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Tokez Fynest

R.I.P Lucky Dube

10/30/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 22
  • from Island Of The Blue Dolphinezing
  • I am Single
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Me, Myself, and I
"Butu Na Moyi" (Day & Night)
"Dieu c le chemin" (God is the way)
Aua la Man!-------E afe ai o vae!
Brave Heart, kae hili lava te video clip that I have made available for your viewing pleasure...
Happiest When
When You Respect my Colors!
RED for the blood that flowed like the river
GREEN for the land
YELLOW for the gold that they stole
BLACK for the people - beautiful
Rasta FARIz LiFE
Just wondering how many want to share their definition of RASTA and what it means to them.....some believe it is a cult, some think it is a religion, some believe it is a way of life, some think it is just about smoking herb....some think it is just a music thing....how many of us know the origin....what effect if any has it had in your life............bless

...may the words of i&i mouth and the 'i'ditation of i&i hear be acceptable in JAH sight....oneness..
Now im just working on Rastafari but i think its a way of life, a way of living. A life style! it gets on my nerves when ppl thinks its allabout smokin weed cuz its not! I wanna know ur opinions Post!
Favourite Quote!
There are only four questions of value in my life, What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is my worth living for, and what is my worth dying for? The answer to each is the same: only my...love.

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  • My Life!

    I recall as a child growin up in the Islands we had the NZ army visiting our shores to build sea walls and protect our sinking atoll against cyclones and hurricanes.I saw them as heroes sent to protect our people from the fury of mother nature.I instantly could see my self as a army soldier helping and protecting people in times of trouble.I was going to the army as far as I was concerned this is my choosen career.Most nights my father and I on our back sea wall,laying about watching the stars and singing songs.He plays the guiter while I sing.One night as we were singing our songs he abruptle stopped playing half way thru the song,I asked him what the matter was and he said his hands are sore from playing.I said to him that we will rest a little while and then start again as I was getting my vocals ryte.As I was gazing into the stars I was wandering why my father was so quiet-he wasn't as talkative as he used to then he broke the silence and asked me how my skooling was.I could tell he was woried.I had a bad feeling where this coversation was going and I knew my father was going to disapointed in my chosen career path,he then asked me what I whant to do with myself when I finish school.I froze for a minute and I told him that I wanted to be in the army and how excited I was to serve and protect people but before I could finish my sentece and he said to me with a demanding tone"Son, I don't want you to be involved in that line of work,but If you choose to disobey me and join the army,I want you to change your last name and no longeer I will be your father!At that moment I started to sobbb and cry,I love my father very much and all I want to do is make him happy.I started to think of a job that will please my father ant that I can also be passionate about because up untilthen I thought I was going to join the army.I then asked my father what he would like me to be when I finished school,he cried and said,"You know,we don't have any Faifeau from home and when you were a little boy my hopes and dreams was that you be a Faifeau.That can related to our people to help care for in timem of sadness.I cried and said to my father that rastar was a line of work that I wasn't very fond of but that doesn't matter because it is more important for me to please you and and make you happy and to always look forward to singing song with you under the stars.

    2 Comments 298 weeks

  • Re: Tokez Fynest Hard!

    YEh U KNOW iT
    !!!!! THIZ IZ ONLY A POEM !!!!!

    TOKES`z aren't good, we are the best

    TOKES`z aren't cute, we are sooooo fuckin BANGIN!!!

    TOKES`z don't just kiss, we make up

    TOKES`z don't play, we phuc shit up

    TOKES`z don't relax, we chill

    TOKES`z don't dance, we grind

    TOKES`z dont talk bad, we talk dirty

    TOKES`z lips aren't just hot, they're lips u wish u could kiss

    TOKES`z dont just do it, we do it best

    TOKES`z are the people you could ALWAYS trust

    TOKES`z aren't nice, we are sweet

    TOKES`z aren't just friends, we are lovers

    TOKES`z aren't cool, we are awesome

    TOKES`z are sexy

    TOKES`z we're blessed when we're born and were proud to tell everybody that we are 100% MAGA VALU`z!! HARD!

    TOKES`z are... there are not enough words that could explain how we TOKES`z are.

    People envy us cus they kno we r better!!!!

    No nationality is more BANGIN then TOKES`z!!!!!!!!




    3 Comments 365 weeks

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  • sup brada

    hey brada it me titah can u pls add me.....it titah mwah :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L

    Lanya Puka-Mataio 0 Replies
  • kakite

    man i don't realli na ya but thanks to ya wordings it's really touchy n meaningful in life!!lataz, take care n God Bless!:)

    Erana Dj Aliklik 0 Replies
  • ...L.O.V.E...

    As dey say...'Don't hate the PLAYER hate the GAME' to be more specific...I wanna fanx bebo that allows me to express my true feelings about God's greatest creation...'ladyzz'. Dis straight from da heart. Again what is the answer to the 4 great questions in lyf? Yep...LOVE. So pleezz don't be a H...

    Tokez Fynest 0 Replies

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  • Solomona Puka
    Solomona Puka

    te pe o tau page haha - te toe comment kote 2008 haha

  • luv Latoya Gabrielle Fretton

    Happy Bitchass Day ! :)

    2/14/10 via Mobile
  • Tenaka

    E kua leva tau profile koment?ni mooni la kote lucky dube kua r.i.p?

    9/28/09 via Mobile

    thanksz for becoming ah membah ! hope all iz well ! much love . SGANKSTAHZ ! x

  • Rosalind Villalobos
    Rosalind Villalobos

    haaay hit me up if you wanna get freaky with this gal on cam, my msn is orvcolburn51@live.com Peace

    12/16/08 via Mobile
  • Nina Gadsden

    ayo hit me up if you wanna get freaky with this gal on cam, my msn is mangeunvnu@hotmail.com bye *MuAH*

    11/9/08 via Mobile
  • Tenaka

    Talofa aikupito :L kila koe kua leva lele tei taku page kae he koiloa lele ko koe :L kafai e hako taku paahi lol ko Himona Puka??? Io na tala lava ote televalea :L :L :L ea mai la koe? Oi oti ai aku fehili aua he mautinoa :L :L Toe talanoa Fa,

  • NaiSheona
    luv NaiSheona

    tama nei ko te online,na afe mai lava ko ki tea koe e online. ea mai la? nia te fai? alofa atu

    10/20/08 via Mobile
  • Solomona Puka
    luv Solomona Puka

    sole take it isi...:L :L :L :L :L :L

  • NiLany
    luv NiLany

    Te galo o koe..ea mai?fai ko ma fakahuhula mai mate pe kae alofa lahi adu mo koe..

    7/6/08 via Mobile
  • NiLany
    luv NiLany

    hi mona!!kua leva foki tehe faitatala ea mai...ko matou e malolohi lele ko matou fatoa uma te kakai... ea mai te tino mana galuega?howz lanya? ko au fakatali ke mao na ua oi fano ai kite aoga kote matou kaiga foki ehe ki aoga kino e ua ia kinei eh ai he tino e momoli e ia na tamaiti kae e malolohi lele ko valu ma lahla koi aukilani na fai ananafi tona tkotoga kae lea mai e malohi lele lele ehe ki iloa pe omai afea.. kae alofa lahi atu mo koutou uma kila lelei ina galuega ni... much luv.....

  • NiLany

    e fakatalofa atu lava..ea mai??ea mai te koutou tama kaiga ko mau e malohi lele kae tana lava kote maruru ia:L :L ehe lahi ni tala na hau lava afe mai pe a mai..kua iloa he aho e hau ai ia maota??haloa tuku ko ke hau tafao aua kua leva foki te loka i kina kae e iloa vehea nei la e bro ni mea fou kafai ehe hau...io alofa lahi atu mo koutou uma ni kae lahi kia cherish mana pepe a otehia...toe fetaui ai.. much luv..

  • Solomona Puka
    Solomona Puka

    shhhh...koe he toe bebo...