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Danielle Mc Cartney

Birthdays over now for another year awww :(

12/14/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 28, Luv 135
  • from Derry
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
<--------Thats me

Hey everyone, welcome to me Bebo. Well my names Danielle for those who dont know me. Am 24 years old, and have a little girl called Aimee. She can be a handful but wouldnt change her for the world.

Well ive finally enrolled for a Beauty therapy course at the tech. Start on the 14th of sept. I cant wait to start learning again. 6 years of baby talk takes it's toll. lol

Feel free to Add me ~ DMC_CARTNEY@HOTMAIL.COM
The Other Half Of Me
I love listening to alittle R'n'B, hip hop and anything with a good beat to it! As long as i can dance to it I like it.
Would have to say am a chick flick fan. Love films like Pretty women, Dirty dancing and 10 Things i hate about you.
Started the gym there a few weeks ago and really enjoying the energy that it gives me :D and Love swimming though when i do actualy go!
Scared Of
Shit scare of ghosts. Never seen one and i never want to. Always covering my ears when people are telling ghosts storys.

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  • Abit about me, for those who don't know me

    ♥ Name: Danielle
    ♥ Nicknames: Dani
    ♥ Gender: Female
    ♥ Age: 22
    ♥ Siblings: 3 bros and 1 sis
    ♥ Pets: 3 family dogs. Daddys got the girl called Penny and mammy has 2 boys called Tuppence and jayjay,lol. (Weird i know)
    ♥ School: Left St. Cecilas over 3 years ago
    ♥ Eye color: blue
    ♥ Hair Color: Naturally blonde
    ♥ Fav Feature : Eyes!!
    ♥ Do you like your figure: Depends what kinda day am having lol
    ♥ boyfriend : Not at the min, but am looking ;) So boys watch out, lol
    ♥ Percings: Ears perice 3 times, tongue periced and belly button
    ♥ Tattoos: aye bottom of my back (heart with a design)
    ♥ do you have a job? : Naw not at the min, looking after my darlin Aimee
    ♥ Favourite Colour(s)? : Blue
    ♥ Are you Positive/Negative Person: I'd say am a very Positive most of the time
    ♥ Do You Have Enemies : aye. every 1 does

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  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    well doll its been a lifetime since i was last on this!!! yeah am on facebook im never of it! must find ya, jes i never did a thing about enroilling 4 the other half of level 2 jes wish i had now!! did u enrol 4 level 3?? ah all grand working away, was in turkey there 4 2 weeks was brill! wish i was still there!! that bout all the excitment with me! hows all with u??

  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    jes i had a whole big long message witten to u there an the stupid computer froze AHHHHH!!!!! naw no sign of the certificate yet dunno when they b out, might b a while yet with there been so many, not sure yet i would like to do the other half, any idea when ya have to enroll?? aww ya should do level 3 now misses it would be great for ya when ya like the work.. work is grand i do like it an settled in like but it feels like i never get a day of! working days an nights at d min. so any other craic with ya since i seen ya last?? xx

  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    well misses not much craic now just working away, wat bout u? aww dont chat sure i had went in on wed nite an there was nobody about, called up to yours but ya must have been out, she rung me then on thursday an i had to goup then 2 her b4 work! handling! but least it al sorted now :) so any holidays planned? xx

  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    ha u prob of this now again, if not ill see ya in a while, jes didnt know that either jes thats mad!! me just been thinking today will i do the other half or not...

  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    well doll wats the craic??

  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    well misses hows ya gettin on? how was easter?

  • luv Duncan Donut

    Hey! No craic at all, u? Think I'm getting taken for a meal tomorrow! Went to Italian the night and it was gorgeous! How's about u, what's ure plans for the mara? x

    3/13/10 via Mobile
  • KatrinaTina Devenney
    luv KatrinaTina Devenney

    ooooh well excuse me daniella ...lol was flat out all week slept out all week end there must b an easier way de make a wage :( xxx we go this wk 4 defs :D xxx

  • Laura O' Doherty
    Laura O' Doherty

    Hi missy!! Happy valentines day!! Hows u? Any craic? xxx

  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    aww i only seein your message now, thought would come on this to see if ya were for coming in 2 nite, guess ya didnt get any1 doll thats terrible. hi do u think she would let u wax me ? cause im nearly sure she let sum of the girls do that 2 nite!! should ask her next monday see wat she says?! i still have bikini with hot 2 do :( oh thats good doll aww hopefully it is easy, cant be any worse than waxing!! ya can bring me in 4 that if ya want cause was on bout getting my eyelashes done 2day ha :) awh roll on the nails, it better not be as hard 2 find people 4 that!!!! xxx

  • luv Duncan Donut

    Our Stevens getting married!!! Just a small one like but a wedding all the same! We dont really do valentines - other than maybe going for dinner and buying a card lol sure ye's can make up for it the week after and do something special then, its just another day! No other craic at all...dont think im back at uni this semester and i think ill have to repeat second year in septemeber when everyone else is on work placement but i dunno where im at yet with it :S Hows about u? Did the exams go ok?

  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    well hello :) aww not much craic, glad u got on ok last week :) well i took mum in last week for eyebrows, got on grand wit that, still have 2 warm an 2 hot to do tho!! jes its impossible to get people 2 come in 4 it, sure we r not that bad, us 2 wouldnt inflict pain now would we!? :D naw snow disappeared again :( is ya in early next week chic? me in for 6 again! roll on the nails fed up of wax!! aww know wat ya mean! trip to travel agent would be nice even :D

  • Duncan Donut

    Don't worry bout it misses! Glad aimee can make it, aoifes been asking after her!!! Wains are doing good- big n bad! I'm dying with the flu dani so it's up to you if ye want to get a run up or not-- trying to get better for thr wedding next Tuesday :( throw me a wee txt Thursday sure! Don't have any plans for V-Day as if yet, doubt well be at anything cus we've the wedding the Tuesday after and i'm out the night before so it'll probably be wine, beef, takeaway n a good movie for us! How about you n Noel - doing anything nice for it? No other craic misses at all, everyyhings quiet at the mo just the way I want it! Any bars with u? x

    2/7/10 via Mobile
  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    Well misses Hows u? how ya get on last week? is it snowin up wit u? Its like a blizzard here!!

    2/3/10 via Mobile
  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    well doll sorry only replying now.aww she was no help at al. judt about told me that i have to do it al on the next 2 weeks. so i booked for this week for a whole load of stuff dunno how gona get it al done!! know wat ya mean bout bein fed up of it !!! cant believe she refered ya!!! did she give a reason as to why?? ya get the wax cleaned up yet?? prob see ya 2nite? me in at 5or 6 i dunno hah xx

  • Duncan Donut

    Can't wait to get back, I miss the craic so much! Aye well get out soon sure, was out last night ti quay west for his aunts fortieth was good enough! Good luck with exams this week x

    1/24/10 via Mobile
  • Duncan Donut

    Hey nothing much, just getting ready for uni now. This weeks been great for me cus all I've done is shop lol aoife has a mad hair say the mara to raise money for the earthquake appeal and orlaiths just being a wee dote as usual....so everything is happy days! How's about u?

    1/21/10 via Mobile
  • Mary Doherty
    luv Mary Doherty

    oh crap, jes wonder what am meant to do seen as i wasnt in. think should i just go in mysel an see what she says or bring sum 1 wit me? jes i thought it was the written exam first 2!! oh sounds fun ha has he ageed to do it yet? or ya gona have 2 drag him in by the hair:D aww things good so far, tell ya al when see ya :)

  • Laura McCourt
    luv Laura McCourt

    aw thnx missus what u at these days?

  • Lisa Clifford
    luv Lisa Clifford

    hey dani , how are you keeping did you get a new phone yet? naw didnt go out much went out new years eve wi r laura for few hours was back in the house for 11 bells, cud'nt of stayed out away from the girls for the countdown lol thank god girls all back at school and everything back to normal x