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Surini/ron/ronald/s-ron-ma-jon r

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  • Female, 22, Luv 10
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  • Last active: 11/9/10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
ello im surini nicknames ron, go to st caths (wheey). hmmm peopl av thought im spanish/egyptian/arabian/ital
 ian/mexican lol bt im from south o' sri lanka n im part portuguese sumwher down the line. peopl hu i love in no particular order: ellie,soph,zo,mia,abi,tash,vi
 ! nd everyone else obv. feel free 2 go on my myspace cos i hav no idea how to work this: http://www.myspace.com/fire_daisy.

NB: ive made this cos ive stupidly conformed to the little bebo clan - generally made up of yr 7s who think theyre cool and also a few twisted little girls who take pictures of themselves in the bath...
The Other Half Of Me
X Shiv X

X Shiv X

this chick is HOOOOTTTT!!

ahh well anythin that has a beat nd that sounds.. gd, i tend to dance to everythin. yeah, too many to list but mainly into: reggae drum n bass dance. i like anythin part from garage n heavy metal! at the mo im into kosheen, chillies, audio bullies, fedde le grand, massive attack, david guetta (hell yeah), peaches, cascada, damian n bob marley, ub40 (believe it), police (stings voice is fit - no question) snow patrol, the feeling, oxide n neutreno, body rockas, oforia, bloc party, blur.. bla bla bla
what i wanna do...
i wanna travel the WOOOORLD cos i love other cultures n food (obv!) definitely wanna go to south america (brazil as i wanna trek in the amazon n b a volunteer n help poor people over there and help stop illegal tree-felling :-) oo n i wanna go all round europe, the land of aus., new zealand, south africa n russia, though its cold i wanna c the ballet. muahahhaaa
im an energybean-sprout :-) dancin, athletics (discus, javelin, high jump, 800m woop woop) schwimmen, rounders erm.. it goes on
Scared Of
pervy men, i dont like spiders the lil ones i can take bt those fat hairy ones..
Happiest When
with the crew :-) i live for meetin every1 n just muckin about. i tend to laugh A LOT n i like smiley people who recycle their paper (!) not into all this sit down act kl crap. you need to LIVE when your young jesus, u hav your whole life to get wasted, why start when your 12!?!? oo also i love sittin by the river with lebbuble, mo-jo nd wof, eatin ice-cream in the middle of winter, throwin conkers at the pidgeons n each otha, nd our chance meetin of drunken michael who talked to us about wind-up radios.. gotta copy lebubble on this one but the humma was WICKED and my speech erm equally fantastible *embarassedness*. BSB all the way - tis all i can say ;-)
fav stuff
colour: granite green or topaz blue

food: sri lankan all the way, hmmm i love any food part from brussel sprouts

trademark: green/blue eyeliner muahaha n my silver ring (well i like to think so) oh and blue nail varnish

brand: fcuk (unfortunately most of their schizzle is a lil expensivo but still love it)

song: at the mo its massive attack

book: charlie n the choco factory all the way. i actually like reading.. deal with it. so im not goin to list stuff.

car: lotus elise (bt 4 my first car i wannt one of those sexy old vw bugs in silver, soft top or one of the new minis hehe)

animal: elephrumps

words: periwinkle, nutmeg, 'you noob'
i dnt like
fussy eaters, overly judgemental people, peopl hu change to look kl in front of others. not really into pepperoni.

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  • spring chicken chow mein

    i walked to school. therefore i am cool :D . such a nice day, spring has sprung.

    0 Comments 333 weeks

  • ahhhhhhh

    feken coursework... SWAMPED. someone murder skl. its such a nice day spring has sprung n i wanna be outside. HELL - im goin for a walkie with my faithful companion kollee.

    0 Comments 335 weeks

  • poooolllss

    take the poll all those lovers of rs n l'histoire hehe

    0 Comments 336 weeks

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  • Miaa.


  • Miaa.

    uploaded to the summer one hunni! :) ! yeahhh call me please i wna do smthing and with les hamptons yeah ;) love you X

  • Miaa.

    yeeeeeeeeeeee corse babbbbbbbbesss upload it wen im at home! i love you X

  • Vicky And Ellie
    Vicky And Ellie

    One Of My Sixteen Favourite Girls!!!! ♥> > surini< <♥ I love u to death and it was easy for me to put u in my 16 girlies If I dont get this back I understand =) Im obviously not a good friend *sniffs* lol even though i beter !! I have a game for you. This game has been played since 1977. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 16 females within five days. On the fifth day, HE(the male of your choice) will either ask you out, or say \"I love you\" Please send this to your 16 FAV0URITE

  • Terry Terry
    luv Terry Terry

    warm showers when its cold? bit random where did i write that? this week (well today) i've gone flying and............................... nothing else. and you? what u up 2 this weekend? xxxxx o yeah might as well have some love

  • Sofey X
    Sofey X

    miaass gt da tiketsss i fink..so yer all lookin gd will call u l8er luv u xxxxxx

  • Terry Terry
    Terry Terry

    alreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet??? you good? wb xxxx

  • Sofey X
    Sofey X

    HEYYY thnx 4 last nite....I LUV U xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Miaa.

    To the most amazingest girls.... I have the most amazing 5 years of my life and u have been like "rocks" to me. I couldnt live without you, you are all so special in ur own ways andi love u soo much 4 tht! thank u for being there wen i needed u. this is soo cheesy but i cnt express how much im going to miss u alll soo much.Just thinking bout how the times gone by so fast and how weve all tgether been so close to eachtoher. I dont think that i will ever meet such amazing girls ever ever. But we have to keep in touch of corse and meet up as much as posible.Tomorow is our lst day...make it good. but im going to be crying all day and probs all nite. fuck the makeup ALLOW the tears ntinggg i hope u rememberr me! I LOVE U ALL SOO MUCH! BMFL (for ppl like zo tht mean best mates for life) I LOVE YOU SO MUCHH xXxX Miaaa xXxXx THE MAD ONE....YE THTS RIGHT xXXxXx