv luv♥
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.••* I love ??? *..

 ♥  ♥        ♥  ♥
 ♥      ♥   ♥      ♥
 ♥       ♥ ♥       ♥
  ♥       ♥       ♥
    ♥           ♥
      ♥       ♥
        ♥   ♥
         ♥ ♥
horrooooooooooooooor lol comedy romantic everythin (hehe)

♥ ║║






claire h.x.x.








lauren e♥



and the rest xxxx♥♥♥

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.••* I love???(hehe) *..

 ♥  ♥        ♥  ♥
 ♥      ♥   ♥      ♥
 ♥       ♥ ♥       ♥
  ♥       ♥       ♥
    ♥           ♥
      ♥       ♥
        ♥   ♥
         ♥ ♥
stomach n twice in 1 ear 3 in other
Scared Of♥
spiderssssssssssss petrified shit scared terrified as in cant even look at them on tele without gettin the creeps
Happiest When♥
sleeping, drinking, with my bezzies and um havein a good old fashioned bitch about sumthin
disagree with...♥
TWATS...asshole guys!!! but luvly ones is ayok
agree with♥
reli fit guys walking around with no tops on hehehe people getting along , um guys who are reli nice and sweet girls who are a laugh and guys who r funny.:
_______+++++++088888888888__ тнιѕ ιѕ α тσαѕт...♥ тσ υѕ ♥... fσя тнє мєи ωнσ нανє υѕ ♥ тнє ℓσѕєяѕ ωнσ нα∂ υѕ ♥ αи∂ тнє ℓυ¢ку guys ωнσ ωιℓℓ мєєт υѕ!! ♥ ѕєи∂ тнιѕ σиℓу тσ ρяєтту ℓαу∂єєѕ!!! ♥ уυ нανє вєєи нιт ву мє ѕσ уυ нανє вєєи ¢σиѕι∂єяє∂ σиє σf тнє 20 ρяєтт

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    sex, drugs, rock n roll...
    speed, weed n birth control...
    shake ur ass, wear a thong...
    time 2 party all night long...
    take a shot, drink a lot...
    ride a guy u think is hot.

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  • tis a gun lol

    ._...|..____________________, ,
    ....../ `---___________----_____|] = = = D
    .....), ---.(_(__) /
    ....// (..) ), ----"

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  • good old condoms

    Tesco's condoms ~ every little helps

    Nike condoms ~ just do it

    Peugeot condoms ~ the ride of your life

    New galaxy textured condoms ~ why have rubber when you can have silk?

    KFC condoms ~ they're finger licking good

    Safeway's condoms ~ lightening the load

    Abbey National condoms ~ because life is complicated enough

    Coca-cola condoms ~ the real thing

    Duracell condoms ~ you can just keep going and going

    Pringles condoms ~ once u pop u cant stop

    Burger King condoms ~ home off the whopper

    Flash condoms ~ just sit back relax and let Flash do all the hard work, so you dont have to

    Halfords condoms ~ we go the extra mile

    Royal mail condoms ~ i saw this and thought of us

    Andrex condoms ~ soft strong and very long

    Renault condoms ~ size really does matter!

    Ronseal condoms ~ does exactly what it says on the packet

    Domestos condoms ~ gets rite under the rim!!

    Carlsberg condoms ~ probably the best condom in the world

    AA condoms ~ you always have AA friend

    Pepperami condoms ~ its a bit of an animal

    Polo condoms ~ the condom with the hole (very poor seller)

    Halifax condoms ~ who gives you extra?

    charmin condoms ~ break the habbit (and use protection)

    Tellietubbie condoms ~ again again!!!

    Cadburys condoms ~ give into your happiness

    Kumala condoms ~ perfect together

    Red Bull condoms ~ gives u wings

    Cadburys creme egg flavoured condoms ~ how do u eat yours?

    Sure crystal condoms ~ unbeatable against white marks

    UGC cinema condoms ~ coming soon

    Lynx condoms ~ because you never know when

    Treseme condoms ~ used by professionals

    Mr Muscle Condoms - loves the jobs you hate!

    skittelz condomz - taste the rainbow

    oliver (the musical) condoms - please sir, may i have sum more

    chicargo (the musical) condoms - he had it coming

    morrison condoms - reason number 56

    cilit bang condoms - BANG! n the dirt is gone

    dell condoms - u crnt find us in the shops so 4ne or go online

    0 Comments 335 weeks

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What Type of Bud Are You?

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T2 - Saving All My Love

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  • Claire
    luv Claire

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Claire
    luv Claire

    Hiiya, Ow come u wernt at skwl today? x x x

  • Samantha

    ok then thanks just put the phone down on me

  • Claire
    luv Claire

    Lvee:D xxxxxxxx

  • Georgia Holt
    Georgia Holt

    Heyya gdgd :D Im alrytee thankzzz :) wubu2? Wb xxxxx

  • Georgia Holt
    Georgia Holt

    heyy howa uu? wubu2? wb ly xxx

  • Claire
    luv Claire

    Ope Yu Get Betta.. Loveyuu.*x

  • Claire
    luv Claire

    :( Waaaaaa lol. Ma phones not workin so if u want to ring me ring my house numba xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Claire

    Elloo, owz ur work experience goin? Chillin i guess lol. bin up to muchh? xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Samantha

    hi babe i only have 18 days left until i have my baby i cont but i can wait lol lmao txt me love

  • Bang.

    Yeah baleeeeev. lol. XXXXX

  • Ryan Mercer
    Ryan Mercer

    Jog on little girl ur starting 2 annoy me nw!

  • Shizzlemynizzle

    thnk u guy below lol xxxxxxxx

  • Bang.

    yes yes nice comment u left dat guy :D . X

  • Lewis

    ye ok sabrina chillz on friday

  • Ryan Mercer
    Ryan Mercer

    Jog on little girl u talk in riddles nd its a shame on u dat ur Irish caus im nt wat u freaks dnt understand is Northern Ireland is a different country dan Irealand nd is British. Run along nw! nd i dnt giv a bad name 2 any1 ur little h8 preacher friends do dat 4 england!

  • Lewis

    safe sabrina wt u sayin? x

  • Claire
    luv Claire

    Loovee!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx:D