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tinchy was amazing :D

10/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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dont miss those crazy times nomoreSATURDAYsRAVE­;)


 //y0u เov3 I LOVE THEM.
lєŦร gєŦ waรŦєd<3.ll3n_lucy//™
 *№15 [y3άrs young]░Z e r i n a ♥
 ~hailsham~plumpton ;]

 ıılılılılılılllı~๓ยรเς เร ๓y lเŦє~ılılllıllııllıllıı


j a m i e
03.09.09    ♥  
the best friends...
i reli do miss my girls :(
i hate my college and work days being so akward now ''/ i hope i dont drift apart from you all any more, iLOVEu.♥

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  • 101 things...

    1.theres quite a number of random objects on my computer desk incl. some turkish leira
    2.i suffer quite badly from hayfever
    3.i horseride
    4.; am i good ?? well ive been horseriding for about 11 years now so i fucking hope so :L
    5.im reli not a fan of facebook; whats the big deal ??:S
    6.most of my family are from london
    7.im good at massages
    8.im totally addicted to music; i could NOT live without it, i am infact listening to some right now
    9.my favorite colour is green
    11.i attend plumpton college part time
    12. i reli reli hate it when your swimming and the waters too dark to see whats underneath you; panik attack :L
    13; i dont think any one really realises how hectic my life is and how much pressure and responsibility i have
    14. i LOVE to be spontanious
    15. i love storms
    16. i dream of romance.; i wish life was like one huge jane austen novel.
    17.my friends mean everything to me.
    18.laughter is the fuel of life (:
    19.i achalii hate the police.
    20.my handwriting is terrible
    21.i love getting random texts that make me smile
    22. i hate rudeness.
    23.on my equalizer ive got the setting megabass (Y)
    24.'s jamie porthouse
    25.has 2 cats ; doodle doo + wispy woo ... yehh.
    26.my goal in life is to be happy in whatever situation im in, and suceed in life.
    27.i crave cuddles. + being near..
    28.i heart leopard print.
    29. i often eat chocolate bars as frubes; sit on it yill it melts then snip the end off + eat it how you would a frubee.. trust eamma almost cummed over it ;) hahaha
    30.everyone should do a good dded a day , or even a week; make someone laff, smile, give to charitly, help someone, and bee a good friend.
    31. i have a passion for photography
    32.im reli rather a big fan of the mighty boosh
    33. me + my team won the sussex championship girls football tournemnt in year 9.
    34.i have earnt over 25 rosettes
    35.i truly beleive that morrisons is the best supermarket in the world.
    35. i do miss people lots that i dont see that often or not in any classes anymore, like keewie, devon ''/ + others x
    36.im inlove with music like UK Grime, garage, D&B, giggs,BBK, roll deep yuno all that ...
    37.my fave radio station is BBC radio1xtra but ihave converted in the daytime from southern fm to radio 1 , as thier constant failure to refresh thier playlist has done my head in too long!
    38.im really stressed out at the moment.
    39.i put all my trust into every person i know, until proved that i shouldnt.
    40. i tend to get on better with boys then girls
    41. i ABSOLUTELEY dispise the way i look.
    42.i reli wish my room at my dads would finally get decorated!
    43.i have had braces; clear ones tho.
    44.i do love my brother very much ;hes a good mate to me
    45. emma is round myhouse so much she has her own toothbrush here (:
    46.i achali love the crowborough lot
    47.i love all that shit like anchors + bird sillohettes ect...
    48. i never used to cry at romantic films, but now i do.
    49.i ALWAYS suceed in going over my phone bill
    50.i wish i could break dance like amazingly well.
    51. im a big fan of the retro addidas stuff, espeshh the jackets with the stripes (:
    52.i own 5 flat peak hats <3
    53. i still have richards tie in my room that i chored ages ago from him at the stables :L
    54.i have a huge zedbra print rug in my room at mums
    55.im constantly on a diet, im never going to be happy with myself.
    56. rob jones + cassie holdsworth achalii always give me the best advice ever.
    57. i glad im still friends with childhood friends e.g alice, mica (:
    58.my birthday is on the 19th of january, i share this also with jamie porthouse + matt L
    59.im a capricorn
    60. i do NOT have blue eyes, i have GREEN.
    61. yes my hair is natrually blonde as lara says virgin hair :L ( not been dyed ) :L
    62.i often feel sick with worry about the people who i care abou the most...
    63.i can talk myself out of any situation, inc. every detetion ive ever got fre

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  • turkey 2009 Brapp Brap ;) famous quotes...

    hayden- 'i would walk you to the door but i've got morning glory....'
    ellen-'well enjoy!'


    'i read magazines'
    'yeah me too; heat and ok when i'm on the toilet having a shit'



    'i don't know his name but i know he's been in prison'

    'connor's gaff'

    'hayden's yard'

    'where has all the sunshine gone? (old lady sings with jazz hands)

    connor's famous towels: 'glamourous' ' sunshine' 'cutie pie'

    connor's little dances

    baggy bum

    rach and ellen- 'who's a clever boy?'

    'how wonderful?!'

    'oh i can do a voice call... wait that's a normal call' haha

    'i can do a wheelie on a jet ski'

    issac moneyman

    drew peacock

    'hayden accepted me on facebook, we will be friends forever now'

    'put it in!'

    'connor it's a pigeon'
    'yeah but there's two of them'

    i like the way she do it

    colt 45 ;)

    'jet ski, jet ski, what you gonna do?... jet ski?????

    'ah these mats stink!'
    'well don't get so close then'
    'rachel we're lying on them, we can't get much closer'

    'i've got a mozzie bite!'
    'oh you've got aids now!'

    'is that your favourite singing voice? 'cause you sound like a drwoning cat!'
    'no this is a drowning cat meoooooooooowwwwwwarghhhhhh'

    'oh ellen you're very upright!'

    'zigazagazigazaga heyheyhey... daaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrts!'

    'that's quite an art'
    'i didn't realise anyone as watching'

    'when i was in the army...'

    'i'm in touch with my feminine side'

    'hey hayden, your stalkers coming wearing that blazer and heels with the clutch again!'

    mr. fish

    the corner

    'if the sky was red do you rekon the sea would be too?'

    'hep beraber!'

    'i am sick of the sight of chips!'

    turkish mc

    'i'll actually cry if he asks me to dance!'

    'don't mess, i'm from sussex!'

    'where's mummy?'

    'don't mess with ellen when she has got a pillow, she gets violent!'

    'is that still turkey?'

    'no a wave! a wave!'

    george and ellen's taxi service

    'turn the pedalo around, i'm scared! the water is getting darker!'

    'your of the team, you no good!'

    'i saw some ducs cruzin down ere the other day'
    'haha yeah they were going to meet their dealer and then to the ducks gaff under the jetty'


    tj from reece

    sid the sloth

    'snap! no triple!'
    'wait quad!'
    'no that's four!'

    'oh hello little birds! oh they're the same make'
    'ellen birds don't come in makes!'

    'i didn't have to wear a bullet proof vest 'cause my 6-pac rebounded the bullets'

    'are you the one that stripped in their room?'

    'do you remember pressing the stop button in the lift last night?'

    'can i take you for a walk along the beach?'

    'jezza... bell'

    'you girls are stuck in a time warp!'

    usherling it

    'i'm originally from ireland, i live in ascot and go to an american school'

    'can you hold my duck?'

    iggle piggle :)

    boy better know!

    'oh she likes her leopard print!'

    'look, it's the gangsters!' ;P

    the deciever

    'i swear this place ages people'

    'there's someting funny about a turkish hairy man in a nappy... or a wedding dress'

    'i've never been hugged by a gay guy before'

    'explain the triangle!'

    'right now we'd be sat in hayden's room; you two would be hugging and kissing'
    'yeah and you two would be having a pillow fight'

    'we've rearranged the room, wait till you check out the bathroom!'

    '2-0-7' (old lady peeking through the door)

    'where you from?'
    'south east england'
    'hey i'm form south east london that's basically the same!'

    'i'm glad it's gonna be dark whe i go 'cause i am sick of the sight of those mountains!'

    carbohydrate feast!

    'i'll deal!' (connor and ellen piss themselves 'haha deal')

    'you look like a smurf'

    'omg he is such a player!'

    'you're weird you are!'

    'i look well high maintenance with my louis vuitton, ipod, camera and phone!'

    'quick, put your finger in his snorkel!'

    'we found out a mosque lives!'

    'you talk

    4 Comments 222 weeks

  • music shuffle game

    iPod Game.
    * Put your music on shuffle.
    * Press forward for each question.
    * Use the song title as the answer to the question.
    * Don't cheat :

    How am I feeling today?
    noturius BIG- juicy

    Will i go far in life?
    kano- buss it up

    Will I get Married?
    single ladies - beyonce

    What is my best friend's theme song?
    imperial squad- jus a link

    What is the story of my life?
    MC skibadee - streetfighter

    What is school like?
    eKsman- feelings

    How can I get ahead in life?
    jason mraz- im yours

    What is the best thing about me?
    emminem - crack a bottle

    How is today going to be?
    lady gaga- poker face

    What is in store for this weekend?
    chase & status- hurt you

    What song describes my parents?
    chase & status ft. plan b - peices

    My grandparents?
    how it was supposed to be - ryan leslie ft.jadakiss

    How is my life going?
    28 grams- gigz & gunna

    What song will they play at my funeral?
    banned from lil wayne - gigz

    How does the world see me?
    mrs officer- lil wayne

    Will I have a happy life?
    the fear - lily allen

    What do my friends really think of me?
    swagger -aggro ,joe grind, giggz

    thats didnt really make much sensee .. yehh i am boreddd :L

    0 Comments 226 weeks

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