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- Shanaaz.

bebo is deadddd!

4/19/11 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

Shanaaz Te Ahuru .
catch yuh up bebo, facebook killed you !

♥    CHURR

Tanisha Maree Scorringe;
' my other half, my sister & bestfriend <3


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  • :P

    - melbourne in july with tanitah say WHAT !
    - gold coast in september / october for touch .
    - watch karate kid .
    - take out girls league tag this year .
    - pass year eleven .
    - watch eclipse .
    - turn sweet sixteeeen .
    - zana's birthday gathering .
    - nicole's birthday gathering .
    - GET A JOB .
    - storm vs rabbitohs game at members .
    - tone up hard .
    - sharni's birthday gathering .
    - beat teebro at DDR .
    - mass tekken marathon at mine .
    - pass further than neesh, LEFT handskies .
    - get an ipod / laptop .
    - get me a sexy pair of warriors shorts .
    - pass all my exams .
    - get photog's with inglis, sandow, burgess, slater, and luke .
    - get me some more rugby league shorts - storm, broncos, titans, rabbitohs .
    - make U18's state touch girls team .
    - dye my hair again .
    - learn to play the guitar .
    - new zealand in december with the whanau .

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tanisha: shanaaz, your that sort of girl who you don't expect to be smart, but you are ? must be coz you look so goofy .

" vodka just does some bad shit to you " - words of true wisdom coming from a nun in training whose my biggest inspiration of all time .

" coz i can't stop thinking bout you GIRLLLL " sj style !

the hole to my ass ; long story
we plan on baking a mass 7 layer cake and it will be epic !

she's weird, but thats why i love her so much (:

- Steph

flash us your dick ?

i could not possibly live without him eating all my food & his driving me to melbos .

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  • Mz Moj
    Mz Moj

    Got a new facebook account..... add my profile http://goo.gl/bcnoP

  • - Geezy
    - Geezy

    hahaha! that was funny as. ''how was the movie?'' :L arent you out tonight ? xo

  • Trina .


    8/24/10 via Mobile
  • TylaBro

    sexy women..marry me :L x

    8/5/10 via Mobile
  • -Silver

    oosh tell me boudits. hate schoool soo lame:Z nqaw aha! im sure we will see eachother sometime or later:)) & HAA* noshit ay cousin:L ; loveyouu

  • - Toko Takiwa
    - Toko Takiwa

    nawt shush uhp oi hha ; x

  • - Toko Takiwa
    - Toko Takiwa

    nawt even hha x

  • -Silver

    cousin. ubtuo these days? ; loveyou

  • Sha 'BoBo' Hanifa
    luv Sha 'BoBo' Hanifa

    nothinq muhch. I started work yesterday. Done 23 hours in 2 days so far. I'm proud of myself since shovellinq is sooo qay n effortful 2 do. Lol waht yuu been uhp 2uuh? =) xo

    7/13/10 via Mobile
  • ' Shae

    I reakon hahaha lols doing tomorrow night ? Ive been alrite ay beautiful nd urself? Xo

    7/8/10 via Mobile
  • TR

    Oh hey their dreamer :L im gana win this bet yu noe it :* x

    7/8/10 via Mobile
  • -Silver

    nqaw dayum! ha why does everyone new person i meet always qta be older than me:L oh ha yeah tell me boud hims have you met toko yets? aw ay hehes. uh tmro probbly sday indoors ay:) what bout you? ; loveyou

  • - Toko Takiwa
    - Toko Takiwa

    hha ineed this cuzzn needr get krunk :L :L ; hha not oi im still tha oldest :L :L ; hha crack uhp ; fahr ue gt me n tha mood foa ps3 hha ihf mine didn break i;d be on it rite nw :Z ; bt algee jst go to jeromes n jam his hha ; wahs on tha ps3 there all nite wiff his lil bro 3 or 4 n tha morning :L :L wahs mean crackd ; oh ayes hha wat happnd to tha weddn ayes :L :L fulla nt interestd :L :L x

  • N B W
    N B W

    naw i only qo in th wknds jst to see my qirlies & th boys hhe(: ; hw bout yu ? & yes oi i knoe wht yu mean hhe ; he cn be my taxi driver anyday hha:P ; naw true ; i jst qt bck frm th movies ; i watchd twiliqht finally hhe ; & i seen my hubby mr jacob black;) & ths wknd ; probs hit up a party or smethnq ? hw bout yu ? xx

  • -Silver

    buaha aw lols:L yuhps foa sure mhy cous:) wait are you older or younqer than me?:L me nothinq ays hell bored what about you cuz? ; loveyou

  • - Toko Takiwa
    - Toko Takiwa

    ino im on tha mean cravings foa tha w.e honest im gettn so impatient :L :L ; hha im still oldr :D ; oh ayes hha maybe on tha well behaved :P ; osh ue reckn aye? hha mst run n tha whanau :P :L ; nuks mah cuz jst this n tlkn to mah misses wbues? x

  • -Silver

    aha! crackubs:L oh ay aha. hes a snob ay:L nqaw what did you do this time tuo qet on lockdowns?:L butyuhp wel definatley catchup before these holidays end yeah? oh juhs beinq layinq back at home ha what about you cousin? ; loveyou

  • TR

    Sori dreamer but i want macas kay

    7/6/10 via Mobile
  • ' Shae

    hello ; yes thats us next time hehe singing sesh is onn hehe ; xo

  • N B W
    N B W

    naw thts qd( : nd ye im qd thnks hhe, ossh tht taxi ws like th hottie qirl tht niqht nd yes hrds th meanst jamn sesh( : hhe, nd nuk mch hay ha, hw bout yu love ? xx