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Machine head kicked ass!

3/1/10 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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im the one known a ARCHIE
Me, Myself, and I
im now working in xtravision...yes i finally have a job part time at the moment tho. it will be a while before ill but pints for ya...i will just wait.....

as for the music front still still the same...METAL...heavy doses of metal...but wait im gettin into more genres lately ive been listening to Mr.Nick Cave, Wacko Jacko,REM and alot more cant be arsed naming them all



well hit me up if yas want or have something to say if not FUCK OFF i cant be arsed wasting my time with assholes beside i review all comment before i accepct them....

keep it fucking metal

hail the leaf

The Other Half Of Me
Roadrunner Records

Roadrunner Records

Best Metal Label:D

pantera, slayer, metallica, megadeth, down, superjoint ritual, leftover crack, weird al yankovic, misfits, tool, slipknot, rage against the machine , a perfect circle, korn, damageplan, REbel Meets Rebel, Strapping Young lad,
Beastie Boys, Bloodhound Gang, machine head, lamb of god, dream theatre, F5
, DOUBLE DRAGON, at the gates, Cavelera conspiricy, Soulfly, Sepultura, Nick Cave and a load of other bands
mallrats, clerks 1&2, dogma, jay and silent bob, the departed, casino royale, south park, orgasmo, baseketball, team america, airplane, naked gun, the holy trilogy(star wars), lotr, on average a new film watched every 3 days
scrubs, south park, prision break, family guy, american dad, father ted, fresh prince of bel air......too many to name
Scared Of
pennies, those weird hairless cats cats, leeches, milk
Happiest When
drinkin, playin music, in dublin, making 3d stuff, in the mun
eh....alotta stuff and people
HOCKEY....and baseketball

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  • the dark knight (spoilers here for people who havnt seen it)

    well i seen it on friday


    ledger was fantastic in it really pushed batman/police/city of gotham to the fucking edge.

    ekheart's transformation was epic he was my personal favourite in the film. the way he seems to be seedy at the start but turns outto be a real nice guy just doing his part for gotham and clean it up but once he turns into 2face it was fucking epic.

    as for the hype i must say there was alot and after coming down off the viewing ast nite i have to say t didnt live up to it.

    its a great piece of film dont get me worng but i hate it when films/games/ albums get alot of hype most of the time it fails badly but batman: dark knight just barely hits what i expected out of it. mainly because of

    maggie gyenhall preformance was one of the worst ive ever seen. how the hell did she get the part.she cant fucking act to save her life would yall be a bit more paniked if yas fell outta a building.

    the batgrowl it seems it replaces tthe bat nipples from the previous fims which is welcome

    now the part ill get in trouble for speakin about heaths preformance as i said earlier he was fantastic and terrorfying but is it really oscar worthy? personally it is worthy of a nomination but not winning it. he will go down in history as one of the best comic book film villans of all time along with doc ock..

    so thats my rant over for now....maybe the film needs a second viewing then ill give my final opinion then


    (will probabally get alotta hate-mail for this)

    3 Comments 258 weeks

  • Cavelera Conspiricy

    <embed src="http://www.rattleheadhq.com/cavalera..." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="250" bgcolor="#c5161d"><br><a href="http://www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk/buy" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.rattleheadhq.com/cavalera..." width="400" height="30" border="0"></a>

    0 Comments 278 weeks



    check it out

    0 Comments 278 weeks

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  • Sarah L
    luv Sarah L

    :L <3 hey wats up lol. wb x x x x

  • Neil Berry
    Neil Berry

    yo bro fibers sometime soon?

  • Roisin Sheedy

    Hey! Change date for my 21st its on the 20th February in the Gaelic hope you can make it! How are ya?

  • Neil Berry
    Neil Berry

    Wup bud.do u know any1 sellin a machine head ticket

    1/28/10 via Mobile
  • Graham Codd
    Graham Codd

    well son hows the form wit ya, lookin good!!

  • luv Roisin Sheedy

    Hey! I know its ages away, just givin everyone notice cos i want everyone to be there... My 21st is on Feb 27th, prob in the Gaelic, hope you can make it! Tequila time!!!

  • Neil Berry
    Neil Berry

    Wup bud.u know any1 that wants 2 swap a pearl jam standing ticket 4 a seating

    1/4/10 via Mobile
  • DOm

    Hey dude we have a new song up for free donwload if you could check it out thanks :)

  • www.facebook.com/Censuraireland

    please check out out video .new album out next week :)

  • Elaine Maria.
    luv Elaine Maria.

    Hey Cian, We're really sorry to hear about your sister xx Elaine, Micky and Bendy.

  • luv Leelou

    Hey cian. We're so sorry to hear about saoirse. Our thoughts n prayers r wit u n ur family. X sean & lisa X

    11/22/09 via Mobile
  • Lisa Kelly

    Hi Cian, sorry about your sister hun x

  • Lisa O Dowd
    luv Lisa O Dowd

    Hey Cian, So sorry t hear about ur sister... thinkin of ya.......

  • Ian Walsh
    Ian Walsh

    Martin mcgoughlin

    11/19/09 via Mobile
  • Shane Barnes
    luv Shane Barnes

    sorry to hear about your sister man

  • luv Roisin Sheedy

    Hey... So sorry to hear about your sister Cian I hope youre ok. Love from Paul and me x x x

  • Laura Dwyer
    luv Laura Dwyer

    so sorry to hear what happened cian look after yourself x

  • Tanya Bray
    luv Tanya Bray

    Im sorry to hear about your sister Cian!! my thoughts are with you and your family. xxxx

  • James Scott
    James Scott

    Hey Cian I am so sorry to hear about what happened. My parents and I send all of our love and prayers for you and your family. You are always in our hearts and minds. If you ever need anything always know we are here.

  • Reme Sevol Trauts Haha
    luv Reme Sevol Trauts Haha

    hey man just heard i hope you ok. my best wishes with you and your family...