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Steve Nobhead

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  • Male, Luv 24
  • from Wherever I lay my hat
  • Last active: 7/26/10
  • www.bebo.com/Sagisgod
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
A large hole has opened up in the Bedford area...police are looking into it.....thieves have stolen a lorry load of wigs...police are combing the area...XXX...if u have a gay joke please leave it as a comment...dont forget the love...XXX

Ooh ooh ya ya an plz add a brick 2 me wall
Profile Views
1000, 000, 000, 001 times...yea right!
Blue Velvet, Trainspotting, The Whicker Man, A Clockwork Orange, The Blues Brothers, Pulp Fiction, Apocalypse Now...check em out kids they are all wierd an wonderfull.
Wanking the dog...they should put it in the Olympics(I would get gold):...Update I have had to give up wanking the dog due 2 repetetive strain injury in my wrist...and the gf didnt like it...complainin bout havin more sex wiv da dog than wiv her...lol
Scared Of
He knows that if he dies today he will die happy...because he is loved.
If you have love in your life there is no need to be scared.
Happiest When
Doing anything that involves 'sex'an'drugs'an'rock'n'roll'
And spending time with the ones I love.
Do's and Dont's
Do love your parents...dont do what they tell ya...do respect ur m8s...but only if they respect you...do go 2 school...dont believe nething they teach ya...do speak 2 da police...dont tell em nuffin...lol

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  • Melissa Heath
    luv Melissa Heath

    my love for u steve

  • Chelsea Louise
    luv Chelsea Louise

    Lurv Ya Uncle Steve

  • Maryanne Woodward
    luv Maryanne Woodward

    no1 tells me these fings mannnnnn lol i dnt no wen these partys r on tell me man illl even give u all ma number 2 u can tx or ring n let me no lol heheheheheheheheheheh xxxxxx mwah

  • Maryanne Woodward
    luv Maryanne Woodward

    only good enough 2 talk 2 2 check ya m8s computer i c how it is lol nah only jkin u can ae ma loe bk both f ya xxxxx mwah<<<<<

  • Chelsea Louise
    Chelsea Louise

    Where R yooh.... lol Dats Funny

  • Chloe Damon
    luv Chloe Damon

    heya hunn..... u can cum round weneva u like hahaha welllll i dnt reli cum shortstown dat much anymore but wen i do illll txt u nd tellll ya 2 make sure ur in so i cn cum round hahaha cya sooon hunni telll every1 i sed hey

  • Maryanne Woodward
    Maryanne Woodward

    i dnt mind hun aslong as everybodi has a gd tym

  • Chelsea Louise
    luv Chelsea Louise

    i gottah jke... 36inch DD breasts covered in warm belguim chocolate... 1inch erect nipples peirced wiv gold nipple rings topped wiv whipped cream... clean shaved minge framed by a leather crotchless thong... moist salty clit smothered in blackberry jam... this is not ordinary porn... this is yur M&S porn lol...

  • Chelsea Louise
    Chelsea Louise

    hey steve.. sowwiii for longin owt dah munii :( jus bn in nd owt ov hospital wiv a dodgy stomach... having loads of injections nd stuff... nd i lost ma job... :o... its all going tits up... shall beh rwnd wen bettah nd give yooh a tennah (£5 interest)... sowwwiiii..... i hear yooh av a nu puppy.... ooooo....lol... catch up wiv ya soon...chelsea...x av ma lurv fo 2daii...x

  • It'S Jenks Babii X
    luv It'S Jenks Babii X

    some1s a bit desperate for love lol but u can av mine cz i gt no1 else 2 give it 2 lol xxx

  • Lisa MayheM
    Lisa MayheM

    OMG that vid u made... Osama Bin Nobhead.... Hahah Omg What A Crack... I Love It :L :L Lisa ♥

  • It'S Jenks Babii X
    It'S Jenks Babii X

    yeah i did tah did u? i wuld give u ma lv but i given it away lol xXxmegxXx

  • It'S Jenks Babii X
    It'S Jenks Babii X

    hey merry xmas n av a guddun xXxmegxXx

  • Chloe Damon
    Chloe Damon

    hiya hun u ite cum on msn as i wanna chat 2 ya lol scribble bk luv chloe

  • Chrissie

    hiya steve lol well me and neil are moving back there on sunday for good so we will see u both then say hi to melissa for me chat 2 ya later x x x