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Kellie Hughes

"VANCOUVER is frickin awsome:D :P :) ...but its TOOOO FUCKIN HOTT!!!!! xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

8/18/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 24, Luv 222
  • from ♥*♥**porto**♥*♥ *☆*vancouver*☆*
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: December 2005
  • www.bebo.com/xXxXxkellxXxXx
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About Me

Summer...☆Summer☆...Summer...  ★VANCOUVER★...Summer...☆Summe  r☆...Summer...
Me, Myself, and I
๑۩۞۩๑♥[ ● ρяιи¢єѕѕ ● ]♥๑۩۞۩๑

♥«´¨`•° Kell °•´¨`»♥ :D

☆  ★  ☆  ★  ☆  ★

<-☆VANCOUVER...first nite out!☆...<3

OXEGEN 09'??????????????:P :D
:P blue or red campsite????:P

`*.¸.*´ CANADA 08'♥ ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

'Vancouver was frickin AWESOME'...:D :P


I ♥ DIANA VICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D


Drink sensibly....don't spill it....<3

...nothing worth having comes easy...

Everything happens for a reason<3


¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.♥

The Other Half Of Me
Paul Coonan

Paul Coonan

thanks 4 my pressies baby, love you!!x x x x x x x

OXEGEN 07'...... Amazin!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Daft punk Live....SAVAGE!!!!xxxxxxxxxx
♥Summer ♥pauly ♥pizza ♥ketchup ♥sleepin ♥bed ♥lyonser ♥car ♥chaney ♥killen ♥drinkin lots wiv killen ♥porto ♥dancin ♥shows in da olympia ♥vodka ♥golden crisp ♥florida ♥holidays ♥tommy tiernan ♥barcode ♥hoodies ♥no college ♥nights out ♥camera ♥hair extensions ♥fone ♥music ♥oxegen 07' ♥spain ♥gran canaria 07' ♥skiin in meribel ♥club orange ♥fake tan ♥make-up ♥ghd ♥gettin ready ta go ou ♥hangover days in killens ♥gossip ♥bein lazy ♥watchin dvd's ♥christmas ♥howth summit ♥van buuren ♥eddie rockets ♥kinsale wiv da girlies ♥da sun ♥da beach ♥smell of suncream ♥snow ♥tiesto ♥chicken roll ♥coonan bringin me chicken rolls wen im hungover♥mc d's ♥rollarcoasters ♥uggs ♥meteor free txts ♥naps ♥coke ♥apache ♥chocolate ♥cinema ♥salt an vinegar hula hoops ♥scrubs ♥joes ♥apple mickey finns ♥da zoo ♥pink stufs ♥balloo ♥kim ♥cassie ♥ben&jerrys ♥gettin on a plane ♥da oc ♥father ted ♥money ♥21's ♥lollipops ♥mumble ♥teddies ♥food ♥tibbles...♥...
*Thunder an lightnin/*rain/*hangovers/*sp
 iders/*having no money goin out/*gettin up early/*scary movies/*fish/*wen ders toast crumbs in my bed
/*sleepin wit da wardrobe doors open/*walkin anywere on my own wen its dark, specially town/*smelli feet/*not havin credit/*bein realllli realllidrunk/*citibar/*bein cold/*tickles/*my camera bein broke/*bein bored/*wen coonans in college n im bored/*cleaning my room/*ironin anythin/*bein late for everything/*liars/*bitchy ppls/*bein wi sum1 u onli kinda no on a dart or bus/*crappy goth music/*goths/*sleeezy boggers/*pigeons /*bein hungry/*waking up to a alarm/*exams/*learning/*missi
 ng oxegen dis year/*not bein able 2sleep/*not havin free meteor txts/*summer in dublin...der is none/*no more cheeesey joes on a wed/*wen beshofs have no chicken burgers/*not workin in da ice rink nemre/*healthy food/*cutting pizza.....♥.....
♥*•.ღ.•*♥ ℓﻉ√٥ ♥*•.ღ.•*♥
months in canada waaaay.....♥ i love him lots

.....♥.....♥....♥....♥.. ...♥.....♥.....♥....♥....♥...
♥*•.ღ.•*♥ ℓﻉ√٥ ♥*•.ღ.•*♥
she is my sunshine....♥
shes my buttercup an im her bubbles...♥
♥xXxSUMMER 08&#39;xXx♥
CANADA....1st june...3 months in vancouver whooooooooo........xxxxxxxxx
♥.....♥.....♥....♥....♥.....♥ .....♥.....♥....♥....♥.....♥.

CORK...25th sept...a week in cork with da girlies...cant wait!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

♥.....♥.....♥....♥....♥.....♥ .....♥.....♥....♥....♥.....♥.

SPAIN....16th january...sun in da winter an shoppin!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

♥.....♥.....♥....♥....♥.....♥ .....♥.....♥....♥....♥.....♥.

MANCHESTER....5th feburary...weekend wiv cats an da girls!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

♥.....♥.....♥....♥....♥.....♥ .....♥.....♥....♥....♥.....♥.

NEW YORK....24th march...shoppin in new york city!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

♥.....♥.....♥....♥....♥.....♥ .....♥.....♥....♥....♥.....♥.

♥xXxSUMMER 09&#39;xXx♥

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DEBS.... lyonser,wee D,car,chrissy,me,coonan,chaney,luke!!xXxXx
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skiin in france!!!!!!!!!xXxXxXxXxXx

laura me nd aimee xXxXxXxXxXx

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Diana Vickers Call Me

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  • GRAN CANARIA QUOTES HA!!!!!!!!! .........i miss it:(

    granny c quotes:
    1. OOOh ooh oooh oooh!!!!!!
    2. ders as much chance of me finishin dis sentence as!
    3. R U ALRIGHT??
    4. R u ooooooook???
    5. Whoop whoop!!
    6. U knw it!!
    7. i like dat broomstick ur carryin!!!
    8. il knock u out(nordie accent)
    9. biff biff biff biff biff
    10. gud ol biff
    11. i dont even currrrr (nordie accent)
    13. sucky sucky 5 euro!
    14. 2 for 10 euro!.....sweeney u ledge!!
    15. beaver one beaver all lets all do the beaver crawl!
    16. b! b! b! b! b!
    17. hill 16 is dublin only
    18. hill 16 la la la
    19. come on u boys in blue....
    20. were all part of patsys army..were all off to northern bank..
    21. i dare u to smell my clothes
    22. darren get out of the shower!!
    23.your gonna die clown!!
    24. so hows ben today??
    25. amy do the penguin dive!!
    26. well thats my weekly hour of sun!...from chaney haha
    27. look at him...hes so skinny hes not even there! look hes floatin away!
    28. waterbix anyone?
    29. sleepover on the balcony anyone?
    30. i need my nellys!
    31. el rancho forever!
    32. dardle ardle ardle....situation!
    33. no thers no nuts in the food i think ther jus floatin in the air!
    34. i love cheesey puffs, u love cheesey puffs, we all love cheesey puffs all day long....!!
    35. ahhh guys....i think ive lost my bra again!!
    36. ah ye.....ya look greaatt!!
    37. its gonna taste greeeeeat (with elbows swingin)
    38. show them ur fuckin irish...oggie oggie oggie oi oi oi!!
    39. were goin out 4 1 thing..to get fuckin shit faced!!(from B!)
    40. lets go fuckin mental da da da da hey!! also from b!
    41. what are they, pee pees??? (emily talkin bout pippas haha)
    42. a little black boi is a gun!!!
    43. the broomstick song is dirty???
    44. anyone want a packet of cheetos?? i jus want the tatoo!!
    45. you wanna buy the lcdtv??(ronan aparetnly??)
    46. darren: for fuck sake ciara, why arent u ready? u me n gemma r goin out 4 dinner!! shes waitin downstairs!
    47. bang bang rosey!
    48. oh sorry... wrong fone (sweeney after pickin up her camera!! n her fone didn even ring)
    49. ooh ahh up the ra free state bastards!!
    50. hey there delilah
    51. your way too beautiful girl...youll have me suicidal( with the dance)
    52. wee d average sized d n big d.
    53. if ur holdin a drink in ur right hand...u down it...if ur holdin a drink in ur left hand..u down it!!
    54. ah shit wer on gran canaria uncovered!!!
    56. chaney: amy wil ya grease me up...amy: ok fine wers d grease!
    57. eatins cheatin!
    58. get that inta ya cynthia!
    59. get that inta ya u fat fuckin cynthia
    60. i aint got a motor boat but i can float ur boat
    61. please dont stop d music
    62. d galway girl song???
    63. YAHOOOOOO! (dat was jus me really!)
    64. sexy german party!! (in german accent!)
    65. u absoluuuuute belend
    66. battyboy
    67. battygirl
    68. are those my feet??? (some guy in d foam party!! haha)
    69. ANYBODY WANT A CHEESE SANDWICH???? (chaney at 7 in d morn cumin in wen everyones in bed!)
    70. u absolute gippo!
    71. r u sure?? im sure (nordie accent!)
    72. make it 6!! (its about chaney...use can figure it out!!)
    73. oh sorry... wrong fone (sweeney after pickin up her camera!! n her fone didn even ring)
    74. im gonna pop ur cherrry bitch!! (chaney screamin it at B but she didn no wat it ment haha)
    76. que?? (the spanish word...only pont can do it!)
    77. o my god...ur from the law!!!
    78. o no my suitcase is 21 kilos dya think il be ok???? me: eh lads mines 29!!! here emma have my perfume!! (n i got it to 19.9 oh ye!!)
    79. i want a fuckin biscuiiiiiiiit!!
    80. wheres my fuckin blankeetttttt!!!
    81. ah ye... why not!!
    82. shes not a man!!
    83. who the fuck is mary....who the fuck is mary...da da da da hey!! (it was chaneys mam ha)
    84. biff: duuuuurty dub!

    0 Comments 306 weeks

  • ehhhhhhhh i was bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:) xXxXxXxXxXxXxxX

    1. Full Name: kellie megan bernatte hughes
    2. Nicknames: kell,smelly,bubbles,chelsey(my weird sis),sandra(cork ha)!!
    3. Birthday: 6th october 1988
    4. Place of Birth: Ireland
    5. Zodiac Sign: libra
    6. Male or female: female
    7. Grade: in 6th yr?!
    8. School: portmarnock community school
    9. Occupation: student!!
    10. Residence: portmarnock!!
    11. MSN Screen Name: I (L) LaUrA Nd cAtS!! HA
    __Your Appearance___

    12. Hair Colour: brown!!
    13. Hair Length: pretty long!!
    14. Eye colour: blue!!
    15. Weight: i duno ....8ish mayb i tink!!
    16. Height: ehh reallii tall ha .....nope realli small:( ha
    17. Braces? nope!!
    18. Glasses? nope!!
    19. Piercings: yep!!:D
    20. Tattoos: nope .....but soon!!
    21. Righty or Lefty: righty!!

    ___Your 'Firsts'___

    22. First best friends: caroline picard/eve-ellen kavanagh!!
    23. First Award: ehhh swimming/gymnastics!!
    24. First Sport You Joined: ehhh swimming/gymnastics!?
    25. First pet: a puppy called snoopy ha!!
    26. First Real Vacation: spain .....principito sol!!:D
    27. First Concert: boyzone ha!!
    28. First Love: ehhh i duno!?!?!?

    ___ Favourites___

    29. Movie: defo pearl harbour!! honey?! dirty dancin?!
    30. TV programme: father ted friends oc corrie!!
    31. Colour: pink!!!!!
    32. Rapper: ehhh eminem!?!?!
    33. Band: wayy too many!!
    34. Song: ehh .....put your hands 4detroit, my love!!!
    35. Friend: i have lots!!!ha ehh....ms. picard, ms. killen, ms. lyons, ms.o'reilly, ms.bell, ms.o'sullivan, ms.kavanagh, ms.quiggley, ms.chaney.....
    36. Sweet: skips ....blue doritos ....hersheys!!:P
    37. Sport to Play: DANCIN,DANCIN,DANCIN!!!!!!:D
    38. Restaurant: ehh eddies rockets!!!!:P
    39. Favourite brand: ehhh .....cudn give a shit!!!!
    40. Store: defo river island!!!!!!
    41. School Subject: eh .....pe!!!
    42. Animal: emm ....a monkey ha,a puppy!!!
    43. Book: ....i h8 readin!!!!
    44. Magazine: meh neva read dem either!!!!
    45. Shoes: my silver sparkely 1's ....r ne of lauras!!!:P


    46. Feeling: how much i h8 da mocks!!!
    47. Single or Taken? ehh
    48. Have a crush: ehh ye!!
    49. Eating: my dinner .....a stir fry!!!:)
    50. Drinking: milk!!!
    51. Typing: emm yea.....:)
    52. Online? mmhmm
    53. Listening To: 21 demands on lauras bebo,nw tiesto!!!:P
    54. Thinking About: dat i shud b studyin!!!
    55. Wanting: r mocks to be ova so we can go barcode!!!:D
    56. Watching: charmed ....now americas nxt top model!!
    57. Wearing: my pyjamas still ha!!
    ___Your Future___

    58. Want kids?? yep!!
    59. Want to be married? yup!!
    60. Careers in Mind: dancin or veterinary nursin!!
    61. Where do you want to live? porto or florida in a mansion!!:P
    62. Car: black r silver r pink new hyandai coupe .....i love dem!!!!!

    __Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

    63. Hair colour: dark!!
    64. Hair length: short ....i h8 long hair!!
    65. Eye colour: brown?!
    66. Measurments: taller dan me ....which isnt hard ha!!!
    67. Cute or Sexy: eh Both!!
    68. Lips or Eyes: eyes!!
    69. Hugs or Kisses: Kisses meh both!!
    70. Short or Tall: taller den me!!
    71. Easygoing or serious: easygoing!!
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: eh bitta both!!
    73. Fatty or Skinny: not fat bu not realllly skinny?!?ha
    74. Sensitive or Loud: sensitively loud!!ha
    75. Hook-up or Relationship: :P depends......
    76. Sweet or Caring: eh bita both!!
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: bitta both!!
    ___Have you ever______

    78. Kissed a Stranger: ha ye!!
    79. Had Alcohol: haha nooooo!!:D
    80. Smoked: mmhmm
    81. Ran Away From Home: was tinkin bou it few weeks ago ha!!
    82. Broken a bone: yep!!
    83. Got an X-ray: yep!!
    84. Been with someone: yep!!
    85. Broken Someone’s Heart: eh hope not!!
    86. Broke Up With Someone: yep!!
    87. Cried When Someone Died: of course!!
    88. Cried At School: yep yep!!

    ___Do You Believe In___

    89. God: yep!!
    90. Miracles: meh???
    91. Love At First sight: meh!?!
    92. Ghosts: yes deffo .....ders fuckin loads in my house!!
    93. Aliens: nah!!
    94. Soul Mates: mayb!?
    95. Heaven: yep!!
    96. Hell: nah!!

    1 Comment 338 weeks

  • ONLY IN IRELAND!!!!!!!

    Only in Ireland... Can a pizza get to your house faster than
    an ambulance

    Only in Ireland... Do banks leave both doors open and chain
    the pens to
    the counters.

    142 Irish were injured in 1999 by not removing all pins from
    new shirts.

    58 Irish are injured each year by using sharp knives instead
    of screwdrivers.

    13 Irish have died since 1996 by wateringtheir Christmas
    tree while the
    fairy lights were plugged in.

    Irish Hospitals reported 4 broken arms last year after
    cracker pulling

    101 people since 1999 have had to have broken parts of
    plastic toys pulled out of the soles of their feet.

    18 Irish had serious burns in 2000 trying on a new jumper
    with a lit cigarette in their mouth.

    A massive 543 Irish were admitted to A&E in the last two
    years after
    opening bottles of beer with their teeth.

    5 Irish were injured last year in accidents involving out of
    Control Scalextric cars.

    AND finally......... In 2000, 8 Irish cracked their skull
    whilst throwing up into the toilet!!!!

    0 Comments 378 weeks

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    sooooo when ya home?????? i forget....

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    im in my house?? ha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Andy

    alright.. na didnt take any pics had my cam with me and all just got distracted.. that wasnt me you must of been seeing things.i was to busy beeing bullied by richie, i heard all the story about what i was up 2 the night before i was fooked.. next time get shoes that fit ya will ya jeeeeezzz

  • Caroline Picard
    luv Caroline Picard

    hola!!!My god ur profiles pink!! so hows u???wat happened to our bondage???im off college from tuesday 4 nearly a wwwhhhoooollee month!!:) :) :) :) so dats alota bondage time. i also think u shud put de pictures from manchester up even tho itll make me feel sad:( coz i wasnt der but itll make me wanna stop bein a bum n get a job so i can actually afford to go over some time.all excited 4 NY???cork wont b de same witout ya but i doubt u care coz ull b shoppin.....Damn U!!

  • Lisa Howard
    Lisa Howard

    how are you kel? any news?

  • Laura
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    im with kaleigh and cats on this 1!!! just put them up!!

  • Andy

    how did you fall over???

  • X-Kayleigh-X

    U r underr threatt!! GET the pics up nowwww please :L x.x.x

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  • Aoife Dunne
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    ok now dat we r back in ireland i tink we shud stop slaggin kellie..........she was goin 4 a look+carried it of splendidly!haha!

  • Laura
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    put up ur pics u tranny!!! xxxxxx

  • Aisling Chaney
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    wat wer ya tinkn?!?! haha!! manchester la la laaa!!!! =)

  • Cathy O'Reilly
    luv Cathy O'Reilly

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D

  • Cathy O'Reilly
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    hey kell all the snow is gone!!!!...............all gone!!! im so excited!!!ewooooooooooooooooooooh

  • Cathy O'Reilly
    luv Cathy O'Reilly

    well i did think your customer services was very good!!!! flihgt was grand same as usual,honestly your up and dwn in a jiffy!! not sure bou moola like just bring your bank card and ya can get it out!!but dnt worry its not xpensive here like dublin!!friday nite in 5th av its one pound vodka redbull all nite!!! cant wait fo ya all to arrive!!

  • Cathy O'Reilly
    luv Cathy O'Reilly

    Omg that'S so funny I only found out the other nite that Caroline is coming ah sure the more the merrier!!

    1/26/09 via Mobile
  • Lisa Howard
    Lisa Howard

    how are you kellie? i just saw that you were on line, and thought i'd drop a cpmment and say hi

  • Lisa Howard
    Lisa Howard

    how are you? did you get your mother anything nice yet?